2012 Topps Olympics Cut Signatures

Cut signature cards are always very hard to find and in 2012 US Olympic team and Olympic hopefuls, this holds true. There are only 25 of these valuable cards that can be found. In this set you can find some of the greatest athletes to ever participate in the Olympics such as Bob Beamon and Joe Frazier.

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2012 Topps Olympics Cut Signatures Checklist

OCS-AO Al Oerter
OCS-BB Bob Beamon
OCS-BJM Bobby Joe Morrow
OCS-BM Billy Mills
OCS-BMA Bob Mathias
OCS-BR Bob Richards
OCS-DW Doreen Wilber
OCS-EC Edward Crook Jr.
OCS-FP Floyd Patterson
OCS-GD Glenn Davis
OCS-HD Harrison Dillard
OCS-JF Joe Frazier
OCS-KW Karl Warner
OCS-LL Lance Larson
OCS-MC Milt Campbell
OCS-MM Millie McDaniel
OCS-PG Pete George
OCS-PM Pat McCormick
OCS-PO Parry O’Brien
OCS-PR Pete Rademacher
OCS-RB Ralph Boston
OCS-SI Sim Iness
OCS-SL Sammy Lee
OCS-SW Shelby Wilson
OCS-TK Tommy Kono

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