2012 Allen and Ginter DNA Relics

Some of the most sought after Ginter cards by collectors are the rare DNA relic cards. These cards feature a strand of hair from famous athletes, historical figures and in some cases even extinct animals! One year there was a wooly mammoth DNA relic card. This year the hair is all of the human variety, but there are rarities such as Geronimo, King Edward the VII and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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2012 Allen and Ginter DNA Relics Checklist

2012 Allen & Ginter DNA Relic Checklist

DNA-AH Alexander Hamilton
DNA-CD Charles Dickens
DNA-DE Dwight D. Eisenhower
DNA-G Geronimo
DNA-JB John Brown
DNA-JFK John F. Kennedy
DNA-JFK2 John F. Kennedy
DNA-KE King Edward VII
DNA-N Napoleon
DNA-RR Ronald Reagan

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