2012 Bowman Platinum Die Cut Auto’s

Of the 50 cards listed in 2012 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Die Cut Stars insert set, 26 of them can be found in an autograph format that is serially numbered to 25. Players lending their signature include Chipper Jones, Justin Verlander, Yu Darvish, and Albert Pujols just to name a few. This will be a tough set to put together so it is most likely that these cards are made for player collectors and not set collectors.

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2012 Bowman Platinum Die Cut Auto Checklist

DCA-AP Albert Pujols
DCA-BH Bryce Harper
DCA-BL Brett Lawrie
DCA-CJ Chipper Jones
DCA-DA Dustin Ackley
DCA-DH Daniel Hudson
DCA-DU Dan Uggla
DCA-EH Eric Hosmer
DCA-HB Heath Bell
DCA-IN Ivan Nova
DCA-JB Jose Bautista
DCA-JDM J.D. Martinez
DCA-JM Jason Motte
DCA-JMO Jesus Montero
DCA-JV Justin Verlander
DCA-MM Matt Moore
DCA-MMS Michael Morse
DCA-MP Michael Pineda
DCA-NC Nelson Cruz
DCA-PF Prince Fielder
DCA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
DCA-RB Ryan Braun
DCA-RC Robinson Cano
DCA-SC Starin Castro
DCA-YA Yonder Alonso
DCA-YD Yu Darvish

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