2011 Topps

The 2011 Topps set includes a possible world record amount of insert sets, in addition to the 660 card base set (plus parallel sets and additional short print cards). Find out more about the sets that make up the 2011 Topps product:

Base Set
Gold Borders (Parallel Set)
Black Borders (Parallel Set)
Platinum (Parallel Set)
Printing Plates
SP Variations
Sparkle Variations
Glove Leather Relics
Silk Collection
World Champion Relics
World Champion Autographs
World Champion Auto Relics
In The Name Relics
Kimball Champions
Throwback Commerative Patch Cards
Topps 60 Auto Relics
Jumbo Relics
Topps 60 Inserts
Topps 60 Relics
Topps 60 Dual Relics
60 Years of Topps
60 Years of Topps: The Lost Cards
Reproduction Cards
Diamond Duo’s
Diamond Duo’s Relics
Diamond Stars
History of Topps
Topps 60th Anniversary Reprint Relics
Topps 60th Annivesary Reprint Autographs
Topps 60th Anniversary Reprint Auto Relics
Topps 60th Anniversary Sketch Cards
Ticket to Toppstown
Before There Was Topps
Topps Attax
Wrapper Redemption Set
Wrapper Redemption Auto’s
Target Red Diamond Inserts
Toys R Us Purple Diamond Inserts

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