2011 Gypsy Queen Mini Relics

2011 Gypsy Queen Mini Relics are mini cards with a game used piece of the players bat or jersey inserted into the card. The mini relic set is larger in number than the full size relic set, and contains more Hall of Famers too. Key mini relic cards include Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Frank Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Nolan Ryan and more!

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2011 Gypsy Queen Checklist — Mini Relics

FMRC-AG Adrian Gonzalez
FMRC-AK Al Kaline
FMRC-AM Andrew McCutchen
FMRC-AP Albert Pujols
FMRC-AW Adam Wainwright
FMRC-BA Brett Anderson
FMRC-BL Barry Larkin
FMRC-BP Buster Posey
FMRC-BR Babe Ruth
FMRC-BS Bruce Sutter
FMRC-CB Carlos Beltran
FMRC-CL Carlos Lee
FMRC-CR Cal Ripken
FMRC-CU Chase Utley
FMRC-CZ Carlos Zambrano
FMRC-DJ Derek Jeter
FMRC-DO David Ortiz
FMRC-DU Dan Uggla
FMRC-DW David Wright
FMRC-EL Evan Longoria
FMRC-FH Felix Hernandez
FMRC-FR Frank Robinson
FMRC-GB Gordon Beckham
FMRC-GM Greg Maddux
FMRC-JC Joba Chamberlain
FMRC-JH Josh Hamilton
FMRC-JR Jackie Robinson
FMRC-JU Justin Upton
FMRC-JV Justin Verlander
FMRC-KB Kyle Blanks
FMRC-LG Lou Gehrig
FMRC-MC Miguel Cabrera
FMRC-MG Matt Garza
FMRC-MH Matt Holliday
FMRC-MK Matt Kemp
FMRC-MM Mickey Mantle
FMRC-MR Manny Ramirez
FMRC-NM Nick Markakis
FMRC-NR Nolan Ryan
FMRC-OS Ozzie Smith
FMRC-PF Prince Fielder
FMRC-RC Robinson Cano
FMRC-RH Ryan Howard
FMRC-RHE Rickey Henderson
FMRC-RI Raul Ibanez
FMRC-SM Stan Musial
FMRC-SSC Shin-Soo Choo
FMRC-TM Thurman Munson
FMRC-TT Troy Tulowitzki
FMRC-VM Victor Martinez

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