2011 Allen and Ginter Rip Cards

To rip or not to rip? That is the question that fans will have to ask of themselves each time they get a 2011 Allen and Ginter Rip Card out of a pack. Rip cards are a fan favorite as they give a collector the opportunity to either keep the rip card intact or “rip” the tab on the back of the card to get to the mini card that is inside. Each rip card will contain one of the following inside: a mini exclusive card numbered 351-400, a red autograph serially numbered to 10, an Original card of an actual painting portraying a baseball player, or a 1 of 1 wood mini exclusive. No matter what is inside, one can be assured that it will be something of value. So should you rip? That is for you to decide if you are lucky enough to get one. Rip cards can only be found in hobby packs and the average odds in finding one of these gems is about one per case.

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2011 Allen and Ginter Rip Cards Checklist

RC1 Roy Halladay
RC2 Miguel Cabrera
RC3 Carlos Gonzalez
RC4 Tim Lincecum
RC5 Albert Pujols
RC6 Joey Votto
RC7 Mickey Mantle
RC8 Ryan Braun
RC9 Evan Longoria
RC10 Adrian Gonzalez
RC11 Hanley Ramirez
RC12 Carl Crawford
RC13 Robinson Cano
RC14 Felix Hernandez
RC15 Troy Tulowitzki
RC16 David Wright
RC17 Chase Utley
RC18 Prince Fielder
RC19 Mark Teixeira
RC20 Matt Holliday
RC21 Alex Rodriguez
RC22 Kevin Youkilis
RC23 Adam Wainwright
RC24 Matt Kemp
RC25 Cliff Lee
RC26 Jon Lester
RC27 Joe Mauer
RC28 CC Sabathia
RC29 Ryan Zimmerman
RC30 Nelson Cruz
RC31 Adam Dunn
RC32 Dustin Pedroia
RC33 Ryan Howard
RC34 Jose Reyes
RC35 Dan Uggla
RC36 Ubaldo Jimenez
RC37 Shin-Soo Choo
RC38 Clayton Kershaw
RC39 Victor Martinez
RC40 Josh Johnson
RC41 Jose Bautista
RC42 ustin Upton
RC43 Tommy Hanson
RC44 Kendry Morales
RC45 Andrew McCutchen
RC46 Cole Hamels
RC47 Brian McCann
RC48 David Price
RC49 Justin Verlander
RC50 Ichiro
RC51 Alex Rios
RC52 Chris Carpenter
RC53 Justin Morneau
RC54 Jayson Werth
RC55 Jered Weaver
RC56 Francisco Liriano
RC57 Zack Greinke
RC58 Roy Oswalt
RC59 Hunter Pence
RC60 Adrian Beltre
RC61 Martin Prado
RC62 Jay Bruce
RC63 Jimmy Rollins
RC64 Paul Konerko
RC65 Brandon Phillips
RC66 Dan Haren
RC67 Andre Ethier
RC68 Matt Cain
RC69 Elvis Andrus
RC70 Jason Heyward
RC71 Ian Kinsler
RC72 Joakim Soria
RC73 Michael Young
RC74 Delmon Young
RC75 Mariano Rivera
RC76 Mat Latos
RC77 Colby Rasmus
RC78 Heath Bell
RC79 Shane Victorino
RC80 Derek Jeter
RC81 Billy Butler
RC82 Neftali Feliz
RC83 Carlos Santana
RC84 Gordon Beckham
RC85 Mike Stanton
RC86 Yovani Gallardo
RC87 Clay Buchholz
RC88 Pedro Alvarez
RC89 Matt Garza
RC90 Aroldis Chapman
RC91 David Ortiz
RC92 Jeremy Hellickson
RC93 Jacoby Ellsbury
RC94 Stephen Drew
RC95 Starlin Castro
RC96 Torii Hunter
RC97 Madison Bumgarner
RC98 Josh Hamilton
RC99 Vernon Wells
RC100 Buster Posey

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