2012 Allen and Ginter Short Prints

Every Allen and Ginter set has had 50 short prints in the base set. The first few sets had them interspersed throughout the set, but the past few years they have consistently been card numbers 301-350, and that holds true for the 2012 set. The short prints in Ginter appear in both the full size and mini sets, however they are not as hard to come by as short prints in many of Topps other sets. If you take a look at the highest priced 2012 Allen and Ginter short prints on eBay right now, you will notice that they are not particularly expensive:

Top 2012 Ginter Short Prints on eBay

2012 Allen and Ginter Short Print Checklist

301 Adron Chambers (SP)
302 Jayson Werth (SP)
303 Ivan Nova (SP)
304 Kyle Farnsworth (SP)
305 Wilin Rosario (SP)
306 Ryan Howard (SP)
307 Jhonny Peralta (SP)
308 Paul Konerko (SP)
309 Marty Hogan (SP)
310 Russell Martin (SP)
311 Bob Gibson (SP)
312 Anibal Sanchez (SP)
313 Carlos Pena (SP)
314 Michael Buffer (SP)
315 Dellin Betances (SP)
316 Adrian Gonzalez (SP)
317 Jason Heyward (SP)
318 Mike Moustakas (SP)
319 Adam Wainwright (SP)
320 Jonathan Papelbon (SP)
321 Chad Billingsley (SP)
322 Sergio Santos (SP)
323 Ryan Roberts (SP)
324 Cal Ripken Jr. (SP)
325 Frank Robinson (SP)
326 Logan Morrison (SP)
327 Jon Lester (SP)
328 Josh Hamilton (SP)
329 Billy Butler (SP)
330 Mike Napoli (SP)
331 Carl Crawford (SP)
332 Guy Bluford (SP)
333 Kelly Johnson (SP)
334 Adrian Beltre (SP)
335 Alexei Ramirez (SP)
336 Gio Gonzalez (SP)
337 Matt Holliday (SP)
338 Prince Fielder (SP)
339 Swin Cash (SP)
340 Mike Carp (SP)
341 Colby Lewis (SP)
342 Ryan Dempster (SP)
343 Zack Greinke (SP)
344 Matt Dominguez (SP)
345 Nolan Ryan (SP)
346 Lefty Kreh (SP)
347 Matt Garza (SP)
348 Chase Headley (SP)
349 Danny Espinosa (SP)
350 Howard Kendrick (SP)

2012 Allen and Ginter Short Print Images

301 Adron Chambers (Short Print) 302 Jayson Werth (Short Print) 303 Ivan Nova (Short Print)
304 Kyle Farnsworth (Short Print) 305 Wilin Rosario (Short Print) 306 Ryan Howard (Short Print)
307 Jhonny Peralta (Short Print) 308 Paul Konerko (Short Print) 309 Marty Hogan (Short Print)
310 Russell Martin (Short Print) 311 Bob Gibson (Short Print) 312 Anibal Sanchez (Short Print)
313 Carlos Pena (Short Print) 314 Michael Buffer (Short Print) 315 Dellin Betances (Short Print)
316 Adrian Gonzalez (Short Print) 317 Jason Heyward (Short Print) 318 Mike Moustakas (Short Print)
319 Adam Wainwright (Short Print) 320 Jonathan Papelbon (Short Print) 321 Chad Billingsley (Short Print)
322 Sergio Santos (Short Print) 323 Ryan Roberts (Short Print) 324 Cal Ripken Jr. (Short Print)
325 Frank Robinson (Short Print) 326 Logan Morrison (Short Print) 327 Jon Lester (Short Print)
328 Josh Hamilton (Short Print) 329 Billy Butler (Short Print) 330 Mike Napoli (Short Print)
331 Carl Crawford (Short Print) 332 Guy Bluford (Short Print) 333 Kelly Johnson (Short Print)
334 Adrian Beltre (Short Print) 335 Alexei Ramirez (Short Print) 336 Gio Gonzalez (Short Print)
337 Matt Holliday (Short Print) 338 Prince Fielder (Short Print) 339 Swin Cash (Short Print)
340 Mike Carp (Short Print) 341 Colby Lewis (Short Print) 342 Ryan Dempster (Short Print)
343 Zack Greinke (Short Print) 344 Matt Dominguez (Short Print) 345 Nolan Ryan (Short Print)
346 Lefty Kreh (Short Print) 347 Matt Garza (Short Print) 348 Chase Headley (Short Print)
349 Danny Espinosa (Short Print) 350 Howard Kendrick (Short Print)

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