2011 Allen and Ginter Book Cards

The 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter set contains many special looking cards, and the Book Cards are definitely no exception. The Book Cards contain either two players with pieces of relics or two players with autographs that fold in the middle like a book. These cards can only be found in hobby packs and each card is serially numbered 1/1. Among the relics you could receive are pieces of baseball jerseys to pieces of bat barrels. These cards are very impressive to look at in person.

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2011 Allen and Ginter Book Cards Checklist

AGBC-1 Joe Mauer/Buster Posey
AGBC-2 Ichiro/Felix Hernandez
AGBC-3 Ryan Howard/Prince Fielder
AGBC-4 Carl Crawford/Adrian Gonzalez
AGBC-5 Albert Pujols/Matt Holliday
AGBC-6 David Wright/Ryan Zimmerman
AGBC-7 Alex Rodriguez/Mark Teixeira
AGBC-8 Joe Mauer/Justin Mourneau
AGBC-9 Victor Martinez/Carlos Santana
AGBC-10 Ryan Howard/Adam Dunn
AGBC-11 Nelson Cruz/Matt Kemp
AGBC-12 Albert Pujols/Miguel Cabrera
AGBC-13 Hanley Ramirez/Jose Reyes
AGBC-14 Robinson Cano/Dan Uggla
AGBC-15 Chase Utley/Jimmy Rollins
AGBC-16 Troy Tulowitzki/Hanley Ramirez
AGBC-17 Joey Votto/Jay Bruce
AGBC-18 Evan Longoria/Kevin Youkilis
AGBC-19 Dustin Pedroia/Ian Kinsler
AGBC-20 Ryan Braun/Matt Holliday
AGBC-21 Andrew McCutchen/Pedro Alvarez
AGBC-22 Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee
AGBC-23 Jason Heyward/Mike Stanton
AGBC-24 Joe Mauer/Buster Posey
AGBC-25 Josh Hamilton/Joey Votto

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