2011 Bowman Buyback Cut Signature Cards

New for 2011 and only found in hobby boxes are Bowman Buyback Cut Signature cards. These cards feature an original 1948 or 1949 Bowman Baseball card embedded into a book card along with a cut signature from the legendary player depicted. All of these truly rare and unique cards are serially numbered one of one.

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2011 Bowman Buyback Cut Signature Cards Checklist

BBC-AR Allie Reynolds
BBC-AR2 Allie Reynolds
BBC-BF Bob Feller
BBC-BT Bobby Thomson
BBC-ES Enos Slaughter
BBC-ES2 Enos Slaughter
BBC-HS Hank Sauer
BBC-JM Johnny Mize
BBC-JM2 Johnny Mize
BBC-JS Johnny Sain
BBC-JS2 Johnny Sain
BBC-MM Marty Marion
BBC-PR Phil Rizzuto
BBC-PR2 Phil Rizzuto
BBC-PRE Pete Reiser
BBC-RK Ralph Kiner
BBC-RK2 Ralph Kiner
BBC-SG Sid Gordon
BBC-SG2 Sid Gordon
BBC-SM Stan Musial
BBC-SM2 Stan Musial
BBC-TH Tommy Henrich
BBC-TH2 Tommy Henrich
BBC-WC Walker Cooper
BBC-WC2 Walker Cooper
BBC-WS Warren Spahn
BBC-WS2 Warren Spahn
BBC-YB Yogi Berra
BBC-YB2 Yogi Berra

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