2011 Allen and Ginter Animals in Peril

The Animals in Peril set is one of the larger subsets in the 2011 Allen and Ginter set. There are 30 different Animals in Peril cards that each feature an animal on the endagered species list. Key cards in the set include the Mountain Gorilla, the Siberian Tiger, the Giant Panda and the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

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2011 Allen and Ginter Animals in Peril Checklist

AP1 Siberian Tiger
AP2 Mountain Gorilla
AP3 Arakan Forest Turtle
AP4 Darwin’s Fox
AP5 Gharial
AP6 Vaquita
AP7 Dhole
AP8 Blue Whale
AP9 Bonobo
AP10 Ethiopian Wolf
AP11 Giant Panda
AP12 Snow Leopard
AP13 African Wild Dog
AP14 Indian Rhionceros
AP15 Philippine Eagle
AP16 Markhor
AP17 Orangutan
AP18 Grevy’s Zebra
AP19 Tasmanian Devil
AP20 Bengal Tiger
AP21 Whooping Crane
AP22 Sea Otter
AP23 Red Wolf
AP24 Key Deer
AP25 Black-Footed Ferret
AP26 Amur Leopard
AP27 Anderson’s Salamander
AP28 Greater Bamboo Lemur
AP29 Hawaiian Monk Seal
AP30 Kakapo

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