2011 Allen and Ginter Cabinet Relic Cards

The 2011 Allen and Ginter Cabinet Card Relics are oversized relics that feature the large jersey patches are serially numbered 1 of 1. These cards are the rarest of all box loaders and anyone possessing one of these masterpieces has something truly extraordinary and unique. There are only 10 of these cards made – one of each of the following players:


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2011 Allen and Ginter Cabinet Relic Cards Checklist

CBR-AP Albert Pujols
CBR-BP Chase Utley
CBR-IS Ichiro
CBR-JH Josh Hamilton
CBR-JM Joe Mauer
CBR-RB Ryan Braun
CBR-RC Joey Votto
CBR-RH Ryan Howard
CBR-RHA Roy Halladay
CBR-TL Tim Lincecum

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