2012 Allen and Ginter Relics

Relic cards in Allen and Ginter are fairly common, usually showing up at a rate of two or three per hobby box, but they are still popular with collectors. One reason is the wide variety of subjects, not just baseball players. A few of the key non-baseball relics for 2012 are Arnold Palmer, Greg Gumbel, Kate Upton and Roger Federer. Collectors are especially enamored with the Kate Upton relic for some reason! There are numerous Hall of Famers as well, including Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, Nolan Ryan, Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio.

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2012 Allen and Ginter Relics Checklist

AGR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AGR-AP Albert Pujols
AGR-AP Arnold Palmer
AGR-APA Ara Parseghian
AGR-BH Bob Hurley Sr
AGR-BK Bob Knight
AGR-CM Colin Montgomerie
AGR-CN Curly Neal
AGR-DD Don Dekinger
AGR-DJ Derek Jeter
AGR-DP Dustin Pedroia
AGR-DW Dale Webster
AGR-EA Erin Andrews
AGR-EH Eric Hosmer
AGR-EM Ewa Mataya
AGR-GB Guy Bluford
AGR-GG Greg Gumbel
AGR-HA Hank Aaron
AGR-HR Hanley Ramirez
AGR-I Ichiro
AGR-JB Jerry Bailey
AGR-JB Johnny Bench
AGR-JB Jose Bautista
AGR-JBR James Brown
AGR-JD Joe DiMaggio
AGR-JH Josh Hamilton
AGR-JR Jackie Robinson
AGR-KB Keegan Bradley
AGR-KH Kirk Herbstreit
AGR-KJ Ken Griffey Jr.
AGR-KU Kate Upton
AGR-LG Lou Gehrig
AGR-LK Lefty Kreh
AGR-MB Michael Buffer
AGR-MH Marty Hogan
AGR-MK Matt Kemp
AGR-ML Meadowlark Lemon
AGR-MM Mickey Mantle
AGR-MP Michael Phelps
AGR-MP Michael Pineda
AGR-MS Mike Schmidt
AGR-NR Nolan Ryan
AGR-PP Phil Pfister
AGR-RB Ryan Braun
AGR-RC Robert Clemente
AGR-RF Roger Federer
AGR-RJ Reggie Jackson
AGR-RM Roger Maris
AGR-RS Ryne Sandberg
AGR-SC Starlin Castro
AGR-SC Swin Cash
AGR-SK Sandy Koufax
AGR-TC Ty Cobb
AGR-WM Willie Mays

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