2012 Bowman Platinum Hexagraph Book Cards

The 2012 Bowman Platinum Hexagraph Book Cards contain a bunch of signatures on one card – six to be exact. There are only three cards in the set and with each card serially numbered to ten, you will have to shell out some serious cash to own one unless you are lucky enough to find one in a pack. Stars and soon-to-be stars in this set include Andrew McCutchen, Justin Verlander, Danny Hultzen, and Felix Hernandez.

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2012 Bowman Platinum Hexagraph Book Card Checklist

HBC-1 Trevor Bauer/Gerrit Cole/Danny Hultzen/Archie Bradley/Taylor Jungmann/Dylan Bundy
HBC-2 Trevor Bauer/Danny Hultzen/Gerrit Cole/Felix Hernandez/Justin Verlander/Clayton Kershaw

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