Mickey Mantle Rookie Card

Mickey Mantle is arguably the most popular baseball player of all time.  He played 18 years for the most popular team in the Major Leagues, the New York Yankees.  He was the MVP of the American League three times and played in 16 All Star games.  He went to the World Series 12 times while his New York Yankees won 7 of those storied contests.  Mantle holds many records including the most home runs in a World Series during a career with 18.  In 1956, Mickey Mantle earned the rare Triple Crown.  This is an incredible honor bestowed on the individual who leads the league in home runs, batting average, and RBI’s in a season.  His 1952 Topps rookie card is the most valuable Topps base card ever made.

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Mickey Mantle Rookie Card Checklist

 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card


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