2011 Gypsy Queen Home Run Heroes

The 2011 Gypsy Queen Home Run Heroes set features 25 of baseball’s great home run hitters. The set is a pretty even mix of current power hitters and big guns from the past. You will find ARod, Pujols, Thome, Jimmie Foxx, Johnny Mize, Mickey Mantle and more among the cards in this set.

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2011 Gypsy Queen Checklist — Home Run Heroes

HH1 Babe Ruth
HH2 Albert Pujols
HH3 Jose Bautista
HH4 Mark Teixeira
HH5 Carlos Pena
HH6 Ryan Howard
HH7 Miguel Cabrera
HH8 Prince Feilder
HH9 Alex Rodriguez
HH10 David Ortiz
HH11 Andruw Jones
HH12 Adrian Beltre
HH13 Manny Ramirez
HH14 Jim Thome
HH15 Troy Glaus
HH16 Andre Dawson
HH17 Frank Robinson
HH18 Jimmie Foxx
HH19 Johnny Mize
HH20 Johnny Bench
HH21 Lou Gehrig
HH22 Mel Ott
HH23 Mickey Mantle
HH24 Rogers Hornsby
HH25 Tris Speaker

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