Baseball Rookie Cards

Every collector loves rookie cards. Their demand surpasses even the coveted autographed cards. Rookie cards often sell for five to ten times or more what their second year cards go for. We have compiled checklists of some of the most popular players rookie cards right here.

Baseball Rookie Cards
Jason Bay
Josh Beckett
Gordon Beckham
Wade Boggs
Barry Bonds
Ryan Braun
George Brett
Jay Bruce
Madison Bumgarner
Matt Cain
Starlin Castro
Aroldis Chapman
Will Clark
Roger Clemens
Neftali Feliz
Alex Gordon
Zack Greinke
Ken Griffey Jr.
Tony Gwynn
Josh Hamilton
Rickey Henderson
Jason Heyward
Ryan Howard
Derek Jeter
Randy Johnson
Cliff Lee
Tim Lincecum
Mickey Mantle
Don Mattingly
Dustin Pedroia
Buster Posey
Albert Pujols
Cal Ripken Jr.
Alex Rodriguez
Stephen Strasburg
Ichiro Suzuki

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