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2012 Topps Olympics Checklist

Normally we try to stick strictly to baseball card checklists here, but I’ve had many requests to post the 2012 Topps Olympic Checklist so we decided to include it. Plus, we are in full Olympic watching mode here right now!

Let the Games begin!!! The world will open its eyes and focus on the city of London tonight as the opening ceremonies will be taking place. The Olympic torch will find a home once it arrives at Olympic Stadium and for the next 17 days athletes from around the world will complete for the coveted gold medals which are awarded for winning first place in an Olympic event. There will be many great memories made during these 2012 Olympic Games and there is no one that captures the true essence of the Olympics quite like the card company Topps. From the people that made baseball cards which I am sure your mom threw away, Topps brings you 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls. These trading cards are a perfect way for a collector to learn about the aspirations and achievements of many of our athletes from the past, present and future. There are 100 base cards in a complete set and these base cards can be found in the following parallels: bronze (one per pack), silver (one per two packs), and gold (one per three packs).

There are some exciting insert cards that can be found inside packs of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls:

Games of the XXX Olympiad represent a United States athlete and the event they participate in at the London 2012 Olympic Games, as well as how that event is played. These insert cards can be found in one of every four packs.

Heritage of the Olympic Games is an insert set that chronicles the past Olympic Games starting with the games of the first Olympiad. These insert cards can be found one in every eight packs.

London 2012 Olympic Games Venues is a neat insert set featuring the different venues of the London Games with a detailed description of each, and the games that will be played there. These insert cards can be found one in every twelve packs.

Opening Ceremony is an awe-inspiring insert set that captures the opening ceremonies of each Olympiad. These cards are inserted one per hobby box.

Inside every box of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls, one can expect to find three hits including at least one United States Olympic Team autograph, relic, and commemorative relic card. This product features autographs of the most celebrated U.S. Olympic Team athletes such as Kerri Strug, Carl Lewis, and Michael Phelps.

There are three different levels of autographed cards that can be found inside boxes of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls. They are: autographed base cards, U.S. Champions Autograph cards, and Olympic Games Cut Signature Cards. There are up to fifty different autographed base cards and can be found in the following parallels: bronze serially numbered to 50, silver serially numbered to 30, gold serially numbered to 10, and gold rainbow serially numbered to 1. The U.S. Champions Autograph cards feature 10 Olympic Gold Medal athletes from previous Summer Olympics which include swimming great Michael Phelps. And lastly the Olympic Games Cut Signature Cards feature up to 50 of the most famous great Olympians of all time. These cut signature cards are each a one of one and include boxing Olympian Joe Frazier.

Relic cards are cards that feature Olympic worn pieces of fabric on them. You will find one of these cards in every box of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls. There are 41 different relic cards that are in this set. There are also different parallels of relic cards which can be found. They are: bronze serially numbered to 75, silver numbered to 50, gold numbered to 25, and gold rainbow numbered to 1. These relic cards include some of the greatest Olympians of all time such as Michael Phelps and Misty May-Treanor.

Also found inside packs of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls are Commemorative Patch Cards. There are 100 different patch cards showcasing 100 of the greatest Olympians of all time on a card with a patch that is manufactured by Topps exclusively for this insert. Olympic greats in this set include Michael Phelps and plenty others. This is a set that would display well if a collector was brave enough to piece it together. Another insert set that would display nicely are U.S. Flag Team Patch cards. This too is a 100 card set and features manufactured flag team patches on a card. This set showcases the same 100 subjects that are found in the Commemorative Patch card lineup.

There are plenty of other surprises in 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls including pin cards and other bonuses. This is a value packed product that is now available in hobby stores as well as retail outlets. If you want to feel closer to the Olympics and further capture the spirit of the Games, go out and buy you some of this product. No one brings you closer to the Games than Topps!

2012 Topps Olympics Base Set Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic base,3,,[/phpbay]
1 Shawn Johnson
2 Rau’Shee Warren
3 Juan Agudelo
4 Walter Dix
5 Nick Symmonds
6 Diana Lopez
7 Mary Whipple
8 Timothy Wang
9 Natalie Coughlin
10 Tyson Gay
11 Alicia Sacramone
12 Brenda Villa
13 Kayla Harrison
14 Dana Vollmer
15 Aly Raisman
16 Jessica Parratto
17 Ryan Lochte
18 Tatyana McFadden
19 Bryan Clay
20 Sue Bird
21 David Oliver
22 Lashawn Merritt
23 Katie O’Donnell
24 Todd Rogers
25 Brady Ellison
26 Rebecca Soni
27 Margaux Isaksen
28 Conor Dwyer
29 Ricky Berens
30 Sanya Richards
31 Jason Lezak
32 Mariel Zagunis
33 Henry Cejudo
34 Wallace Spearmon
35 Kim Glass
36 Tucker Dupree
37 Kim Rhode
38 Brittany Viola
39 Britney Reese
40 Misty May-Treanor
41 Dotsie Bausch
42 Funmi Jimoh
43 Nastia Liukin
44 Trey Hardee
45 Phil Dalhausser
46 Candace Parker
47 Chris Colwill
48 Jerome Singleton
49 Troy Dumais
50 Hope Solo
51 David Boudia
52 Tyler Clary
53 Paige Railey
54 Kari LaRaine Miller
55 Terrence Jennings
56 Danell Leyva
57 Susan Francia
58 Anna Tunnicliffe
59 Missy Franklin
60 Maya Moore
61 Kelley O’Hara
62 Carmelita Jeter
63 Mike Morrison
64 Matt Emmons
65 Jessica Long
66 Allyson Felix
67 Arielle Martin Verhaaren
68 Gwen Jorgensen
69 Zach Railey
70 Lolo Jones
71 Taylor Phinney
72 Sarah Groff
73 Kellie Wells
74 Carrie Johnson
75 Ariel Hsing
76 Tony Azavedo
77 Garrett Weber-Gale
78 Jordyn Wieber
79 Donny Robinson
80 Jonathan Horton
81 Hunter Kemper
82 Merrill Moses
83 Carli Lloyd
84 Brendan Hansen
85 Jordan Burroughs
86 Steven Lopez
87 Nathan Adrian
88 Katie Hoff
89 Sarah Robles
90 Alex Morgan
91 Seimone Augustus
92 Jillian Camarena-Williams
93 Abby Wambach
94 Yvette Lewis
95 Erica McLain
96 Evelyn Stevens
97 Brandon Roulhac
98 Paige McPherson
99 Alex Meyer
100 Michael Phelps

2012 Topps Olympics Relic Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic relic,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OR-AF Allyson Felix
OR-AMO Alex Morgan
OR-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
OR-AR Aly Raisman
OR-AS Alicia Sacramone
OR-AW Abby Wambach
OR-BV Brenda Villa
OR-CJ Carmelita Jeter
OR-DB Dotsie Bausch
OR-DL Danell Leyva
OR-DO David Oliver
OR-HS Hope Solo
OR-JH Jonathan Horton
OR-JS Jerome Singleton
OR-JW Jordyn Wieber
OR-KR Kim Rhode
OR-LJ Lolo Jones
OR-LM Lashawn Merritt
OR-MF Missy Franklin
OR-MM Maya Moore
OR-MMT Misty May-Treanor
OR-MP Michael Phelps
OR-MW Mary Whipple
OR-MZ Mariel Zagunis
OR-NA Nathan Adrian
OR-NC Natalie Coughlin
OR-NL Nastia Liukin
OR-PD Phil Dalhausser
OR-RB Ricky Berens
OR-RL Ryan Lochte
OR-RS Rebecca Soni
OR-RW Rau’Shee Warren
OR-SB Sue Bird
OR-SJ Shawn Johnson
OR-SR Sanya Richards-Ross
OR-TA Tony Azavedo
OR-TD Troy Dumais
OR-TG Tyson Gay
OR-TM Tatyana McFadden
OR-TR Todd Rogers
OR-WD Walter Dix

2012 Topps Olympics US Olympic Team Patch Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic team patch,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
ULP-AF Allyson Felix
ULP-AH Ariel Hsing
ULP-AM Alex Meyer
ULP-AMO Alex Morgan
ULP-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
ULP-AR Aly Raisman
ULP-AS Alicia Sacramone
ULP-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
ULP-AW Abby Wambach
ULP-BC Bryan Clay
ULP-BE Brady Ellison
ULP-BH Brendan Hansen
ULP-BR Brandon Roulhac
ULP-BRE Britney Reese
ULP-BV Brenda Villa
ULP-BVI Brittany Viola
ULP-CC Chris Colwill
ULP-CD Conor Dwyer
ULP-CJ Carmelita Jeter
ULP-CJO Carrie Johnson
ULP-CL Carli Lloyd
ULP-CP Candace Parker
ULP-DB Dotsie Bausch
ULP-DBO David Boudia
ULP-DL Danell Leyva
ULP-DLO Diana Lopez
ULP-DO David Oliver
ULP-DR Donny Robinson
ULP-DV Dana Vollmer
ULP-EM Erica McLain
ULP-ES Evelyn Stevens
ULP-FJ Funmi Jimoh
ULP-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
ULP-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
ULP-HC Henry Cejudo
ULP-HK Hunter Kemper
ULP-HS Hope Solo
ULP-JA Juan Agudelo
ULP-JB Jordan Burroughs
ULP-JC Jillian Camarena
ULP-JH Jonathan Horton
ULP-JL Jessica Long
ULP-JLE Jason Lezak
ULP-JP Jessica Parratto
ULP-JS Jerome Singleton
ULP-JW Jordyn Wieber
ULP-KG Kim Glass
ULP-KH Katie Hoff
ULP-KHA Kayla Harrison
ULP-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
ULP-KO Kelley O’Hara
ULP-KOD Katie O’Donnell
ULP-KR Kim Rhode
ULP-KW Kellie Wells
ULP-LJ Lolo Jones
ULP-LM Lashawn Merritt
ULP-ME Matt Emmons
ULP-MEM Merrill Moses
ULP-MF Missy Franklin
ULP-MI Margaux Isaksen
ULP-MM Maya Moore
ULP-MMO Mike Morrison
ULP-MMT Misty May-Treanor
ULP-MP Michael Phelps
ULP-MW Mary Whipple
ULP-MZ Mariel Zagunis
ULP-NA Nathan Adrian
ULP-NC Natalie Coughlin
ULP-NL Nastia Liukin
ULP-NS Nick Symmonds
ULP-PD Phil Dalhausser
ULP-PM Paige McPherson
ULP-PR Paige Railey
ULP-RB Ricky Berens
ULP-RL Ryan Lochte
ULP-RS Rebecca Soni
ULP-RW Rau’Shee Warren
ULP-SA Seimone Augustus
ULP-SB Sue Bird
ULP-SF Susan Francia
ULP-SG Sarah Groff
ULP-SJ Shawn Johnson
ULP-SL Steven Lopez
ULP-SR Sanya Richards
ULP-SRO Sarah Robles
ULP-TA Tony Azavedo
ULP-TC Tyler Clary
ULP-TD Troy Dumais
ULP-TDU Tucker Dupree
ULP-TG Tyson Gay
ULP-TH Trey Hardee
ULP-TJ Terrence Jennings
ULP-TM Tatyana McFadden
ULP-TP Taylor Phinney
ULP-TR Todd Rogers
ULP-TW Timothy Wang
ULP-WD Walter Dix
ULP-WS Wallace Spearmon
ULP-YL Yvette Lewis
ULP-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics US Olympic Flag Team Patch Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic flag patch,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
FLP-AF Allyson Felix
FLP-AH Ariel Hsing
FLP-AM Alex Meyer
FLP-AMO Alex Morgan
FLP-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
FLP-AR Aly Raisman
FLP-AS Alicia Sacramone
FLP-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
FLP-AW Abby Wambach
FLP-BC Bryan Clay
FLP-BE Brady Ellison
FLP-BH Brendan Hansen
FLP-BR Brandon Roulhac
FLP-BRE Britney Reese
FLP-BV Brenda Villa
FLP-BVI Brittany Viola
FLP-CC Chris Colwill
FLP-CD Conor Dwyer
FLP-CJ Carmelita Jeter
FLP-CJO Carrie Johnson
FLP-CL Carli Lloyd
FLP-CP Candace Parker
FLP-DB Dotsie Bausch
FLP-DBO David Boudia
FLP-DL Danell Leyva
FLP-DLO Diana Lopez
FLP-DO David Oliver
FLP-DR Donny Robinson
FLP-DV Dana Vollmer
FLP-EM Erica McLain
FLP-ES Evelyn Stevens
FLP-FJ Funmi Jimoh
FLP-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
FLP-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
FLP-HC Henry Cejudo
FLP-HK Hunter Kemper
FLP-HS Hope Solo
FLP-JA Juan Agudelo
FLP-JB Jordan Burroughs
FLP-JC Jillian Camarena
FLP-JH Jonathan Horton
FLP-JL Jessica Long
FLP-JLE Jason Lezak
FLP-JP Jessica Parratto
FLP-JS Jerome Singleton
FLP-JW Jordyn Wieber
FLP-KG Kim Glass
FLP-KH Katie Hoff
FLP-KHA Kayla Harrison
FLP-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
FLP-KO Kelley O’Hara
FLP-KOD Katie O’Donnell
FLP-KR Kim Rhode
FLP-KW Kellie Wells
FLP-LJ Lolo Jones
FLP-LM Lashawn Merritt
FLP-ME Matt Emmons
FLP-MEM Merrill Moses
FLP-MF Missy Franklin
FLP-MI Margaux Isaksen
FLP-MM Maya Moore
FLP-MMO Mike Morrison
FLP-MMT Misty May-Treanor
FLP-MP Michael Phelps
FLP-MW Mary Whipple
FLP-MZ Mariel Zagunis
FLP-NA Nathan Adrian
FLP-NC Natalie Coughlin
FLP-NL Nastia Liukin
FLP-NS Nick Symmonds
FLP-PD Phil Dalhausser
FLP-PM Paige McPherson
FLP-PR Paige Railey
FLP-RB Ricky Berens
FLP-RL Ryan Lochte
FLP-RS Rebecca Soni
FLP-RW Rau’Shee Warren
FLP-SA Seimone Augustus
FLP-SB Sue Bird
FLP-SF Susan Francia
FLP-SG Sarah Groff
FLP-SJ Shawn Johnson
FLP-SL Steven Lopez
FLP-SR Sanya Richards-Ross
FLP-SRO Sarah Robles
FLP-TA Tony Azavedo
FLP-TC Tyler Clary
FLP-TD Troy Dumais
FLP-TDU Tucker Dupree
FLP-TG Tyson Gay
FLP-TH Trey Hardee
FLP-TJ Terrence Jennings
FLP-TM Tatyana McFadden
FLP-TP Taylor Phinney
FLP-TR Todd Rogers
FLP-TW Timothy Wang
FLP-WD Walter Dix
FLP-WS Wallace Spearmon
FLP-YL Yvette Lewis
FLP-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics Olympic Game Pin Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic pin,3,,usoc pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
ELP-AF Allyson Felix
ELP-AH Ariel Hsing
ELP-AM Alex Meyer
ELP-AMO Alex Morgan
ELP-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
ELP-AR Aly Raisman
ELP-AS Alicia Sacramone
ELP-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
ELP-AW Abby Wambach
ELP-BC Bryan Clay
ELP-BE Brady Ellison
ELP-BH Brendan Hansen
ELP-BR Brandon Roulhac
ELP-BRE Britney Reese
ELP-BV Brenda Villa
ELP-BVI Brittany Viola
ELP-CC Chris Colwill
ELP-CD Conor Dwyer
ELP-CJ Carmelita Jeter
ELP-CJO Carrie Johnson
ELP-CL Carli Lloyd
ELP-CP Candace Parker
ELP-DB Dotsie Bausch
ELP-DBO David Boudia
ELP-DL Danell Leyva
ELP-DLO Diana Lopez
ELP-DO David Oliver
ELP-DR Donny Robinson
ELP-DV Dana Vollmer
ELP-EM Erica McLain
ELP-ES Evelyn Stevens
ELP-FJ Funmi Jimoh
ELP-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
ELP-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
ELP-HC Henry Cejudo
ELP-HK Hunter Kemper
ELP-HS Hope Solo
ELP-JA Juan Agudelo
ELP-JB Jordan Burroughs
ELP-JC Jillian Camarena
ELP-JH Jonathan Horton
ELP-JL Jessica Long
ELP-JLE Jason Lezak
ELP-JP Jessica Parratto
ELP-JS Jerome Singleton
ELP-JW Jordyn Wieber
ELP-KG Kim Glass
ELP-KH Katie Hoff
ELP-KHA Kayla Harrison
ELP-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
ELP-KO Kelley O’Hara
ELP-KOD Katie O’Donnell
ELP-KR Kim Rhode
ELP-KW Kellie Wells
ELP-LJ Lolo Jones
ELP-LM Lashawn Merritt
ELP-ME Matt Emmons
ELP-MEM Merrill Moses
ELP-MF Missy Franklin
ELP-MI Margaux Isaksen
ELP-MM Maya Moore
ELP-MMO Mike Morrison
ELP-MMT Misty May-Treanor
ELP-MP Michael Phelps
ELP-MW Mary Whipple
ELP-MZ Mariel Zagunis
ELP-NA Nathan Adrian
ELP-NC Natalie Coughlin
ELP-NL Nastia Liukin
ELP-NS Nick Symmonds
ELP-PD Phil Dalhausser
ELP-PM Paige McPherson
ELP-PR Paige Railey
ELP-RB Ricky Berens
ELP-RL Ryan Lochte
ELP-RS Rebecca Soni
ELP-RW Rau’Shee Warren
ELP-SA Seimone Augustus
ELP-SB Sue Bird
ELP-SF Susan Francia
ELP-SG Sarah Groff
ELP-SJ Shawn Johnson
ELP-SL Steven Lopez
ELP-SR Sanya Richards-Ross
ELP-SRO Sarah Robles
ELP-TA Tony Azavedo
ELP-TC Tyler Clary
ELP-TD Troy Dumais
ELP-TDU Tucker Dupree
ELP-TG Tyson Gay
ELP-TH Trey Hardee
ELP-TJ Terrence Jennings
ELP-TM Tatyana McFadden
ELP-TP Taylor Phinney
ELP-TR Todd Rogers
ELP-TW Timothy Wang
ELP-WD Walter Dix
ELP-WS Wallace Spearmon
ELP-YL Yvette Lewis
ELP-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics U.S.O.C Olympics Pin Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic usoc,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
PIN-AF Allyson Felix
PIN-AH Ariel Hsing
PIN-AM Alex Meyer
PIN-AMO Alex Morgan
PIN-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
PIN-AR Aly Raisman
PIN-AS Alicia Sacramone
PIN-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
PIN-AW Abby Wambach
PIN-BC Bryan Clay
PIN-BE Brady Ellison
PIN-BH Brendan Hansen
PIN-BR Brandon Roulhac
PIN-BRE Britney Reese
PIN-BV Brenda Villa
PIN-BVI Brittany Viola
PIN-CC Chris Colwill
PIN-CD Conor Dwyer
PIN-CJ Carmelita Jeter
PIN-CJO Carrie Johnson
PIN-CL Carli Lloyd
PIN-CP Candace Parker
PIN-DB Dotsie Bausch
PIN-DBO David Boudia
PIN-DL Danell Leyva
PIN-DLO Diana Lopez
PIN-DO David Oliver
PIN-DR Donny Robinson
PIN-DV Dana Vollmer
PIN-EM Erica McLain
PIN-ES Evelyn Stevens
PIN-FJ Funmi Jimoh
PIN-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
PIN-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
PIN-HC Henry Cejudo
PIN-HK Hunter Kemper
PIN-HS Hope Solo
PIN-JA Juan Agudelo
PIN-JB Jordan Burroughs
PIN-JC Jillian Camarena
PIN-JH Jonathan Horton
PIN-JL Jessica Long
PIN-JLE Jason Lezak
PIN-JP Jessica Parratto
PIN-JS Jerome Singleton
PIN-JW Jordyn Wieber
PIN-KG Kim Glass
PIN-KH Katie Hoff
PIN-KHA Kayla Harrison
PIN-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
PIN-KO Kelley O’Hara
PIN-KOD Katie O’Donnell
PIN-KR Kim Rhode
PIN-KW Kellie Wells
PIN-LJ Lolo Jones
PIN-LM Lashawn Merritt
PIN-ME Matt Emmons
PIN-MEM Merrill Moses
PIN-MF Missy Franklin
PIN-MI Margaux Isaksen
PIN-MM Maya Moore
PIN-MMO Mike Morrison
PIN-MMT Misty May-Treanor
PIN-MP Michael Phelps
PIN-MW Mary Whipple
PIN-MZ Mariel Zagunis
PIN-NA Nathan Adrian
PIN-NC Natalie Coughlin
PIN-NL Nastia Liukin
PIN-NS Nick Symmonds
PIN-PD Phil Dalhausser
PIN-PM Paige McPherson
PIN-PR Paige Railey
PIN-RB Ricky Berens
PIN-RL Ryan Lochte
PIN-RS Rebecca Soni
PIN-RW Rau’Shee Warren
PIN-SA Seimone Augustus
PIN-SB Sue Bird
PIN-SF Susan Francia
PIN-SG Sarah Groff
PIN-SJ Shawn Johnson
PIN-SL Steven Lopez
PIN-SR Sanya Richards
PIN-SRO Sarah Robles
PIN-TA Tony Azavedo
PIN-TC Tyler Clary
PIN-TD Troy Dumais
PIN-TDU Tucker Dupree
PIN-TG Tyson Gay
PIN-TH Trey Hardee
PIN-TJ Terrence Jennings
PIN-TM Tatyana McFadden
PIN-TP Taylor Phinney
PIN-TR Todd Rogers
PIN-TW Timothy Wang
PIN-WD Walter Dix
PIN-WS Wallace Spearmon
PIN-YL Yvette Lewis
PIN-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics Olympic Stamp Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic stamp,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
CS-1 Canoe Slalom
CS-2 Paralympic Games: Archery
CS-3 Athletics: Track
CS-4 Aquatics
CS-5 Paralympic Games: Boccia
CS-6 Judo
CS-7 Paralympic Games: Equestrian
CS-8 Badminton
CS-9 Weightlifting
CS-10 Basketball
CS-11 Paralympic Games: Rowing
CS-12 Shooting
CS-13 Modern Pentathlon
CS-14 Taekwondo
CS-15 Cycling
CS-16 Paralympic Games: Table Tennis
CS-17 Hockey
CS-18 Football
CS-19 Paralympic Games: Goalball
CS-20 Boxing
CS-21 Paralympic Games: Sailing
CS-22 Athletics: Field
CS-23 Volleyball
CS-24 Wheelchair Rugby
CS-25 Wrestling
CS-26 Wheelchair Tennis
CS-27 Fencing
CS-28 Gymnastics
CS-29 Triathlon
CS-30 Handball

2012 Topps Olympics Opening Ceremony Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic ceremony,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OC-1 Athens 1896 Olympic Games
OC-2 Paris 1900 Olympic Games
OC-3 St. Louis 1904 Olympic Games
OC-4 London 1908 Olympic Games
OC-5 Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games
OC-6 Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games
OC-7 Paris 1924 Olympic Games
OC-8 Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Games
OC-9 Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games
OC-10 Berlin 1936 Olympic Games
OC-11 London 1948 Olympic Games
OC-12 Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games
OC-13 Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games
OC-14 Rome 1960 Olympic Games
OC-15 Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games
OC-16 Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games
OC-17 Munich 1972 Olympic Games
OC-18 Montreal 1976 Olympic Games
OC-19 Moscow 1980 Olympic Games
OC-20 Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games
OC-21 Seoul 1988 Olympic Games
OC-22 Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games
OC-23 Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games
OC-24 Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
OC-25 Athens 2004 Olympic Games
OC-26 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

2012 Topps Olympics Commerative Medals Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic commemorative medal,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OM-G Gold
OM-S Silver
OM-B Bronze

2012 Topps Olympics Games of the XXX Olympiad Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic olympiad,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OLY-1 Brady Ellison
OLY-2 Jerome Singleton
OLY-3 Maya Moore
OLY-4 Misty May-Treanor
OLY-5 Rau’Shee Warren
OLY-6 Carrie Johnson
OLY-7 Taylor Phinney
OLY-8 Brittany Viola
OLY-9 Mariel Zagunis
OLY-10 Hope Solo
OLY-11 Nastia Liukin
OLY-12 Katie O’Donnell
OLY-13 Kayla Harrison
OLY-14 Margaux Isaksen
OLY-15 Mary Whipple
OLY-16 Anna Tunnicliffe
OLY-17 Matt Emmons
OLY-18 Michael Phelps
OLY-19 Timothy Wang
OLY-20 Terrence Jennings
OLY-21 Gwen Jorgensen
OLY-22 Kim Glass
OLY-23 Merrill Moses
OLY-24 Sarah Robles
OLY-25 Henry Cejudo

2012 Topps Olympics London 2012 Olympic Venues Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic venues,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
SOV-1 London Aquatics Centre
SOV-2 Basketball Arena
SOV-3 BMX Track
SOV-4 Eton Manor
SOV-5 Handball Arena – The Copper Box
SOV-6 London 2012 Olympic Stadium
SOV-7 London Velodrome
SOV-8 Water Polo Arena
SOV-9 Earls Court
SOV-10 ExCeL London
SOV-11 Greenwich Park
SOV-12 Hampton Court Palace
SOV-13 Horse Guards Parade
SOV-14 Hyde Park
SOV-15 Lord’s Cricket Ground
SOV-16 North Greenwich Arena
SOV-17 The Mall
SOV-18 The Royal Artillery Barracks
SOV-19 Wembley Arena
SOV-20 Wembley Stadium
SOV-21 All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club – Wimbledon
SOV-22 City of Coventry Stadium
SOV-23 Eton Dorney
SOV-24 Hadleigh Farm
SOV-25 Hampden Park
SOV-26 Lee Valley White Water Centre
SOV-27 Millennium Stadium
SOV-28 Old Trafford
SOV-29 St. James’ Park
SOV-30 Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour

2012 Topps Olympics Heritage of the Olympic Games Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic heritage,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OH-I 1896 Athens, Greece
OH-II 1900 Paris, France
OH-III 1904 St. Louis, United States
OH-IV 1908 London, England
OH-V 1912 Stockholm, Sweden
OH-VII 1920 Antwerp, Belgium
OH-VIII 1924 Paris, France
OH-IX 1928 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
OH-X 1932 Los Angeles, United States
OH-XI 1936 Berlin, Germany
OH-XIV 1948 London, England
OH-XV 1952 Helsinki, Finland
OH-XVI 1956 Melbourne, Australia
OH-XVII 1960 Rome, Italy
OH-XVIII 1964 Tokyo, Japan
OH-XIX 1968 Mexico City, Mexico
OH-XX 1972 Munich, West Germany
OH-XXI 1976 Montreal, Canada
OH-XXII 1980 Moscow, Soviet Union
OH-XXIII 1984 Los Angeles, United States
OH-XXIV 1988 Seoul, South Korea
OH-XXV 1992 Barcelona, Spain
OH-XXVI 1996 Atlanta, United States
OH-XXVII 2000 Sydney, Australia
OH-XXVIII 2004 Athens, Greece
OH-XXIX 2008 Beijing, China
OH-XXX 2012 London, England

2012 Topps Olympics Auto Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic auto,3,,champion pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
1 Shawn Johnson
2 Rau’Shee Warren
3 Juan Agudelo
4 Walter Dix
7 Mary Whipple
9 Natalie Coughlin
10 Tyson Gay
11 Alicia Sacramone
12 Brenda Villa
15 Aly Raisman
17 Ryan Lochte
18 Tatyana McFadden
19 Bryan Clay
20 Sue Bird
21 David Oliver
22 Lashawn Merritt
24 Todd Rogers
25 Brady Ellison
26 Rebecca Soni
28 Conor Dwyer
29 Ricky Berens
30 Sanya Richards-Ross
32 Mariel Zagunis
33 Henry Cejudo
37 Kim Rhode
40 Misty May-Treanor
41 Dotsie Bausch
43 Nastia Liukin
45 Phil Dalhausser
48 Jerome Singleton
49 Troy Dumais
50 Hope Solo
56 Danell Leyva
59 Missy Franklin
60 Maya Moore
62 Carmelita Jeter
63 Mike Morrison
65 Jessica Long
66 Allyson Felix
67 Arielle Martin Verhaaren
70 Lolo Jones
76 Tony Azavedo
78 Jordyn Wieber
80 Jonathan Horton
84 Brendan Hansen
87 Nathan Adrian
90 Alex Morgan
93 Abby Wambach
99 Alex Meyer
100 Michael Phelps

2012 Topps Olympics US Champions Auto Checklist
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OCA-AB Amanda Beard
OCA-BJ Bruce Jenner
OCA-BK Béla Károlyi
OCA-CL Carl Lewis
OCA-JJK Jackie Joyner-Kersee
OCA-JL Jason Lezak
OCA-KK Karch Kiraly
OCA-KS Kerri Strug
OCA-MB Matt Biondi
OCA-MP Michael Phelps
OCA-MS Mark Spitz
OCA-RG Rulon Gardner

2012 Topps Olympics Cut Signatures Checklist
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OCS-AO Al Oerter
OCS-BB Bob Beamon
OCS-BJM Bobby Joe Morrow
OCS-BM Billy Mills
OCS-BMA Bob Mathias
OCS-BR Bob Richards
OCS-DW Doreen Wilber
OCS-EC Edward Crook Jr.
OCS-FP Floyd Patterson
OCS-GD Glenn Davis
OCS-HD Harrison Dillard
OCS-JF Joe Frazier
OCS-KW Karl Warner
OCS-LL Lance Larson
OCS-MC Milt Campbell
OCS-MM Millie McDaniel
OCS-PG Pete George
OCS-PM Pat McCormick
OCS-PO Parry O’Brien
OCS-PR Pete Rademacher
OCS-RB Ralph Boston
OCS-SI Sim Iness
OCS-SL Sammy Lee
OCS-SW Shelby Wilson
OCS-TK Tommy Kono