2011 Allen and Ginter Cabinet Cards

The Cabinet Cards are oversized cards that are about two thirds the size of a sheet of paper. These can be found only in hobby boxes and are relatively easy to find. There are 10 subjects in the checklist:

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2011 Allen and Ginter Cabinet Cards Checklist

CB-1 Armando Galarraga/Miguel Cabrera/Jason Donald
CB-2 Roy Halladay/Carlos Ruiz/Ryan Howard
CB-3 Dallas Braden/Landon Powell/Daric Barton
CB-4 Ichiro/Jose Bautista/Felix Hernandez
CB-5 Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter/Shaun Marcum
CB-6 Albert Pujols/Tony LaRussa/Ryan Dempster
CB-7 Grand Canyon/Woodrow Wilson/Benjamin Harison/Theodore Roosevelt
CB-8 Yosemite National Park/Abraham Lincoln/John Conness
CB-9 Yellowstone National Park/Ulysses S. Grant/Old Faithful
CB-10 Redwood National Park/Lyndon B. Johnson/John E. Raker

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