A Card Giveaway in Honor of the 2012 Playoffs

It’s playoff time, so we thought we would add a little baseball card flavor to October. The card in question is a 2012 Topps Heritage Luis Aparicio Real One Autograph. Luis played 18 seasons for the White Sox (two stints), Red Sox and Orioles. He was a great defensive shortstop and his speed was apparent by leading the AL in steals for nine consecutive seasons. Aparicio was voted to ten All-Star teams and won nine gold glove awards as well. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1984.

How to win this card: Leave a comment below with your best guestimate to the following question. How many total hits will there be in all 2012 playoff and world series games? This includes the single game wild card playoffs. Closest number wins, doesn’t matter if it’s above or below the actual final number. Tiebreaker: How many total pitches will be thrown during all 2012 playoff and world series games? If there is still a tie after the tiebreaker, a random winner from the tiebreaker winners will be chosen. An email address has to be entered but it does not get published. You must have your answer turned in by 11:59PM central time Sunday Oct. 7th.

2012 Topps Heritage Luis Aparicio Auto
2012 Topps Heritage Luis Aparicio Auto

Luis Aparicio Topps Checklist

1956 Topps #292 Luis Aparicio (Rookie Card)
1957 Topps #7 Luis Aparicio
1958 Topps #85A Luis Aparicio
1958 Topps #85B Luis Aparicio (Yellow Team Letters)
1958 Topps #483 Luis Aparicio (All-Star)
1959 Topps #310 Luis Aparicio
1959 Topps #408 Keystone Combo Nellie Fox/Luis Aparicio
1959 Topps #560 Luis Aparicio (All-Star)
1960 Topps #240 Luis Aparicio
1960 Topps #389 World Series Game 5/Aparicio Steals Base/w/Maury Wills
1960 Topps #389A World Series Game 5/Aparicio Steals Base/w/Maury Wills
1960 Topps #559 Luis Aparicio (All-Star)
1961 Topps #440 Luis Aparicio
1961 Topps #574 Luis Aparicio (All-Star)
1961 Topps Stamps #120 Luis Aparicio
1962 Topps #325 Luis Aparicio
1962 Topps #469 Luis Aparicio (All-Star)
1962 Topps Stamps #22 Luis Aparicio
1962 Topps Venezuelan #200 Luis Aparicio
1963 Topps #205 Luis Aparicio
1963 Topps Peel-Offs #2 Luis Aparicio
1964 Topps #540 Luis Aparicio
1964 Topps Coins #31 Luis Aparicio
1964 Topps Coins #127 Luis Aparicio (All-Star)
1964 Topps Giants #39 Luis Aparicio
1964 Topps Rookie All-Star Banquet #3 Aparicio/Bowens/Tresh/Gonzalez/Bruce/Bonds
1965 Topps #410 Luis Aparicio
1965 Topps Transfers Inserts #3 Luis Aparicio
1966 Topps #90 Luis Aparicio DP
1966 Topps Advertising Panels #2 Jim Lonborg/Howie Koplitz/Luis Aparicio
1966 Topps Venezuelan #90 Luis Aparicio
1967 Topps #60 Luis Aparicio
1967 Topps Punch-Outs #7 Luis Aparicio
1967 Topps Venezuelan #47 Luis Aparicio
1967 Topps Venezuelan #49 Luis Aparicio
1967 Topps Venezuelan #189 Luis Aparicio
1968 Topps #310 Luis Aparicio
1968 Topps Venezuelan #310 Luis Aparicio
1969 Topps #75 Luis Aparicio
1969 Topps Decals #5 Luis Aparicio
1969 Topps Deckle Edge #6 Luis Aparicio
1969 Topps Stamps #152 Luis Aparicio
1969 Topps Super #10 Luis Aparicio
1969 Topps Team Posters #11 Chicago White Sox
1970 Topps #315 Luis Aparicio
1970 Topps Candy Lid #3 Luis Aparicio
1970 Topps Scratchoffs #3 Luis Aparicio
1970 Topps Super #3 Luis Aparicio SP
1971 Topps #740 Luis Aparicio (Uncorrected Error)
1971 Topps Coins #16 Luis Aparicio
1971 Topps Greatest Moments #51 Luis Aparicio
1971 Topps Scratchoffs #3 Luis Aparicio
1971 Topps Super #23 Luis Aparicio
1971 Topps Tattoos #44 Luis Aparicio
1972 Topps #313 Luis Aparicio
1972 Topps #314 Luis Aparicio (In Action)
1972 Topps Cloth Test #2 Luis Aparicio (In Action)
1973 Topps #165 Luis Aparicio
1974 Topps #61 Luis Aparicio
1974 Topps Stamps #131 Luis Aparicio

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A Quick Look At the 2012 Topps Triple Threads Checklist

The 2012 Topps Triple Threads set has a release date of Wednesday Sept. 19, 2012. Triple Threads are one of Topps high end sets with hobby cases retailing for almost $4,000! But you get what you pay for, and Triple Threads packs are loaded with hits. In fact, every pack contains two hits–a numbered auto relic and a numbered relic card.

New inserts for the 2012 set include Triple Threads Flashback Relics which show players current photo alongside their rookie photo plus three relics and Unity Relics where collectors can put together their own triple auto relic cards and triple relic cards. Hank Aaron and Sandy Koufax make their appearance in 2012 as well!

2012 Topps Triple Threads Base Set Checklist

— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 75
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 50
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 25
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 10
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— Wood Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— “White Whale” Printing Plates — All 1 of 1’s! Four per subject!

Albert Pujols
Miguel Cabrera
Adrian Gonzalez
Troy Tulowitzki
Matt Kemp
Justin Upton
Justin Verlander
Jose Bautista
Robinson Cano
Roy Halladay
Joey Votto
Jacoby Ellsbury
Prince Fielder
Evan Longoria
Cliff Lee
Hanley Ramirez
Clayton Kershaw
Carlos Gonzalez
Dustin Pedroia
Tim Lincecum
Felix Hernandez
David Wright
Andrew McCutchen
Jose Reyes
Mark Teixeira
Josh Hamilton
Jered Weaver
Ian Kinsler
CC Sabathia
Giancarlo Stanton
Cole Hamels
Curtis Granderson
David Price
Jay Bruce
Ryan Zimmerman
Jon Lester
Hunter Pence
Ryan Braun
Matt Holliday
Craig Kimbrel
Dan Uggla
Adrian Beltre
Alex Rodriguez
Nelson Cruz
Chase Utley
Kevin Youkilis
Brandon Phillips
Adam Jones
Brian McCann
Mariano Rivera
David Ortiz
Pablo Sandoval
Joe Mauer
Buster Posey
Ryan Howard
Stephen Strasburg
Derek Jeter
Alex Gordon
David Freese
Willie McCovey
Lou Gehrig
Bob Gibson
Sandy Koufax
Roger Maris
Mickey Mantle
Reggie Jackson
Roberto Clemente
Joe DiMaggio
Johnny Bench
Tony Gwynn
Willie Mays
Stan Musial
Cal Ripken Jr.
Brooks Robinson
Jackie Robinson
Nolan Ryan
Babe Ruth
Tom Seaver
Ty Cobb
Ken Griffey Jr.
Rickey Henderson
Frank Robinson
Carl Yastrzemski
Mike Schmidt
Bob Feller
George Brett
Don Mattingly
Eddie Mathews
Andre Dawson
Duke Snider
Carlton Fisk
Juan Marichal
Paul Molitor
Wade Boggs
Ryne Sandberg
Dave Winfield
Yogi Berra
Gary Carter
Ozzie Smith

Autograph Relics

2012 Topps Triple Threads Rookie Stars & Future Phenoms Checklist (#/99)
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 75
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 50
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 25
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 10
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— Wood Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— “White Whale” Printing Plates — All 1 of 1’s! Four per subject!

Dee Gordon
Devin Mesoraco
Yu Darvish
Ivan Nova
Matt Moore
Brett Lawrie
Jesus Montero
Mark Trumbo
Mike Trout
Michael Pineda
Dustin Ackley
Eric Hosmer
Mike Moustakas
Starlin Castro
Paul Goldschmidt

2012 Topps Triple Threads Triple Threads Auto Relics Checklist
— Each card features anywhere from one to five die cuts and is numbered out of 18.
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— Wood Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— “White Whale” Printing Plates — All 1 of 1’s! Four per subject!

Willie Mays
Sandy Koufax
Hank Aaron
Cal Ripken Jr
Ken Griffey Jr.
Albert Pujols
Frank Thomas
Ryan Braun
Prince Fielder
Cecil Fielder
Justin Verlander
Don Mattingly
Clayton Kershaw
Matt Kemp
Ryne Sandberg
Mike Schmidt
Orlando Cepeda
Dustin Pedroia
Robinson Cano
Miguel Cabrera
Fergie Jenkins
Evan Longoria
Joe Mauer

2012 Topps Triple Threads Triple Threads Auto Relic Combos Checklist
–Each card features three players, three auto’s and three relics and is numbered out of 36.
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 27
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 18
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— Wood Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— “White Whale” Printing Plates — All 1 of 1’s! Four per card!

1–Justin Verlander
2–Miguel Cabrera
3–Prince Fielder
1–Cecil Fielder
2–Don Mattingly
3–Will Clark
1–Clayton Kershaw
2–Matt Kemp
3–Andre Ethier

2012 Topps Triple Threads Threads Auto Relic Double Combos Checklist
–Book cards with six players, six auto’s and six relics…a deliciously evil combination! Numbered out of 3. Ruby parallels are one of one.

1–Ken Griffey Jr
2–Reggie Jackson
3–Stan Musial
4–Frank Robinson
5–Hank Aaron
6–Tony Gwynn
1–Albert Pujols
2–Eric Hosmer
3–Adrian Gonzalez
4–Prince Fielder
5–Freddie Freeman
6–Joey Votto

2012 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Autograph Relics Checklist
–Book cards featuring one player, an auto and three relics with one of the relics a jumbo. Numbered out of three and ruby parallels are one of one.

Albert Pujols
Alex Rodriguez
Chipper Jones
Albert Belle
Tony Gwynn
Adrian Gonzalez

2012 Topps Triple Threads Letter Plus Autograph Relics Checklist
–Book cards featuring one player, an auto and three relics with one of the relics a letter relic. Numbered out of three and ruby parallels are one of one.

Ryan Braun
Buster Posey
Evan Longoria
Justin Upton
Rickey Henderson
Yu Darvish

2012 Topps Triple Threads Unity Autograph Relics Checklist
Gary Carter
Dustin Pedroia
Dwight Gooden

2012 Topps Triple Threads Cut Above Cut Signatures Checklist
–One of one cards featuring a baseball legend with a cut signature and three relics.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Cut Above Cut Signatures Checklist
–One of one book cards featuring a baseball legend with a cut signature and six relics.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Triple Threads Relics Checklist
–Relic cards are numbered out of 36.
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 27
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 18
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1
— Wood Parallel — #’d 1 of 1

Ty Cobb
Joe Morgan
Rickey Henderson
Eddie Murray
Dave Winfield
Cal Ripken Jr.
Carl Yastrzemski
Roberto Clemente
Harmon Killebrew
Brooks Robinson
Willie Mays
Tony Gwynn
Sandy Koufax
Wade Boggs
Lou Brock
Steve Carlton
Mickey Mantle
Willie McCovey
Stan Musial
Mike Schmidt
Ryne Sandberg
Jim Rice
Tom Seaver
George Brett
Jackie Robinson
Joe DiMaggio
Ralph Kiner
Ty Cobb
Bobby Doerr
Johnny Bench
Robin Yount
Ozzie Smith
Mariano Rivera
Adrian Beltre
Adrian Gonzalez
Albert Pujols
Alex Gordon
Andrew McCutchen
Buster Posey
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Santana
Clayton Kershaw
Cliff Lee
Cole Hamels
Curtis Granderson
Dan Haren
David Ortiz
David Price
Dee Gordon
Derek Jeter
Dustin Pedroia
Eric Hosmer
Evan Longoria
Felix Hernandez
Hanley Ramirez
Ian Kennedy
Ian Kinsler
Jacoby Ellsbury
Jason Heyward
Jimmy Rollins
Joe Reyes
Joey Votto
Josh Hamilton
Justin Upton
Kevin Youkilis
Madison Bumgarner
Matt Kemp
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Napoli
Mike Trout
Nelson Cruz
Paul Konerko
Roy Halladay
Ryan Braun
Ryan Howard
Starlin Castro
Stephen Strasburg
Tim Lincecum
Troy Tulowitzki
Yovani Gallardo
Yu Darvish
Zack Greinke

2012 Topps Triple Threads Relics Legends
–Legends of the game with 3 relics. #’d to 36.
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 27
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 18
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1

2012 Topps Triple Threads Flashback Relics
–Double–fronted cards with two players, three relics visible from both sides of the card! Numbered out of 36.
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 27
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 18
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1

2012 Topps Triple Threads Relic Combos
–Three players, three relics and numbered out of 36.
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 27
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 18
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1

2012 Topps Triple Threads Relic Double Combos
–Books cards featuring six players, six relics and numbered out of 18.
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads All–Star Patches
These cards feature patches from the 2011 All–Star game work out jerseys and are numbered out of nine. Platinum parallels are one of one.
— Platinum Parallel — #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads All–Star Jumbo Sleeve Patches
–One of one book cards featuring jumbo patches from the 2011 MLB All–Star Game work out jerseys.

2012 Topps Triple Threads All–Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches
–One of one book cards featuring jumbo patches from the 2011 MLB All–Star Game work out jerseys.

2012 Topps Triple Threads All–Star MLB SILHOUETTED BATTER Logo Patch
–One of one cards featuring the MLB Silhouetted Batter logo patch from the 2011 MLB All–Star Game work out jerseys.

2012 Topps Triple Threads All–Star Laundry Tag
–One of one book cards featuring the laundry tag from the 2011 MLB All–Star Game work out jerseys.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Bat Name Plates
–15 BOOK cards featuring a player’s bat name plate. #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Letter Plus Relics
–16 BOOK cards featuring a player with 3 relics, 1 of which is a Letter Patch relic. #’d to 3.
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Plus Relics
–16 BOOK cards featuring a player with 3 relics, 1 of which is a Jumbo relic. #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1

2012 Topps Triple Threads Bat Knobs
–10 BOOK cards featuring a player’s bat knob. #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combos
–10 BOOK cards featuring 3 players and a Jumbo Patch from each player. #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Letter/Number/Logo
–10 BOOK cards featuring 3 Patches from a player, including a jersey letter and a hat logo. #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Singular Swatches
–10 cards featuring unique relic pieces like you’ve never seen before! #’d 1 of 1.


2012 Topps Triple Threads Unity Single Relics
Over 250 cards featuring MLB Award–winners, such as League MVPs, Rookies of the Year, and Postseason MVPs, with a relic piece. #’d to 36.
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 27
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 18
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 9
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 3
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Unity Autograph Relics
Over 100 cards featuring MLB Award–winners, such as League MVPs, Rookies of the Year, and Postseason MVPs, with an autograph and a relic piece. #’d to 99.
— Sepia Parallel — #’d to 75
— Emerald Parallel — #’d to 50
— Gold Parallel — #’d to 25
— Sapphire Parallel — #’d to 10
— Ruby Parallel — #’d 1 of 1.

Retro Time: 1953 Topps Checklist

The 1953 Topps set is a favorite with collectors. The great artistry and vibrant colors make it one of the most beautiful baseball card sets every produced. Card numbers 253, 261, 267, 268, 271 and 275 were never issued by Topps so the set actually consists of 274 cards.

1953 Topps Checklist

1 Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers)
2 Luke Easter (Cleveland Indians)
3 George Crowe (Milwaukee Braves)
4 Ben Wade (Brooklyn Dodgers)
5 Joe Dobson (Chicago White Sox)
6 Sam Jones (Cleveland Indians)
7 Bob Borkowski (Cincinnati Reds)
8 Clem Koshorek (Pittsburgh Pirates)
9 Joe Collins (New York Yankees)
10 Smoky Burgess (Philadelphia Phillies)

1953 Topps Jackie Robinson
1953 Topps Jackie Robinson

11 Sal Yvars (New York Giants)
12 Howie Judson (Cincinnati Reds)
13 Connie Marrero (Washington Senators)
14 Clem Labine (Brooklyn Dodgers)
15 Bobo Newsom (Philadelphia Athletics)
16 Harry Lowrey (St. Louis Cardinals)
17 Billy Hitchcock (Philadelphia Athletics)
18 Ted Lepcio (Boston Red Sox)
19 Mel Parnell (Boston Red Sox)
20 Hank Thompson (New York Giants)
21 Billy Johnson (St. Louis Cardinals)
22 Howie Fox (Philadelphia Phillies)
23 Toby Atwell (Chicago Cubs)
24 Ferris Fain (Philadelphia Athletics)
25 Ray Boone (Cleveland Indians)
26 Dale Mitchell (Cleveland Indians)
27 Roy Campanella (Brooklyn Dodgers)
28 Eddie Pellagrini (Cincinnati Reds)
29 Hal Jeffcoat (Chicago Cubs)
30 Willard Nixon (Boston Red Sox)
31 Ewell Blackwell (New York Yankees)
32 Clyde Vollmer (Boston Red Sox)
33 Bob Kennedy (Cleveland Indians)
34 George Shuba (Brooklyn Dodgers)
35 Irv Noren (New York Yankees)
36 Johnny Groth (St. Louis Browns)
37 Ed Mathews (Milwaukee Braves)
38 Jim Hearn (New York Giants)
39 Eddie Miksis (Chicago Cubs)
40 John Lipon (Boston Red Sox)
1953 Topps Satchell Paige
1953 Topps Satchell Paige

41 Enos Slaughter (St. Louis Cardinals)
42 Gus Zernial (Philadelphia Athletics)
43 Gil McDougald (New York Yankees)
44 Ellis Kinder (Boston Red Sox)
45 Grady Hatton (Cincinnati Reds)
46 Johnny Klippstein (Chicago Cubs)
47 Bubba Church (Cincinnati Reds)
48 Bob Del Greco (Pittsburgh Pirates)
49 Faye Throneberry (Boston Red Sox)
50 Chuck Dressen (Brooklyn Dodgers)
51 Frank Campos (Washington Senators)
52 Ted Gray (Detroit Tigers)
53 Sherman Lollar (Chicago White Sox)
54 Bob Feller (Cleveland Indians)
55 Maurice McDermott (Boston Red Sox)
56 Gerald Staley (St. Louis Cardinals)
57 Carl Scheib (Philadelphia Athletics)
58 George Metkovich (Pittsburgh Pirates)
59 Karl Drews (Philadelphia Phillies)
60 Cloyd Boyer (St. Louis Cardinals)
61 Early Wynn (Cleveland Indians)
62 Monte Irvin (New York Giants)
63 Gus Niarhos (Boston Red Sox)
64 Dave Philley (Philadelphia Athletics)
65 Earl Harrist (St. Louis Browns)
66 Orestes Minoso (Chicago White Sox)
67 Roy Sievers (St. Louis Browns)
68 Del Rice (St. Louis Cardinals)
69 Dick Brodowski (Boston Red Sox)
70 Ed Yuhas (St. Louis Cardinals)
1953 Topps Willie Mays Back
1953 Topps Willie Mays Back

71 Tony Bartirome (Pittsburgh Pirates)
72 Fred Hutchinson (Detroit Tigers)
73 Eddie Robinson (Chicago White Sox)
74 Joe Rossi (Pittsburgh Pirates)
75 Mike Garcia (Cleveland Indians)
76 Pee Wee Reese (Brooklyn Dodgers)
77 John Mize (New York Yankees)
78 Al Schoendienst (St. Louis Cardinals)
79 Johnny Wyrostek (Philadelphia Phillies)
80 Jim Hegan (Cleveland Indians)
81 Joe Black (Brooklyn Dodgers)
82 Mickey Mantle (New York Yankees)
83 Howie Pollet (Pittsburgh Pirates)
84 Bob Hooper (Cleveland Indians)
85 Bobby Morgan (Brooklyn Dodgers)
86 Billy Martin (New York Yankees)
87 Ed Lopat (New York Yankees)
88 Willie Jones (Philadelphia Phillies)
89 Chuck Stobbs (Washington Senators)
90 Hank Edwards (St. Louis Browns)
91 Ebba St. Claire (Milwaukee Braves)
92 Paul Minner (Chicago Cubs)
93 Hal Rice (St. Louis Cardinals)
94 William Kennedy (Boston Red Sox)
95 Willard Marshall (Cincinnati Reds)
96 Virgil Trucks (St. Louis Browns)
97 Don Kolloway (Philadelphia Athletics)
98 Cal Abrams (Pittsburgh Pirates)
99 Dave Madison (Detroit Tigers)
100 Bill Miller (New York Yankees)
101 Ted Wilks (Cleveland Indians)
102 Connie Ryan (Philadelphia Phillies)
103 Joe Astroth (Philadelphia Athletics)
104 Yogi Berra (New York Yankees)
105 Joe Nuxhall (Cincinnati Reds)
106 Johnny Antonelli (Milwaukee Braves)
107 Danny O’Connell (Pittsburgh Pirates)
108 Bob Porterfield (Washington Senators)
109 Alvin Dark (New York Giants)
110 Herman Wehmeier (Cincinnati Reds)
111 Hank Sauer (Chicago Cubs)
112 Ned Garver (Detroit Tigers)
113 Jerry Priddy (Detroit Tigers)
114 Phil Rizzuto (New York Yankees)
115 George Spencer (New York Giants)
116 Frank Smith (Cincinnati Reds)
117 Sid Gordon (Milwaukee Braves)
118 Gus Bell (Cincinnati Reds)
119 John Sain (New York Yankees)
120 Davey Williams (New York Giants)
121 Walt Dropo (Detroit Tigers)
122 Elmer Valo (Philadelphia Athletics)
123 Tommy Byrne (Chicago White Sox)
124 Sibby Sisti (Milwaukee Braves)
125 Dick Williams (Brooklyn Dodgers)
126 Bill Connelly (New York Giants)
127 Clint Courtney (St. Louis Browns)
128 Wilmer Mizell (St. Louis Cardinals)
129 Keith Thomas (Philadelphia Athletics)
130 Turk Lown (Chicago Cubs)
131 Harry Byrd (Philadelphia Athletics)
132 Tom Morgan (New York Yankees)
133 Gil Coan (Washington Senators)
134 Rube Walker (Brooklyn Dodgers)
135 Al Rosen (Cleveland Indians)
136 Ken Heintzelman (Philadelphia Phillies)
137 John Rutherford (Brooklyn Dodgers)
138 George Kell (Boston Red Sox)
139 Sammy White (Boston Red Sox)
140 Tommy Glaviano (Philadelphia Phillies)
141 Allie Reynolds (New York Yankees)
142 Vic Wertz (St. Louis Browns)
143 Billy Pierce (Chicago White Sox)
144 Bob Schultz (Chicago Cubs)
145 Harry Dorish (Chicago White Sox)
146 Granville Hamner (Philadelphia Phillies)
147 Warren Spahn (Milwaukee Braves)
148 Mickey Grasso (Washington Senators)
149 Don DiMaggio (Boston Red Sox)
150 Harry Simpson (Cleveland Indians)
151 Hoyt Wilhelm (New York Giants)
152 Bob Adams (Cincinnati Reds)
153 Andy Seminick (Cincinnati Reds)
154 Dick Groat (Pittsburgh Pirates)
155 Dutch Leonard (Chicago Cubs)
156 Jim Rivera (Chicago White Sox)
157 Bob Addis (Chicago Cubs)
158 John Logan (Milwaukee Braves)
159 Wayne Terwilliger (Washington Senators)
160 Bob Young (St. Louis Browns)
161 Vern Bickford (Milwaukee Braves)
162 Ted Kluszewski (Cincinnati Reds)
163 Fred Hatfield (Detroit Tigers)
164 Frank Shea (Washington Senators)
165 Billy Hoeft (Detroit Tigers)
166 Bill Hunter (St. Louis Browns)
167 Art Schult (New York Yankees)
168 Willard Schmidt (St. Louis Cardinals)
169 Dizzy Trout (Boston Red Sox)
170 Bill Werle (Boston Red Sox)
171 Bill Glynn (Cleveland Indians)
172 Rip Repulski (St. Louis Cardinals)
173 Preston Ward (Chicago Cubs)
174 Billy Loes (Brooklyn Dodgers)
175 Ron Kline (Pittsburgh Pirates)
176 Don Hoak (Brooklyn Dodgers)
177 Jim Dyck (St. Louis Browns)
178 Jim Waugh (Pittsburgh Pirates)
179 Gene Hermanski (Chicago Cubs)
180 Virgil Stallcup (St. Louis Cardinals)
181 Al Zarilla (Boston Red Sox)
182 Bob Hofman (New York Giants)
183 Stu Miller (St. Louis Cardinals)
184 Hal Brown (Boston Red Sox)
185 Jim Pendleton (Milwaukee Braves)
186 Charlie Bishop (Philadelphia Athletics)
187 Jim Fridley (Cleveland Indians)
188 Andy Carey (New York Yankees)
189 Ray Jablonski (St. Louis Cardinals)
190 Dixie Walker (St. Louis Cardinals)
191 Ralph Kiner (Pittsburgh Pirates)
192 Wally Westlake (Cleveland Indians)
193 Mike Clark (St. Louis Cardinals)
194 Eddie Kazak (Detroit Tigers)
195 Ed McGhee (Philadelphia Athletics)
196 Bob Keegan (Chicago White Sox)
197 Del Crandall (Milwaukee Braves)
198 Forrest Main (Pittsburgh Pirates)
199 Marion Fricano (Philadelphia Athletics)
200 Gordon Goldsberry (St. Louis Browns)
201 Paul LaPalme (Pittsburgh Pirates)
202 Carl Sawatski (Chicago Cubs)
203 Cliff Fannin (St. Louis Browns)
204 Dick Bokelmann (St. Louis Cardinals)
205 Vern Benson (St. Louis Cardinals)
206 Ed Bailey (Cincinnati Reds)
207 Whitey Ford (New York Yankees)
208 Jim Wilson (Milwaukee Braves)
209 Jim Greengrass (Cincinnati Reds)
210 Bob Cerv (New York Yankees)
211 J. W. Porter (Detroit Tigers)
212 Jack Dittmer (Milwaukee Braves)
213 Ray Scarborough (New York Yankees)
214 Bill Bruton (Milwaukee Braves)
215 Gene Conley (Milwaukee Braves)
216 Jim Hughes (Brooklyn Dodgers)
217 Murray Wall (Milwaukee Braves)
218 Les Fusselman (St. Louis Cardinals)
219 Pete Runnels photo actually Don Johnson (Washington Senators)
220 Satchell Paige (St. Louis Browns)
221 Bob Milliken (Brooklyn Dodgers)
222 Vic Janowicz (Pittsburgh Pirates)
223 John O’Brien (Pittsburgh Pirates)
224 Lou Sleater (Washington Senators)
225 Bobby Shantz (Philadelphia Athletics)
226 Ed Erautt (Cincinnati Reds)
227 Morris Martin (Philadelphia Athletics)
228 Hal Newhouser (Detroit Tigers)
229 Rocky Krsnich (Chicago White Sox)
230 Johnny Lindell (Pittsburgh Pirates)
231 Solly Hemus (St. Louis Cardinals)
232 Dick Kokos (St. Louis Browns)
233 Al Aber (Cleveland Indians)
234 Ray Murray (Philadelphia Athletics)
235 John Hetki (Pittsburgh Pirates)
236 Harry Perkowski (Cincinnati Reds)
237 Clarence Podbielan (Cincinnati Reds)
238 Cal Hogue (Pittsburgh Pirates)
239 Jim Delsing (Detroit Tigers)
240 Freddie Marsh (Chicago White Sox)
241 Al Sima (Washington Senators)
242 Charlie Silvera (New York Yankees)
243 Carlos Bernier (Pittsburgh Pirates)
244 Willie Mays (New York Giants)
245 Bill Norman (St. Louis Browns)
246 Roy Face (Pittsburgh Pirates)
247 Mike Sandlock (Pittsburgh Pirates)
248 Gene Stephens (Boston Red Sox)
249 Ed O’Brien (Pittsburgh Pirates)
250 Bob Wilson (Chicago White Sox)
251 Sid Hudson (Boston Red Sox)
252 Henry Foiles (Cincinnati Reds)
253 Card Was Not Issued
254 Preacher Roe (Brooklyn Dodgers)
255 Dixie Howell (Brooklyn Dodgers)
256 Les Peden (Washington Senators)
257 Bob Boyd (Chicago White Sox)
258 Jim Gilliam (Brooklyn Dodgers)
259 Roy McMillan (Cincinnati Reds)
260 Sam Calderon (New York Giants)
261 Card Was Not Issued
262 Bob Oldis (Washington Senators)
263 John Podres (Brooklyn Dodgers)
264 Gene Woodling (New York Yankees)
265 Jackie Jensen (Washington Senators)
266 Bob Cain (St. Louis Browns)
267 Card Was Not Issued
268 Card Was Not Issued
269 Duane Pillette (St. Louis Browns)
270 Vern Stephens (Chicago White Sox)
271 Card Was Not Issued
272 Bill Antonello (Brooklyn Dodgers)
273 Harvey Haddix (St. Louis Cardinals)
274 John Riddle (St. Louis Cardinals)
275 Card Was Not Issued
276 Ken Raffensberger (Cincinnati Reds)
277 Don Lund (Detroit Tigers)
278 Willie Miranda (St. Louis Browns)
279 Joe Coleman (Philadelphia Athletics)
280 Milt Bolling (Boston Red Sox)

2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Unusual Artifacts Checklist

Topps has announced the 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter Unusual Artifacts from the Past checklist. These are redemption cards in the form of hobby box cabinet box loaders.

2012 Allen And Ginter Unusual Artifacts
2012 Allen And Ginter Unusual Artifacts

Unusual Artifacts from the Past Checklist

N43AB-1 – Carcharodon Megalodon Tooth (10-million-years old)
N43AB-2 – Bronze Coin (Roman Empire)
N43AB-3 – Cleoniceras Species Fossil (120-million-years old)
N43AB-4 – Native American Stone Point (500- to 9,000-years old)
N43AB-5 – Neolithic Stone Point (3,000- to 8,000-years old)

So what do these mean in English?

Carcharodon Megalodon Tooth = Ancient great white shark tooth.
Bronze Coin = Old Roman Coin.
Cleoniceras Species Fossil = An ancient snail like creature from Madagascar.
Native American Stone Point = Old arrowhead.
Neolithic Stone Point = Really old arrowhead.

A Very Early Look at the 2013 Topps Checklist

It’s never too early to start talking about Topps flagship set. We received a very, very early preliminary checklist for the set. In fact, it doesn’t even have any numbers and only 100 of the 330 base cards are on there. But perhaps this will wet the appetite for some of those Topps collectors out there!

2013 Topps Series 1 Base Set Checklist

2013 Topps Base Card Bryce Harper
2013 Topps Base Card Bryce Harper
Jose Altuve
John Axford
Trevor Bauer
Josh Beckett
Adrian Beltre
Chad Billingsley
Ryan Braun
Starlin Castro
Shin-Soo Choo
Tyler Clippard
Ryan Cook
Johnny Cueto
Yu Darvish
Ian Desmond
R.A. Dickey
Jacoby Ellsbury
Edwin Encarnacion
Andre Ethier
Neftali Feliz
Prince Fielder
Freddie Freeman
Rafael Furcal
Yovani Gallardo
Jaime Garcia
Adrian Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez
Alex Gordon
Curtis Granderson
Dan Haren
Bryce Harper
Jeremy Hellickson
Felix Hernandez
Jason Heyward
Matt Holliday
Eric Hosmer
Ryan Howard
Tim Hudson
Edwin Jackson
Desmond Jennings
Jim Johnson
Josh Johnson
Adam Jones
Matt Kemp
Ian Kennedy
Clayton Kershaw
Craig Kimbrel
Paul Konerko
Hiroki Kuroda
Mat Latos
Brett Lawrie
Cliff Lee
Tim Lincecum
Evan Longoria
Justin Masterson
Brian McCann
Andrew McCutchen
Will Middlebrooks
Yadier Molina
Kendrys Morales
Mike Moustakas
Joe Nathan
Ivan Nova
Dustin Pedroia
Hunter Pence
Buster Posey
Colby Rasmus
Josh Reddick
Jose Reyes
Mark Reynolds
Anthony Rizzo
Alex Rodriguez
Jimmy Rollins
CC Sabathia
Chris Sale
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Jeff Samardzija
Carlos Santana
James Shields
Rafael Soriano
Giancarlo Stanton
Mark Teixeira
Mike Trout
Dan Uggla
Justin Upton
Chase Utley
Justin Verlander
Edinson Volquez
Joey Votto
Adam Wainwright
Jered Weaver
Rickie Weeks
Jayson Werth
Brian Wilson
Kevin Youkilis
Delmon Young
Michael Young
Ryan Zimmerman
Barry Zito
Ben Zobrist

2013 Topps Chasing History Checklist

Lance Berkman
Mark Buehrle
Roberto Clemente
Adam Dunn
Ken Griffey Jr.
Tony Gwynn
Roy Halladay
Rickey Henderson
Reggie Jackson
Derek Jeter
Ian Kinsler
Paul Konerko
Evan Longoria
Don Mattingly
Willie Mays
Hanley Ramirez
Cal Ripken Jr.
Mariano Rivera
Alex Rodriguez
Babe Ruth
Nolan Ryan
CC Sabathia
Johan Santana
Mike Schmidt
Frank Thomas
Brian Wilson
David Wright

2013 Topps Cut To The Chase Insert Checklist

Roberto Clemente
Nelson Cruz
Yu Darvish
Carlos Gonzalez
Derek Jeter
Adam Jones
Willie Mays
Andrew McCutchen
Dustin Pedroia
David Price
Babe Ruth
Mike Schmidt

2013 Topps Chasing The Dream Insert Checklist

Yonder Alonso
Jose Altuve
Trevor Bauer
Yu Darvish
Bryce Harper
Drew Hutchison
Casey Kelly
Brett Lawrie
Devin Mesoraco
Will Middlebrooks
Tom Milone
Jesus Montero
Matt Moore
Mike Moustakas
Jonathon Niese
Jarrod Parker
Drew Pomeranz
Josh Reddick
Addison Reed
Anthony Rizzo

2013 Topps Johnny Bench The Greats Insert
2013 Topps Johnny Bench The Greats Insert
Chris Sale
Drew Smyly
Giancarlo Stanton
Mike Trout
Jacob Turner

2013 Topps The Greats Insert Checklist

Johnny Bench
Roberto Clemente
Ken Griffey Jr.
Rickey Henderson
Derek Jeter
Willie Mays
Alex Rodriguez
Babe Ruth
Mike Schmidt

2013 Topps Albert Pujols Calling Card Insert
2013 Topps Albert Pujols Calling Card Insert

2013 Topps Calling Cards Insert Checklist

David Ortiz
Albert Pujols
CC Sabathia
Pablo Sandoval
Mark Teixeira

2013 Topps 1972 Topps Mini Checklist

Ryan Braun
Starlin Castro
Roberto Clemente
Johnny Cueto
Yu Darvish
R.A. Dickey
Prince Fielder
Carlos Gonzalez

2013 Topps Buster Posey 1972 Topps Mini Insert
2013 Topps Buster Posey 1972 Topps Mini Insert
Bryce Harper
Felix Hernandez
Matt Holliday
Adam Jones
Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Evan Longoria
Willie Mays
Andrew McCutchen
Dustin Pedroia
Buster Posey
Josh Reddick
Anthony Rizzo
Alex Rodriguez
CC Sabathia
Chris Sale
Giancarlo Stanton
Mark Teixeira
Mike Trout
Joey Votto
Jered Weaver

2013 Topps MVP Relic Checklist

2013 Topps Babe Ruth MVP Relic
2013 Topps Babe Ruth MVP Relic
Ryan Braun
Mike Schmidt
Albert Pujols
Roberto Clemente
Johnny Bench
Ken Griffey Jr.
Joey Votto
Willie Mays
Ryan Howard
Dustin Pedroia
Justin Verlander
Reggie Jackson
Alex Rodriguez
Frank Thomas

2013 Topps Cy Young Award Winner Relic Checklist

2013 Topps John Smoltz Cy Young Award Winners Relic
2013 Topps John Smoltz Cy Young Award Winners Relic
Bartolo Colon
Zack Greinke
Roy Halladay
Felix Hernandez
Clayton Kershaw
Cliff Lee
Tim Lincecum
Jim Palmer
Jake Peavy
CC Sabathia
Johan Santana
John Smoltz
Justin Verlander
Barry Zito

2013 Topps Proven Mettle Copper Coins Checklist

Miguel Cabrera
Robinson Cano
Roberto Clemente
Ken Griffey Jr.
Rickey Henderson
Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Cliff Lee
Evan Longoria
Willie Mays
Albert Pujols
Babe Ruth
Justin Verlander
Joey Votto

2013 Topps Autograph Checklist

Trevor Bauer
Jose Bautista
Brandon Beachy
Billy Butler
Gary Carter
Starlin Castro
Felix Doubront
Gio Gonzalez
Ken Griffey Jr.
Joel Hanrahan
Rickey Henderson
Reggie Jackson
Jason Kipnis
Brett Lawrie
Evan Longoria
Don Mattingly
Willie Mays
Will Middlebrooks
Tom Milone
Matt Moore
Mike Moustakas
Stan Musial
David Ortiz
Jarrod Parker
Buster Posey
David Price
Cal Ripken Jr.
Anthony Rizzo
Nolan Ryan
Mike Schmidt
Giancarlo Stanton
Frank Thomas
Mark Trumbo
Jordan Zimmermann

2013 Topps Relic Checklist

Jose Bautista
Carlos Beltran
Adrian Beltre
Ryan Braun
Jay Bruce
Madison Bumgarner
Billy Butler
Asdrubal Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera
Matt Cain
Starlin Castro
Yoenis Cespedes
Aroldis Chapman
Johnny Cueto
Yu Darvish
R.A. Dickey
Andre Ethier
Prince Fielder
David Freese
Yovani Gallardo
Adrian Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez
Gio Gonzalez
Curtis Granderson
Ken Griffey Jr.
Cole Hamels
Josh Hamilton
Bryce Harper
Jason Heyward
Derek Holland
Matt Holliday
Austin Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Derek Jeter
Adam Jones
Matt Kemp
Ian Kennedy
Clayton Kershaw
Ian Kinsler
Paul Konerko
Cliff Lee
Tim Lincecum
Evan Longoria
Joe Mauer
Andrew McCutchen
Will Middlebrooks
Tom Milone
Jesus Montero
Matt Moore
Mike Moustakas
Stan Musial
Mike Napoli
David Ortiz
Jake Peavy
Dustin Pedroia
Buster Posey
David Price
Josh Reddick
Jose Reyes
Cal Ripken Jr.
Anthony Rizzo
Fernando Rodney
Carlos Ruiz
Nolan Ryan
CC Sabathia
Chris Sale
Carlos Santana
Johan Santana
Mike Schmidt
Giancarlo Stanton
Stephen Strasburg
Mark Teixeira
Frank Thomas
Mike Trout
Mark Trumbo
Troy Tulowitzki
Dan Uggla
Justin Verlander
Joey Votto
Jered Weaver
C.J. Wilson
David Wright
Jordan Zimmermann

2012 Topps Chrome Checklist

The annual chrome set is always one of the more popular sets with collectors, and 2012 looks to be another banner year. At around $800-$900 per hobby case, it’s also one of the more affordable products for baseball card enthusiasts. The official release date is set for August 22nd, however retail appeared around August 17th. The base set will consist of 220 cards and there will be numerous parallel sets. Autographs are set to appear at a rate of two per hobby box.

2012 Topps Chrome Base Set Checklist

1 Tim Lincecum
2 Craig Kimbrel
3 Shane Victorino
4 David Ortiz
5 Ryan Lavarnway (Rookie Card)
6 Jon Lester
7 Michael Pineda
8 C.J. Wilson
9 Brian McCann
10 Justin Upton
11 Ian Kennedy
12 Jayson Heyward
13 Ian Kinsler
14 CC Sabathia
15 Jimmy Rollins
16 Jose Valverde
17 Chris Carpenter
18 Cameron Maybin
19 Freddie Freeman
20 Adrian Gonzalez
21 Dustin Pedroia
22 Shin-Soo Choo
23 Clay Buchholz
24 Buster Posey
25 Chase Utley
26 Prince Fielder
27 Mark Reynolds
28 Roy Halladay
29 Carl Crawford
30 Josh Hamilton
31 Ben Zobrist
32 Giancarlo Stanton
33 Tommy Hanson
34 Aroldis Chapman
35 Paul Goldscmidt
36 Cole Hamels
37 Jeremy Hellickson
38 Andrew McCutchen
39 Jacob Turner
40 Joey Votto
41 David Wright
42 Zack Cozart
43 Desmond Jennings
44 David Price
45 Alex Gordon
46 Dan Uggla
47 Billy Butler
48 Matt Cain
49 Alex Rodriguez
50 Joe Mauer
51 Torii Hunter
52 Jered Weaver
53 Gio Gonzalez
54 Ike Davis
55 Paul Konerko
56 Mike Napoli
57 Nelson Cruz
58 Shaun Marcum
59 James Shields
60 Curtis Granderson
61 Eric Hosmer
62 Michael Morse
63 Josh Johnson
64 Vernon Wells
65 Ubaldo Jiminez
66 Mat Latos
67 Daniel Hudson
68 Michael Young
69 Lance Berkman
70 Stephen Strasburg
71 Ryan Howard
72 Anibal Sanchez
73 James Shields
74 Hanley Ramirez
75 Jose Reyes
76 Zack Greinke
77 Tim Hudson
78 Jayson Werth
79 Brandon Phillips
80 Albert Pujols
81 Kyle Blanks
82 Hunter Pence
83 Mark Trumbo
84 Derek Jeter
85 Carlos Gonzalez
86 Ricky Romero
87 Jacoby Ellsbury
88 Jason Motte
89 Mike Moustakas
90 Evan Longoria
91 Allen Craig
92 Derek Holland
93 Justin Verlander
94 Justin Morneau
95 Matt Garza
96 Chipper Jones
97 Yadier Molina
98 Brian Wilson
99 Jemile Weeks
100 Ichiro
101 Yonder Alonso
102 Madison Bumgarner
103 Cliff Lee
104 David Freese
105 Adam Lind
106 Adam Jones
107 Dustin Ackley
108 Nick Swisher
109 Kevin Youkilis
110 Troy Tulowitzki
111 Miguel Montero
112 Clayton Kershaw
113 Michael Bourn
114 Carlos Santana
115 Josh Beckett
116 Felix Hernandez
117 Ryan Braun
118 Ryan Zimmerman
119 Jamie Garcia
120 Matt Kemp
121 Nyjer Morgan
122 Brandon Beachy
123 Brandon Belt
124 Salvador Perez
125 Matt Holliday
126 Dan Haren
127 Starlin Castro
128 Asdrubal Cabrera
129 Ivan Nova
130 Miguel Cabrera
131 Alex Avila
132 Adrian Beltre
133 David Price
134 Melky Cabrera
135 Drew Stubbs
136 Dee Gordon
137 B.J. Upton
138 Ryan Vogelsong
139 Pablo Sandoval
140 Jose Bautista
141 Jay Bruce
142 Yovani Gallardo
143 Robinson Cano
144 Mike Trout
145 Chris B. Young
146 Aramis Ramirez
147 Rickie Weeks
148 Johnny Cueto
149 Elvis Andrus
150 Mariano Rivera
151 Yu Darvish (Rookie Card)
152 Alex Liddi (Rookie Card)
153 Adron Chambers (Rookie Card)
154 Liam Hendriks (Rookie Card)
155 Drew Pomeranz (Rookie Card)
156 Austin Romine (Rookie Card)
157 Tim Federowicz (Rookie Card)
158 Joe Benson (Rookie Card)
159 Matt Dominguez (Rookie Card)
160 Matt Moore (Rookie Card)
161 Jordan Pacheco (Rookie Card)
162 Chris Parmelee (Rookie Card)
163 Brad Peachock (Rookie Card)
164 Brett Pill (Rookie Card)
165 Wilin Rosario (Rookie Card)
166 Addison Reed (Rookie Card)
167 Dellin Betances (Rookie Card)
168 Kelvin Herrera (Rookie Card)
169 Tom Milone (Rookie Card)
170 Jesus Montero (Rookie Card)
171 Michael Taylor (Rookie Card)
172 Devin Mesoraco (Rookie Card)
173 Brett Lawrie (Rookie Card)
174 James Darnell (Rookie Card)
175 Leonys Martin (Rookie Card)
176 Jeff Locke (Rookie Card)
177 Jarrod Parker (Rookie Card)
178 Collin Cowgill
179 Taylor Green (Rookie Card)
180 Yoenis Cespedes (Rookie Card)
181 Eric Surkamp (Rookie Card)
182 Andrelton Simmons (Rookie Card)
183 Tyler Pastornicky (Rookie Card)
184 Norichika Aoki (Rookie Card)
185 Tsuyoshi Wada (Rookie Card)
186 Hisashi Iwakuma (Rookie Card)
187 Adrian Cardenas (Rookie Card)
188 Wei-Yin Chen (Rookie Card)
189 Xavier Avery (Rookie Card)
190 Matt Hague (Rookie Card)
191 Drew Smyly (Rookie Card)
192 Kirk Nieuwenhuis (Rookie Card)
193 Drew Hutchinson (Rookie Card)
194 Wily Peralta (Rookie Card)
195 Jordany Valespin (Rookie Card)
196 Bryce Harper (Rookie Card)
197 Will Middlebrooks (Rookie Card)
198 Brian Dozier (Rookie Card)
199 Matt Adams (Rookie Card)
200 Jeremy Hellickson
201 Howie Kendrick
202 Chris Davis
203 Alcides Escobar
204 A.J. Pierzynski
205 Edwin Encarnacion
206 Adam Dunn
207 Mike Aviles
208 Jason Kipnis
209 Andre Ethier
210 Carlos Beltran
211 Adam LaRoche
212 Carlos Ruiz
213 Jake Peavy
214 Chris Sale
215 RA Dickey
216 Mark Buehrle
217 Derek Lowe
218 Jason Vargas
219 Kyle Seager
220 Omar Infante

2012 Topps Chrome Dynamic Die Cut Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps chrome die cut,3,,auto pack relic panini heritage lot set golden,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
DD-AC Aroldis Chapman
DD-AG Adrian Gonzalez
DD-AJ Adam Jones
DD-AL Adam Lind
DD-AM Andrew McCutchen
DD-AP Albert Pujols
DD-BG Brett Gardner
DD-BL Brett Lawrie
DD-BP Buster Posey
DD-CG Curtis Granderson
DD-CK Clayton Kershaw
DD-CL Cliff Lee
DD-CS CC Sabathia
DD-DA Dustin Ackley
DD-DJ Derek Jeter
DD-DO David Ortiz
DD-DPA Dustin Pedroia
DD-EA Elvis Andrus
DD-EH Eric Hosmer
DD-FH Felix Hernandez
DD-GS Giancarlo Stanton
DD-I Ichiro
DD-IK Ian Kinsler
DD-IN Ivan Nova
DD-JB Jose Bautista
DD-JB Jay Bruce
DD-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
DD-JH Josh Hamilton
DD-JM Jesus Montero
DD-JR Jose Reyes
DD-JU Justin Upton
DD-JV Joey Votto
DD-JV Justin Verlander
DD-MK Matt Kemp
DD-MM Matt Moore
DD-MP Michael Morse
DD-MP Michael Pineda
DD-MT Mike Trout
DD-NC Nelson Cruz
DD-PF Prince Fielder
DD-PG Paul Goldschmidt
DD-PS Pablo Sandoval
DD-RB Ryan Braun
DD-RC Robinson Cano
DD-RH Roy Halladay
DD-SC Starlin Castro
DD-SS Stephen Strasburg
DD-TL Tim Lincecum
DD-TT Troy Tulowitzki
DD-YD Yu Darvish

2012 Topps Chrome Dynamic Die Cut Auto Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps chrome die cut auto,3,,pack relic panini heritage lot set,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
DDA-AC Aroldis Chapman
DDA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
DDA-AJ Adam Jones
DDA-AP Albert Pujols
DDA-BG Brettt Gardner
DDA-BL Brett Lawrie
DDA-DA Dustin Ackley
DDA-EA Elvis Andrus
DDA-EH Eric Hosmer
DDA-FH Felix Hernandez
DDA-IN Ivan Nova
DDA-JB Jose Bautista
DDA-JBR Jay Bruce
DDA-JV Justin Verlander
DDA-MK Matt Kemp
DDA-MM Michael Morse
DDA-MT Mike Trout
DDA-NC Nelson Cruz
DDA-PF Prince Fielder
DDA-RC Robinson Cano
DDA-YD Yu Darvish

2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Auto Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps chrome rookie auto,3,,cut pack relic,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
5 Ryan Lavarnway
39 Jacob Turner
42 Zack Cozart
101 Yonder Alonso
151 Yu Darvish
154 Liam Hendriks
155 Drew Pomeranz
156 Austin Romine
159 Matt Dominguez
160 Matt Moore
161 Jordan Pacheco
162 Chris Parmelee
163 Brad Peacock
166 Addison Reed
167 Dellin Betances
169 Tom Milone
170 Jesus Montero
172 Devin Mesoraco
173 Brett Lawrie
177 Jarrod Parker
178 Collin Cowgill
180 Yoenis Cespedes
181 Eric Surkamp
183 Tyler Pastornicky
184 Norichika Aoki
185 Tsuyoshi Wada
186 Hisahi Iwakuma
190 Matt Hague
191 Drew Smyly
192 Kirk Nieuwenhuis
193 Drew Hutchinson

BH Bryce Harper
TB Trevor Bauer
WP Wily Peralta

2012 Topps Chrome Auto Relic Checklist

7 Michael Pineda
20 Adrian Gonzalez
24 Buster Posey
35 Paul Goldschmidt
36 Cole Hamels
57 Nelson Cruz
61 Eric Hosmer
62 Mike Morse
65 Ubaldo Jiminez
83 Mark Trumbo
106 Adam Jones
140 Jose Bautista
144 Mike Trout
151 Yu Darvish
155 Drew Pomeranz
160 Matt Moore
170 Jesus Montero
172 Devn Mesoraco
173 Brett Lawrie
177 Jarrod Parker

2012 Topps Chrome Dual Auto Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps chrome dual auto,3,,cut pack relic,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
DA-DC Yu Darvish/Yoenis Cespedes
DA-DH Yu Darvish/Bryce Harper
DA-GH Paul Goldschmidt/Daniel Hudson
DA-HZ Bryce Harper/Ryan Zimmerman
DA-KE Matt Kemp/Andre Eithier
DA-KK Matt Kemp/Clayton Kershaw
DA-KV Clayton Kershaw/Justin Verlander
DA-MM Matt Moore/Jesus Montero
DA-TT Mike Trout/Mark Trumbo
DA-UH Dan Uggla/Jason Heyward

2012 Topps Chrome Autographed Chrome Buybacks Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps chrome buyback auto,3,,cut pack relic,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
Adrian Gonzalez
Brian McCann
Felix Hernandez
Joe Mauer
Jose Bautista
Ken Griffey Jr.
Miguel Cabrera
Prince Fielder
Robinson Cano

2012 Topps Chrome Chrome Encounters Autograph Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps chrome encounters auto,3,,cut pack relic,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
CE-AG Adrian Gonzalez
CE-AJ Adam Jones
CE-BP Buster Posey
CE-CG Carlos Gonzalez
CE-CJ Chipper Jones
CE-CK Clayton Kershaw
CE-DP Dustin Pedroia
CE-DU Dan Uggla
CE-EH Eric Hosmer
CE-EL Evan Longoria
CE-HR Hanley Ramirez
CE-JH Jason Heyward
CE-JH Jason Heyward
CE-JM Joe Mauer
CE-JV Justin Verlander
CE-JW Jered Weaver
CE-MC Miguel Cabrera
CE-MT Mike Trout
CE-RB Ryan Braun
CE-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
CE-SC Starlin Castro

2012 Topps Chrome Cut From The Same Cloth Autograph Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps chrome cloth,3,,pack relic,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
CC-BL Jose Bautista/Brett Lawrie
CC-CF Miguel Cabrera/Prince Fielder
CC-CH Nelson Cruz/Josh Hamilton
CC-FP Freddie Freeman/Tyler Pastornicky
CC-GH Giancarlo Stanton/Hanley Ramirez
CC-GO Adrian Gonzalez/David Ortiz
CC-GP Yovani Gallardo/Wily Peralta
CC-GU Paul Goldschmidt/Justin Upton
CC-GZ Gio Gonzalez/Jordan Zimmerman
CC-HD Josh Hamilton/Yu Darvish
CC-HM Eric Hosmer/Mike Moustakas
CC-KH Ian Kennedy/Daniel Hudson
CC-MA Jesus Montero/Dustin Ackley
CC-MH Matt Moore/Jeremy Hellickson
CC-MM Devin Mesoraco/Jesus Montero
CC-MP Joe Mauer/Buster Posey
CC-PP Jarrod Parker/Brad Peacock
CC-PT Albert Pujols/Mike Trout
CC-RD Robinson Cano/Dusin Pedrouia
CC-SM Giancarlo Stanton/Logan Morrision

2012 Allen and Ginter Checklist

2012 Allen & Ginter came out with a bang again last month. As usual, the set is a hit with collectors with several cards already selling for $1,000+ including a Charles Dickens DNA relic card for $1,825, a Mike Trout red auto #/10 for $1,325, a Griffey Jr. red auto #/10 for $1,300 and more.

Allen & Ginter is full of unique oddities again…something fans of the product have become accustomed to. A few of the insert sets include World’s Tallest Buildings, Man’s Best Friend, World’s Greatest Military Leaders, Giants of the Deep, Musical Masters and more. Here is the checklist:

2012 Allen & Ginter Base Set/Mini/Black Border Mini Checklist

1 Albert Pujols
2 Juan Pierre
3 Miguel Cabrera
4 Peter Bourjos
5 David Price
6 Johnny Bench
7 Mickey Mantle
8 Mitch Moreland
9 Yonder Alonso
10 Dustin Pedroia
11 Eric Hosmer
12 Jesus Guzman
13 Drew Stubbs
14 Nick Markakis
15 Joel Hanrahan
16 Hank Conger
17 Lonnie Chisenhall
18 Kevin Youkilis
19 Bob Knight
20 Miguel Montero
21 Matt Moore
22 Jair Jurrjens
23 Yogi Berra
24 Paul Goldschmidt
25 Shin-Soo Choo
26 Hunter Pence
27 Ricky Nolasco
28 Dustin Ackley
29 Hanley Ramirez
30 Carlos Zambrano
31 Jackie Robinson
32 Ben Zobrist
33 Chipper Jones
34 Alex Gordon
35 David Ortiz
36 Kirk Herbstreit
37 James McDonald
38 Pablo Sandoval
39 Brad Peacock
40 Jimmy Rollins
41 Clayton Kershaw
42 Justin Upton
43 Josh Johnson
44 Brandon League
45 Ewa Mataya
46 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
47 Buster Posey
48 Jordan Walden
49 Jeremy Hellickson
50 Clay Buchholz
51 Don Dekinger
52 Cameron Maybin
53 Jeremy Moore
54 Al Kaline
55 Colin Montgomerie
56 Jordan Pacheco
57 Michael Pineda
58 Ryan Braun
59 Johnny Damon
60 Reggie Jackson
61 Roy Oswalt
62 Michael Cuddyer
63 Zach Britton
64 Mat Latos
65 Alex Rios
66 Yadler Molina
67 Desmond Jennings
68 Rickie Weeks
69 Kurt Suzuki
70 Aroldis Chapman
71 Curtis Granderson
72 Joakim Soria
73 Jordan Zimmermann
74 Johnny Cueto
75 Erin Andrews
76 Michael Bourn
77 Chris Young
78 Joe Mauer
79 Steve Delabar
80 Brooks Robinson
81 Jerry Bailey
82 Mike Stanton
83 Matt Joyce
84 Andre Ethier
85 Curly Neal
86 Nyjer Morgan
87 Rookie Card
88 Stan Musial
89 Edwin Jackson
90 Roy Halladay
91 Grady Sizemore
92 Craig Kimbrel
93 Jose Bautista
94 Geovany Soto
95 Felix Hernandez
96 Gavin Floyd
97 Max Scherzer
98 Nelson Cruz
99 Sandy Koufax
100 Troy Tulowitzki
101 James Loney
102 Huston Street
103 Alexi Ogando
104 Ian Desmond
105 Arnold Palmer
106 Bud Norris
107 C.J. Wilson
108 J.P. Arencibia
109 Tim Lincecum
110 Heath Bell
111 Wandy Rodriguez
112 Chris Carpenter
113 Meadowlark Lemon
114 Johan Santana
115 Carlos Santana
116 Brandon Beachy
117 Nick Swisher
118 Carl Yastrzemski
119 Asdrubal Cabrera
120 Mariano Rivera
121 David Wright
122 Brett Lawrie
123 Adam Lind
124 Jered Weaver
125 Ben Revere
126 Justin Masterson
127 Erick Aybar
128 Andrew McCutchen
129 Michael Phelps
130 Madison Bumgarner
131 Jim Palmer
132 Daniel Hudson
133 Carlos Beltran
134 David Fareese
135 Michael Morse
136 Jacoby Ellsbury
137 George Brett
138 Josh Willingham
139 Tim Hudson
140 Mike Trout
141 Vance Worley
142 Jose Reyes
143 Nick Hagadone
144 Joe Benson
145 Drew Storen
146 Josh Beckett
147 Tsuyoshi Nishioka
148 Carlos Gonzalez
149 Wilson Ramos
150 Kelvin Herrera
151 Jose Valverde
152 Ryan Vogelsong
153 Robinson Cano
154 Bob Hurley Sr
155 Edinson Volquez
156 Trevor Cahill
157 Roger Federer
158 Melky Cabrera
159 Devin Mesoraco
160 Shane Victorino
161 Freddie Freeman
162 Jeff Francoeur
163 Tom Seaver
164 Ike Davis
165 Alex Avila
166 Ervin Santana
167 J.J. Putz
168 Jason Kipnis
169 Mark Teixeira
170 Don Mattingly
171 Stephen Strasburg
172 Chris Perez
173 Jay Bruce
174 Ubaldo Jimenez
175 Luke Hochevar
176 Babe Ruth
177 Stephen Drew
178 Ted Lilly
179 Cole Hamels
180 Tim Federowicz
181 Joe DiMaggio
182 Colby Rasmus
183 Darwin Barney
184 Ara Parseghian
185 Starlin Castro
186 Jemile Weeks
187 John Axford
188 Tom Milone
189 Lance Berkman
190 Addison Reed
191 Jason Bay
192 Brett Pill
193 Rookie Card
194 J.J. Hardy
195 Jhoulys Chacin
196 Lou Gehrig
197 Ty Cobb
198 Phil Pfister
199 Ricky Romero
200 Matt Kemp
201 Tommy Hanson
202 Jaime Garcia
203 Ian Kinsler
204 Adam Dunn
205 Tony Gwynn
206 Joey Votto
207 Cory Luebke
208 Martin Prado
209 Coco Crisp
210 Willie Mays
211 Keegan Bradley
212 Ken Griffey Jr.
213 Joe Nathan
214 Yunel Escobar
215 Dan Haren
216 Corey Hart
217 Brian Wilson
218 John Danks
219 Ian Kennedy
220 James Brown
221 Carlos Marmol
222 Yovani Gallardo
223 CC Sabathia
224 Adam Jones
225 Roger Maris
226 Jim Thome
227 Michael Young
228 Dexter Fowler
229 Ichiro
230 Evan Longoria
231 Todd Helton
232 Kate Upton
233 Shaun Marcum
234 Carlos Lee
235 Victor Martinez
236 Scott Rolen
237 Rookie Card
238 Austin Jackson
239 Liam Hendriks
240 Stephen Lombardozzi
241 Andrew Bailey
242 Alfonso Soriano
243 Aramis Ramirez
244 Brett Anderson
245 Rookie Card
246 Torii Hunter
247 Hank Aaron
248 Jed Lowrie
249 Phil Hughes
250 Brennan Boesch
251 B.J. Upton
252 Vladimir Guerrero
253 Jorge De La Rosa
254 Rickey Henderson
255 Dayan Viciedo
256 Brandon Morrow
257 Dan Uggla
258 Doug Fister
259 Wade Davis
260 Alex Liddi
261 Michael Taylor
262 Justin Verlander
263 Jason Motte
264 Brian McCann
265 Chris Parmelee
266 Carlos Ruiz
267 Neftali Feliz
268 Angel Pagan
269 Mike Schmidt
270 Anthony Rizzo
271 Mark Reynolds
272 Jose Tabata
273 Gaby Sanchez
274 Derek Jeter
275 Kerry Wood
276 James Shields
277 Jesus Montero
278 Rookie Card
279 Brett Gardner
280 Brandon Belt
281 Matt Cain
282 Carlos Quentin
283 Dale Webster
284 Pedro Alvarez
285 Ryan Zimmerman
286 Neil Walker
287 Hiroki Kuroda
288 Alex Rodriguez
289 Brandon Phillips
290 Derek Holland
291 Chase Utley
292 Greg Gumbel
293 Cliff Lee
294 Elvis Andrus
295 Drew Pomeranz
296 Mark Trumbo
297 Justin Morneau
298 Dee Gordon
299 Jeff Niemann
300 Roberto Clemente
301 Adron Chambers (SP)
302 Jayson Werth (SP)
303 Ivan Nova (SP)
304 Kyle Farnsworth (SP)
305 Wilin Rosario (SP)
306 Ryan Howard (SP)
307 Jhonny Peralta (SP)
308 Paul Konerko (SP)
309 Marty Hogan (SP)
310 Russell Martin (SP)
311 Bob Gibson (SP)
312 Anibal Sanchez (SP)
313 Carlos Pena (SP)
314 Michael Buffer (SP)
315 Dellin Betances (SP)
316 Adrian Gonzalez (SP)
317 Jason Heyward (SP)
318 Mike Moustakas (SP)
319 Adam Wainwright (SP)
320 Jonathan Papelbon (SP)
321 Chad Billingsley (SP)
322 Sergio Santos (SP)
323 Ryan Roberts (SP)
324 Cal Ripken Jr. (SP)
325 Frank Robinson (SP)
326 Logan Morrison (SP)
327 Jon Lester (SP)
328 Josh Hamilton (SP)
329 Billy Butler (SP)
330 Mike Napoli (SP)
331 Carl Crawford (SP)
332 Guy Bluford (SP)
333 Kelly Johnson (SP)
334 Adrian Beltre (SP)
335 Alexei Ramirez (SP)
336 Gio Gonzalez (SP)
337 Matt Holliday (SP)
338 Prince Fielder (SP)
339 Swin Cash (SP)
340 Mike Carp (SP)
341 Colby Lewis (SP)
342 Ryan Dempster (SP)
343 Zack Greinke (SP)
344 Matt Dominguez (SP)
345 Nolan Ryan (SP)
346 Lefty Kreh (SP)
347 Matt Garza (SP)
348 Chase Headley (SP)
349 Danny Espinosa (SP)
350 Howard Kendrick (SP)

2012 Allen & Ginter Rip Exclusive Mini Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter mini exclusive,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
351 Prince Fielder
352 Matt Kemp
353 Ryan Zimmerman
354 Derek Jeter
355 Carlos Gonzalez
356 Mark Teixeira
357 Justin Upton
358 Ian Kinsler
359 Cole Hamels
360 Cliff Lee
361 Jered Weaver
362 Roy Halladay
363 Miguel Cabrera
364 Josh Hamilton
365 Mike Stanton
366 Jacoby Ellsbury
367 Starlin Castro
368 Adrian Gonzalez
369 Evan Longoria
370 Felix Hernandez
371 Ken Griffey Jr.
372 Andrew McCutchen
373 Ryan Howard
374 Tim Lincecum
375 Robinson Cano
376 Justin Verlander
377 Nolan Ryan
378 Sandy Koufax
379 CC Sabathia
380 Dustin Pedroia
381 Willie Mays
382 Hanley Ramirez
383 Ryan Braun
384 Alex Rodriguez
385 Jered Weaver
386 Buster Posey
387 Jose Bautista
388 Stephen Strasburg
389 Ichiro
390 Reggie Jackson
391 Joey Votto
392 Curtis Granderson
393 Eric Hosmer
394 David Wright
395 Jose Reyes
396 Troy Tulowitzki
397 Clayton Kershaw
398 Carlos Gonzalez
399 Albert Pujols
400 Jay Bruce

2012 Allen & Ginter Autograph Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter auto,3,,cut pack relic,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
AGA-AB Andrew Bailey
AGA-AC Allen Craig
AGA-AC Aroldis Chapman
AGA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AGA-AJ Adam Jones
AGA-AK Al Kaline
AGA-AM Andrew McCutchen
AGA-AO Alexi Ogando
AGA-AP Albert Pujols
AGA-AP Arnold Palmer
AGA-APA Ara Parseghian
AGA-AR Anthony Rizzo
AGA-BB Brandon Beachy
AGA-BG Bob Gibson
AGA-BH Bob Hurley Sr
AGA-BK Bob Knight
AGA-BL Brett Lawrie
AGA-BM Brian McCann
AGA-BP Brad Peacock
AGA-BP Buster Posey
AGA-CC Carl Crawford
AGA-CG Carlos Gonzalez
AGA-CG Craig Gentry
AGA-CK Clayton Kershaw
AGA-CM Colin Montgomerie
AGA-CN Curly Neal
AGA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
AGA-CS CC Sabathia
AGA-CY Carl Yastrzemski
AGA-DB Daniel Bard
AGA-DD Don Dekinger
AGA-DF Dexter Fowler
AGA-DG Dee Gordon
AGA-DG Dillon Gee
AGA-DM Don Mattingly
AGA-DP David Price
AGA-DP Dustin Pedroia
AGA-DU Dan Uggla
AGA-DW Dale Webster
AGA-DW David Wright
AGA-EA Elvis Andrus
AGA-EA Erin Andrews
AGA-EB Ernie Banks
AGA-EH Eric Hosmer
AGA-EL Evan Longoria
AGA-EM Ewa Mataya
AGA-FH Felix Hernandez
AGA-FR Frank Robinson
AGA-GB Gordon Beckham
AGA-GB Guy Bluford
AGA-GG Greg Gumbel
AGA-HA Hank Aaron
AGA-JA J.P. Arencibia
AGA-JB Jay Bruce
AGA-JB Jerry Bailey
AGA-JB Joe Benson
AGA-JB Johnny Bench
AGA-JB Jose Bautista
AGA-JBR James Brown
AGA-JC Johnny Cueto
AGA-JH Jeremy Hellickson
AGA-JH Josh Hamilton
AGA-JM Joe Mauer
AGA-JP Jimmy Paredes
AGA-JS Jordan Schafer
AGA-JT Jose Tabata
AGA-JT Julio Teheran
AGA-JW Jered Weaver
AGA-JZ Jordan Zimmermann
AGA-KB Keegan Bradley
AGA-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
AGA-KH Kirk Herbstreit
AGA-KU Kate Upton
AGA-LK Lefty Kreh
AGA-MB Michael Buffer
AGA-MC Miguel Cabrera
AGA-MH Mark Hamburger
AGA-MH Marty Hogan
AGA-MK Matt Kemp
AGA-ML Meadowlark Lemon
AGA-MM Matt Moore
AGA-MM Mike Morse
AGA-MP Michael Phelps
AGA-MP Michael Pineda
AGA-MS Max Scherzer
AGA-MS Mike Schmidt
AGA-MS Mike Stanton
AGA-MT Mark Trumbo
AGA-MT Mike Trout
AGA-NE Nathan Eovaldi
AGA-NR Nolan Ryan
AGA-PF Prince Fielder
AGA-PP Phil Pfister
AGA-RB Ryan Braun
AGA-RC Robinson Cano
AGA-RF Roger Federer
AGA-RH Roy Halladay
AGA-RJ Reggie Jackson
AGA-RS Ryne Sandberg
AGA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
AGA-SC Starlin Castro
AGA-SC Swin Cash
AGA-SK Sandy Koufax
AGA-SM Stan Musial
AGA-TG Tony Gwynn
AGA-TH Torii Hunter
AGA-VW Vance Worley
AGA-VW Vernon Wells
AGA-WM Willie Mays
AGA-YG Yovani Gallardo
AGA-ZB Zach Britton

2012 Allen & Ginter Relic Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter relic,3,,auto autograph pack dna dna/framed/cut,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
AGR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AGR-AP Albert Pujols
AGR-AP Arnold Palmer
AGR-APA Ara Parseghian
AGR-BH Bob Hurley Sr
AGR-BK Bob Knight
AGR-CM Colin Montgomerie
AGR-CN Curly Neal
AGR-DD Don Dekinger
AGR-DJ Derek Jeter
AGR-DP Dustin Pedroia
AGR-DW Dale Webster
AGR-EA Erin Andrews
AGR-EH Eric Hosmer
AGR-EM Ewa Mataya
AGR-GB Guy Bluford
AGR-GG Greg Gumbel
AGR-HA Hank Aaron
AGR-HR Hanley Ramirez
AGR-I Ichiro
AGR-JB Jerry Bailey
AGR-JB Johnny Bench
AGR-JB Jose Bautista
AGR-JBR James Brown
AGR-JD Joe DiMaggio
AGR-JH Josh Hamilton
AGR-JR Jackie Robinson
AGR-KB Keegan Bradley
AGR-KH Kirk Herbstreit
AGR-KJ Ken Griffey Jr.
AGR-KU Kate Upton
AGR-LG Lou Gehrig
AGR-LK Lefty Kreh
AGR-MB Michael Buffer
AGR-MH Marty Hogan
AGR-MK Matt Kemp
AGR-ML Meadowlark Lemon
AGR-MM Mickey Mantle
AGR-MP Michael Phelps
AGR-MP Michael Pineda
AGR-MS Mike Schmidt
AGR-NR Nolan Ryan
AGR-PP Phil Pfister
AGR-RB Ryan Braun
AGR-RC Robert Clemente
AGR-RF Roger Federer
AGR-RJ Reggie Jackson
AGR-RM Roger Maris
AGR-RS Ryne Sandberg
AGR-SC Starlin Castro
AGR-SC Swin Cash
AGR-SK Sandy Koufax
AGR-TC Ty Cobb
AGR-WM Willie Mays

2012 Allen & Ginter Silk Cloth Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter silk,3,,”,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
Adam Jones
Adam Dunn
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Beltre
Al Kaline
Albert Pujols
Alex Gordon
Alex Rodriguez
Andre Ethier
Andrew McCutchen
Aramis Ramirez
Aroldis Chapman
Asdrubal Cabrera
Babe Ruth
Bob Gibson
Brandon Phillips
Brian McCann
Brian Wilson
Brooks Robinson
Buster Posey
C.J. Wilson
Cal Ripken Jr
Cameron Maybin
Carl Crawford
Carl Yastrzemski
Carlos Santana
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Lee
Carlos Quentin
CC Sabathia
Chase Utley
Chipper Jones
Chris Young
Chris Carpenter
Clayton Kershaw
Cliff Lee
Cole Hamels
Curtis Granderson
Dan Haren
Dan Uggla
David Ortiz
David Wright
David Freese
David Price
Derek Jeter
Desmond Jennings
Don Mattingly
Drew Stubbs
Dustin Pedroia
Dustin Ackley
Eric Hosmer
Evan Longoria
Felix Hernandez
Frank Robinson
Freddie Freeman
George Brett
Hank Aaron
Hanley Ramirez
Hunter Pence
Ian Kinsler
Jackie Robinson
Jacoby Ellsbury
Jair Jurrjens
James Loney
James Shields
Jason Heyward
Jay Bruce
Jered Weaver
Jeremy Hellickson
Jesus Montero
Jim Palmer
Jim Thome
Jimmy Rollins
Joe Mauer
Joe DiMaggio
Joey Votto
Johnny Bench
Jon Lester
Jose Valverde
Jose Reyes
Jose Bautista
Josh Beckett
Josh Johnson
Josh Hamilton
Justin Upton
Justin Verlander
Justin Morneau
Ken Griffey Jr
Kerry Wood
Kevin Youkilis
Kurt Suzuki
Lance Berkman
Lou Gehrig
Madison Bumgarner
Mariano Rivera
Mark Teixeira
Mat Latos
Matt Garza
Matt Kemp
Matt Cain
Matt Holliday
Michael Cuddyer
Michael Pineda
Michael Young
Michael Morse
Mickey Mantle
Miguel Cabrera
Mike Trout
Mike Stanton
Mike Schmidt
Mike Napoli
Neftali Feliz
Nelson Cruz
Nick Markakis
Nolan Ryan
Pablo Sandoval
Paul Konerko
Prince Fielder
Reggie Jackson
Rickey Henderson
Rickie Weeks
Roberto Clemente
Robinson Cano
Roger Maris
Roy Halladay
Ryan Braun
Ryan Howard
Ryan Zimmerman
Sandy Koufax
Shane Victorino
Shin-Soo Choo
Stan Musial
Starlin Castro
Stephen Drew
Stephen Strasburg
Tim Hudson
Tim Lincecum
Todd Helton
Tom Seaver
Tommy Hanson
Tony Gwynn
Torii Hunter
Troy Tulowitzki
Ty Cobb
Ubaldo Jimenez
Willie Mays
Yadier Molina
Yogi Berra
Zack Greinke

2012 Allen & Ginter Originals Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter originals,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
AO-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AO-AP Albert Pujols
AO-BR Babe Ruth
AO-BRO Brooks Robinson
AO-CR Cal Ripken
AO-DJ Derek Jeter
AO-DM Don Mattingly
AO-GB George Brett
AO-I Ichiro
AO-JB Johnny Bench
AO-JBA Jose Bautista
AO-JD Joe DiMaggio
AO-JR Jackie Robinson
AO-JV Justin Verlander
AO-KGJ Ken Griffey
AO-MK Matt Kemp
AO-MM Mickey Mantle
AO-MMO Matt Moore
AO-NR Nolan Ryan
AO-OS Ozzie Smith
AO-PF Prince Fielder
AO-RB Ryan Braun
AO-RC Roberto Clemente
AO-RH Rickey Henderson
AO-RM Roger Maris
AO-SM Stan Musial
AO-TC Ty Cobb
AO-TS Tom Seaver
AO-TT Troy Tulowitzki
AO-WM Willie Mays

2012 Allen & Ginter Rip Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter rip,3,,mini,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
RC-1 Buster Posey
RC-2 Brian Wilson
RC-3 Brandon Phillips
RC-4 Brett Lawrie
RC-5 Ian Kinsler
RC-6 Michael Pineda
RC-7 Troy Tulowitzki
RC-8 Mariano Rivera
RC-9 Dustin Pedroia
RC-10 Adrian Gonzalez
RC-11 Babe Ruth
RC-12 Jacoby Ellsbury
RC-13 Johnny Bench
RC-14 Carl Yastrzemski
RC-15 Dan Uggla
RC-16 Miguel Cabrera
RC-17 Cal Ripken Jr.
RC-18 Justin Verlander
RC-19 Curtis Granderson
RC-20 Mark Teixeira
RC-21 Matt Kemp
RC-22 Ryan Zimmerman
RC-23 Carlos Gonzalez
RC-24 Roberto Clemente
RC-25 Ryan Howard
RC-26 Kevin Youkilis
RC-27 Joey Votto
RC-28 Ryan Braun
RC-29 Josh Hamilton
RC-30 Stan Musial
RC-31 Hunter Pence
RC-32 Alex Rodriguez
RC-33 David Ortiz
RC-34 Mike Trout
RC-35 Roy Halladay
RC-36 Josh Johnson
RC-37 Reggie Jackson
RC-38 Carl Crawford
RC-39 Robinson Cano
RC-40 Jose Reyes
RC-41 Starlin Castro
RC-42 Josh Beckett
RC-43 Hanley Ramirez
RC-44 Chase Utley
RC-45 David Fareese
RC-46 Jason Heyward
RC-47 Derek Jeter
RC-48 Tim Lincecum
RC-49 Lou Gehrig
RC-50 Craig Kimbrel
RC-51 Carlos Santana
RC-52 Mickey Mantle
RC-53 Stephen Strasburg
RC-54 Sandy Koufax
RC-55 CC Sabathia
RC-56 Nelson Cruz
RC-57 Frank Robinson
RC-58 Madison Bumgarner
RC-59 Adam Jones
RC-60 Shin-Soo Choo
RC-61 Ichiro
RC-62 Mike Stanton
RC-63 Roger Maris
RC-64 Bob Gibson
RC-65 Jesus Montero
RC-66 Andrew McCutchen
RC-67 Eric Hosmer
RC-68 Ty Cobb
RC-69 Freddie Freeman
RC-70 Pablo Sandoval
RC-71 Willie Mays
RC-72 Jay Bruce
RC-73 Brooks Robinson
RC-74 Joe Mauer
RC-75 Brian McCann
RC-76 Nolan Ryan
RC-77 Jackie Robinson
RC-78 Tommy Hanson
RC-79 Jon Lester
RC-80 Mike Schmidt
RC-81 Clayton Kershaw
RC-82 Albert Pujols
RC-83 Evan Longoria
RC-84 Jered Weaver
RC-85 Cliff Lee
RC-86 Cole Hamels
RC-87 Rickey Henderson
RC-88 Hank Aaron
RC-89 Tom Seaver
RC-90 Felix Hernandez
RC-91 Matt Holliday
RC-92 Jose Bautista
RC-93 Matt Moore
RC-94 Prince Fielder
RC-95 Joe DiMaggio
RC-96 Ken Griffey Jr.
RC-97 Justin Upton
RC-98 David Price
RC-99 David Wright
RC-100 Al Kaline

2012 Allen & Ginter Rip Card Reserves Checklist

RCR-1 Manny Parra
RCR-2 Derrek Lee
RCR-3 Geovany Soto
RCR-4 Kosuke Fukudome
RCR-5 Marlon Byrd
RCR-6 Ryan Theriot
RCR-7 John Grabow
RCR-8 Koyie Hill
RCR-9 Ryan Dempster
RCR-10 Sean Marshall
RCR-11 Evan Longoria
RCR-12 Carlos Pena
RCR-13 Chris Iannetta
RCR-14 Clayton Richard
RCR-15 Kelly Johnson
RCR-16 James McDonald
RCR-17 Vernon Wells
RCR-18 Drew Stubbs
RCR-19 Vernon Wells
RCR-20 Chone Figgins
RCR-21 Tim Hudson
RCR-22 Gordon Beckham
RCR-23 Brian McCann
RCR-24 Ryan Zimmerman
RCR-25 Starlin Castro

2012 Allen & Ginter What’s In A Name Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter name,3,,”auto|autograph”,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
WIN-1 Joe DiMaggio
WIN-2 Carlos Gonzalez
WIN-3 Ryan Howard
WIN-4 Paul Konerko
WIN-5 Troy Tulowitzki
WIN-6 Ryan Braun
WIN-7 Chase Utley
WIN-8 Cliff Lee
WIN-9 Red Schoendienst
WIN-10 Yogi Berra
WIN-11 Torii Hunter
WIN-12 Minnie Minoso
WIN-13 Carl Crawford
WIN-14 Chipper Jones
WIN-15 Michael Pineda
WIN-16 Miguel Cabrera
WIN-17 Dustin Pedroia
WIN-18 Stan Musial
WIN-19 David Wright
WIN-20 Richie Ashburn
WIN-21 Jackie Robinson
WIN-22 Matt Kemp
WIN-23 Mike Stanton
WIN-24 Ian Kinsler
WIN-25 Dan Uggla
WIN-26 Orlando Cepeda
WIN-27 Starlin Castro
WIN-28 Elvis Andrus
WIN-29 Nolan Ryan
WIN-30 Hunter Pence
WIN-31 Andrew McCutchen
WIN-32 Freddie Freeman
WIN-33 Tony Perez
WIN-34 Clayton Kershaw
WIN-35 Brooks Robinson
WIN-36 Jose Bautista
WIN-37 Jason Heyward
WIN-38 Roy Halladay
WIN-39 Monty Irvin
WIN-40 Jemile Weeks
WIN-41 Tim Lincecum
WIN-42 Cal Ripken Jr
WIN-43 Justin Verlander
WIN-44 Jimmy Rollins
WIN-45 Don Mattingly
WIN-46 Catfish Hunter
WIN-47 Jacoby Ellsbury
WIN-48 Tony Gwynn
WIN-49 Duke Snider
WIN-50 Mike Schmidt
WIN-51 Josh Hamilton
WIN-52 Derek Jeter
WIN-53 Justin Morneau
WIN-54 Juan Pierre
WIN-55 Robinson Cano
WIN-56 Aroldis Chapman
WIN-57 Josh Beckett
WIN-58 Rickey Henderson
WIN-59 Buster Posey
WIN-60 Jay Bruce
WIN-61 Jim Thome
WIN-62 Jered Weaver
WIN-63 Rod Carew
WIN-64 David Ortiz
WIN-65 Nick Swisher
WIN-66 Sparky Anderson
WIN-67 Willie Stargell
WIN-68 Prince Fielder
WIN-69 Felix Hernandez
WIN-70 Jon Lester
WIN-71 Joe Mauer
WIN-72 CC Sabathia
WIN-73 Ryan Zimmerman
WIN-74 Tom Seaver
WIN-75 Cole Hamels
WIN-76 B.J. Upton
WIN-77 David Price
WIN-78 Jose Reyes
WIN-79 Mickey Mantle
WIN-80 Matt Holliday
WIN-81 Coco Crisp
WIN-82 Ty Cobb
WIN-83 Mark Teixeira
WIN-84 Albert Pujols
WIN-85 Mike Napoli
WIN-86 Dan Haren
WIN-87 Joey Votto
WIN-88 Alex Gordon
WIN-89 Stephen Strasburg
WIN-90 Evan Longoria
WIN-91 Alex Rodriguez
WIN-92 Paul Goldschmidt
WIN-93 Billy Butler
WIN-94 Reggie Jackson
WIN-95 Ken Griffey Jr
WIN-96 Ozzie Smith
WIN-97 Justin Upton
WIN-98 Whitey Ford
WIN-99 Babe Ruth
WIN-100 Zack Greinke

2012 Allen & Ginter World’s Great Military Leaders Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter military,3,,”auto|autograph”,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
ML-1 Alexander the Great
ML-2 Simon Bolivar
ML-3 Oliver Cromwell
ML-4 Julius Caesar
ML-5 Cyrus the Great
ML-6 Hannibal Barca
ML-7 Napoleon Bonaparte
ML-8 George Washington
ML-9 Ulysses S. Grant
ML-10 Dwight D. Eisenhower
ML-11 Leonidas
ML-12 Charlemagne
ML-13 Saladin
ML-14 Duke of Wellington
ML-15 Horatio Nelson
ML-16 Frederick the Great
ML-17 Duke of Marlborough
ML-18 William Wallace
ML-19 Darius the Great
ML-20 Sun Tzu

2012 Allen & Ginter Man’s Best Friend Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter friend,3,,”auto|autograph”,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
MBF-1 Siberian Husky
MBF-2 Dalmatian
MBF-3 Golden Retriever
MBF-4 German Shepherd
MBF-5 Beagle
MBF-6 Dachshund
MBF-7 Yorkshire Terrier
MBF-8 Labrador Retriever
MBF-9 Boxer
MBF-10 Poodle
MBF-11 Chihuahua
MBF-12 Shih Tzu
MBF-13 Collie
MBF-14 Pug
MBF-15 Cocker Spaniel
MBF-16 Saint Bernard
MBF-17 Bulldog
MBF-18 Boston Terrier
MBF-19 Basset Hound
MBF-20 Shetland Sheepdog

2012 Allen & Ginter Giants of the Deep Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter deep,3,,”auto|autograph”,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
GD-1 Humpback Whale
GD-2 Sperm Whale
GD-3 Blue Whale
GD-4 Narwhal
GD-5 Beluga
GD-6 Bowhead Whale
GD-7 Right Whale
GD-8 Fin Whale
GD-9 Orca
GD-10 Pilot Whale
GD-11 Pygmy Sperm Whale
GD-12 Minke Whale
GD-13 Gray Whale
GD-14 Bottlenose Whale
GD-15 Bryde’s Whale

2012 Allen & Ginter Musical Masters Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter musical,3,,”auto|autograph”,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
MM-1 Johann Sebastian Bach
MM-2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
MM-3 Ludwig van Beethoven
MM-4 Richard Wagner
MM-5 Joseph Haydn
MM-6 Johannes Brahms
MM-7 Franz Schubert
MM-8 Georg Friedrich Handel
MM-9 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
MM-10 Sergei Prokofiev
MM-11 Antonin Dvorak
MM-12 Franz Liszt
MM-13 Frederic Chopin
MM-14 Igor Stravinsky
MM-15 Giuseppe Verdi
MM-16 Gustav Mahler

2012 Allen & Ginter World’s Tallest Buildings Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter tallest,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
WTB1 Burj Khalifa
WTB2 Taipei 101
WTB3 Petronas Towers
WTB4 Willis Tower
WTB5 1 World Trade Center
WTB6 Empire State Building
WTB7 Chrysler Building
WTB8 40 Wall Street
WTB9 Woolworth Building
WTB10 MetLife Building

2012 Allen & Ginter Baseball Highlight Sketches Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter baseball highlight,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
BH-1 Roger Maris
BH-2 Tom Seaver
BH-3 Ichiro Seattle
BH-4 Ryne Sandberg
BH-5 Brooks Robinson
BH-6 Frank Thomas
BH-7 John Smoltz
BH-8 Derek Jeter
BH-9 Ryan Braun
BH-10 Albert Pujols
BH-11 Nolan Ryan
BH-12 Justin Verlander
BH-13 Matt Moore
BH-14 Mickey Mantle
BH-15 Ken Griffey
BH-16 David Freese
BH-17 Cal Ripken
BH-18 Ozzie Smith
BH-19 Carlton Fisk
BH-20 Jose Bautista
BH-21 Willie Mays
BH-22 Joe DiMaggio
BH-23 Jackie Robinson
BH-24 Roberto Clemente

2012 Allen & Ginter People of the Bible Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter bible,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
PB-1 David
PB-2 Moses
PB-3 Abraham
PB-4 Job
PB-5 Jonah
PB-6 Daniel
PB-7 Mary Magdalene
PB-8 Peter
PB-9 Jesus
PB-10 Luke
PB-11 Adam & Eve
PB-12 Isaiah
PB-13 Joseph
PB-14 Mary
PB-15 John the Baptist

2012 Allen & Ginter Guys in Hats Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter hats,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
GH-1 The Bowler
GH-2 The Boater
GH-3 The Fedora
GH-4 The Fez
GH-5 The Pith Helmet
GH-6 The Top Hat
GH-7 The Mortarboard
GH-8 The Flat Cap
GH-9 The Garrison Cap
GH-10 The Bicorne

2012 Allen & Ginter Fashionable Ladies Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter ladies,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
FL-1 The First Lady
FL-2 The Flapper
FL-3 The Queen
FL-4 The Victorian
FL-5 The Bustle
FL-6 The Weekender
FL-7 The Bride
FL-8 The Sportswoman
FL-9 The Ingenue
FL-10 The Icon

2012 Allen & Ginter Culinary Curiosities Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter culinary,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
CC1 Nutria
CC2 Haggis
CC3 Kopi Luwak
CC4 Casu Marzu
CC5 Rocky Mountain Oysters
CC6 Hakarl
CC7 Fugu
CC8 Sannakji
CC9 Balut
CC10 Muktuk

2012 Allen & Ginter Currency of the World Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter currency,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
CW-1 Austria
CW-2 Argentina
CW-3 Belgium
CW-4 Brazil
CW-5 Colombia
CW-6 Ecuador
CW-7 East Caribbean
CW-8 Germany
CW-9 Great Britain
CW-10 Guatemala
CW-12 Falkland Islands
CW-13 France
CW-14 Ireland
CW-15 Israel
CW-16 Isle of Man
CW-17 Italy
CW-18 Jamaica
CW-19 Mexico
CW-20 Nicaragua
CW-21 New Zealand
CW-22 Pakistan
CW-23 Poland
CW-24 Russia
CW-25 Romania
CW-26 Turkey
CW-27 Spain
CW-28 St. Helena
CW-29 Venezuela
CW-30 El Salvador

2012 Allen & Ginter Lepidoptery Cards Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter lepidoptery,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
L-1 Sparkling Cherub
L-2 Pink Glasswing
L-3 Crimson Callicore
L-4 Crenis pechuelli
L-5 Red Glider
L-6 Callithea leprieuri
L-7 Orange Albatross
L-8 Pearl Morpho
L-9 Orea Banner
L-10 Asterope hewitsoni
L-11 Pink Dotted Appollonia
L-12 Peacock
L-13 The 88
L-14 Double Blue
L-15 Buttercup
L-16 White Glider
L-17 African Monarch
L-18 Black Swallowtail
L-19 Purple Spotted Swallowtail
L-20 TBD
L-21 Green Congo Swallowtail

2012 Allen & Ginter Employee Auto Relics Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter employee,3,,,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
EER-AL Anush Laxpati / Team Finance
EER-CL Clay Luraschi / Director of Product Development
EER-CT Coleen Tull / Customer Service Representative
EER-EP Emil Picchi / President of All Sports Marketing
EER-JD John Doldan / Senior Art Director
EER-JP James Perry / Fulfillment Coordinator
EER-JQ Jennifer Quon / Production Assistant
EER-JZ Jeff Zachowski / Assistant Brand Manager
EER-MS Mark Sapir / Vice President of Topps Sports Division
EER-NK Neil Kleid / Digital Designer
EER-RM Ryan Mattos / Editor
EER-SL Shu Lee / Director of Creative & Graphic Services
EER-SS Stephanie Schrauth / Project Manager
EER-TD Tracy Dupre / Senior Layout Originator

2012 Allen & Ginter N43 Box Toppers Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter n43,3,,relic auto autograph,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
N43-1 Albert Pujols
N43-2 Brian Wilson
N43-3 Don Mattingly
N43-4 Eric Hosmer
N43-5 Ernie Banks
N43-6 Evan Longoria
N43-7 Hanley Ramirez
N43-8 Joe Mauer
N43-9 Johnny Bench
N43-10 Josh Hamilton
N43-11 Ken Griffey
N43-12 Matt Moore
N43-13 Miguel Cabrera
N43-14 Mike Schmidt
N43-15 Tony Gwynn

2012 Allen & Ginter Boxtopper Highlights Checklist

BH-1 Derek Jeter / David Price
BH-2 David Freese / Jaime Garcia / Lance Berkman / Matt Holliday
BH-3 Cal Ripken / Lou Gehrig
BH-4 Mariano Rivera / Trevor Plouffe / Michael Cuddyer / Chris Parmelee
BH-5 Jeremy Hellickson / Craig Kimbrel

2012 Allen & Ginter Roller Coaster Cards Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter roller,3,,auto autograph,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
RC-1 Leap-the-Dips
RC-2 Scenic Railway
RC-3 Rutschebanen
RC-4 The Wild One
RC-5 Jack Rabbit

2012 Allen & Ginter N43 Auto Relics Checklist

N43AR-DM Don Mattingly
N43AR-DW David Wright
N43AR-EL Evan Longoria
N43AR-MM Matt Moore
N43AR-TG Tony Gwynn

2012 Allen & Ginter N43 Autos Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter n43 auto,3,,relic,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
N43A-EB Ernie Banks
N43A-EL Evan Longoria
N43A-FR Frank Robinson
N43A-JB Johnny Bench
N43A-JH Josh Hamilton
N43A-JM Joe Mauer
N43A-MC Miguel Cabrera
N43A-MS Mike Schmidt
N43A-RS Ryne Sandberg
N43A-TG Tony Gwynn

2012 Allen & Ginter N43 Relics Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter n43 relic,3,,auto autograph,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
N43R-AP Albert Pujols
N43R-BW Brian Wilson
N43R-DM Don Mattingly
N43R-DW David Wright
N43R-EH Eric Hosmer
N43R-EL Evan Longoria
N43R-HR Hanley Ramirez
N43R-KG Ken Griffey Jr
N43R-MM Matt Moore
N43R-TG Tony Gwynn

2012 Allen & Ginter Cabinet Relics Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter cabinet relic,3,,auto autograph,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
CR-AJ Adam Jones
CR-AP Albert Pujols
CR-CJ Chipper Jones
CR-CL Cliff Lee
CR-CU Chase Utley
CR-JD Johnny Damon
CR-JU Justin Upton
CR-MK Matt Kemp
CR-NF Neftali Feliz
CR-SC Shin-Soo Choo

2012 Allen & Ginter Book Cards Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter book,3,,pack packs,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
BC-BC Ernie Banks / Starlin Castro
BC-BR Johnny Bench / Ivan Rodriguez
BC-CO Carl Crawford / David Ortiz
BC-DR Joe DiMaggio / Babe Ruth
BC-FF Miguel Cabrera / Prince Fielder
BC-GA Dee Gordon / Elvis Andrus
BC-GR Curtis Granderson / Alex Rodriguez
BC-HK Josh Hamilton / Ian Kinsler
BC-HM Jeremy Hellickson / Matt Moore
BC-HS Ryan Howard / Mike Schmidt
BC-JM Reggie Jackson / Roger Maris
BC-KS Matt Kemp / Giancarlo Stanton
BC-LR Evan Longoria / Brooks Robinson
BC-MB Mike Minor / Brandon Beachy
BC-MM Eddie Murray / Don Mattingly
BC-PC Buster Posey / Gary Carter
BC-PP Andy Pettitte / Michael Pineda
BC-PS Michael Pineda / CC Sabathia
BC-RG Nolan Ryan / Bob Gibson
BC-RJG Cal Ripken / Lou Gehrig
BC-RR Jose Reyes / Hanley Ramirez
BC-SR Ozzie Smith / Jimmy Rollins
BC-TH Troy Tulowitzki / Todd Helton
BC-YB Carl Yastrzemski / Wade Boggs

2012 Allen & Ginter Cut Signatures Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter cut,3,,pack packs,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
AGCS-1 Edward Albee
AGCS-3 Ted Koppel
AGCS-4 Hugh Downs
AGCS-5 John Nash
AGCS-6 Desmond Tutu
AGCS-7 Dick Clark
AGCS-8 Carl Muscarello
AGCS-9 Dutch Van Kirk
AGCS-10 Ernest Borgnine
AGCS-11 Martin Sheen
AGCS-12 Monty Hall
AGCS-13 Gloria Gaynor
AGCS-14 Pat Boone
AGCS-15 Dave Brubeck
AGCS-16 Fats Domino
AGCS-17 Charlie Daniels
AGCS-19 Betty White
AGCS-20 Elliot Gould
AGCS-21 Sophia Loren
AGCS-22 Clarence Thomas

2012 Allen & Ginter DNA Relics Checklist
[phpbay]2012 ginter dna,3,,pack packs,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
DNA-AH Alexander Hamilton
DNA-CD Charles Dickens
DNA-DE Dwight D. Eisenhower
DNA-G Geronimo
DNA-JB John Brown
DNA-JFK John F. Kennedy
DNA-JFK2 John F. Kennedy
DNA-KE King Edward VII
DNA-N Napoleon
DNA-RR Ronald Reagan

2012 Topps Olympics Checklist

Normally we try to stick strictly to baseball card checklists here, but I’ve had many requests to post the 2012 Topps Olympic Checklist so we decided to include it. Plus, we are in full Olympic watching mode here right now!

Let the Games begin!!! The world will open its eyes and focus on the city of London tonight as the opening ceremonies will be taking place. The Olympic torch will find a home once it arrives at Olympic Stadium and for the next 17 days athletes from around the world will complete for the coveted gold medals which are awarded for winning first place in an Olympic event. There will be many great memories made during these 2012 Olympic Games and there is no one that captures the true essence of the Olympics quite like the card company Topps. From the people that made baseball cards which I am sure your mom threw away, Topps brings you 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls. These trading cards are a perfect way for a collector to learn about the aspirations and achievements of many of our athletes from the past, present and future. There are 100 base cards in a complete set and these base cards can be found in the following parallels: bronze (one per pack), silver (one per two packs), and gold (one per three packs).

There are some exciting insert cards that can be found inside packs of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls:

Games of the XXX Olympiad represent a United States athlete and the event they participate in at the London 2012 Olympic Games, as well as how that event is played. These insert cards can be found in one of every four packs.

Heritage of the Olympic Games is an insert set that chronicles the past Olympic Games starting with the games of the first Olympiad. These insert cards can be found one in every eight packs.

London 2012 Olympic Games Venues is a neat insert set featuring the different venues of the London Games with a detailed description of each, and the games that will be played there. These insert cards can be found one in every twelve packs.

Opening Ceremony is an awe-inspiring insert set that captures the opening ceremonies of each Olympiad. These cards are inserted one per hobby box.

Inside every box of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls, one can expect to find three hits including at least one United States Olympic Team autograph, relic, and commemorative relic card. This product features autographs of the most celebrated U.S. Olympic Team athletes such as Kerri Strug, Carl Lewis, and Michael Phelps.

There are three different levels of autographed cards that can be found inside boxes of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls. They are: autographed base cards, U.S. Champions Autograph cards, and Olympic Games Cut Signature Cards. There are up to fifty different autographed base cards and can be found in the following parallels: bronze serially numbered to 50, silver serially numbered to 30, gold serially numbered to 10, and gold rainbow serially numbered to 1. The U.S. Champions Autograph cards feature 10 Olympic Gold Medal athletes from previous Summer Olympics which include swimming great Michael Phelps. And lastly the Olympic Games Cut Signature Cards feature up to 50 of the most famous great Olympians of all time. These cut signature cards are each a one of one and include boxing Olympian Joe Frazier.

Relic cards are cards that feature Olympic worn pieces of fabric on them. You will find one of these cards in every box of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls. There are 41 different relic cards that are in this set. There are also different parallels of relic cards which can be found. They are: bronze serially numbered to 75, silver numbered to 50, gold numbered to 25, and gold rainbow numbered to 1. These relic cards include some of the greatest Olympians of all time such as Michael Phelps and Misty May-Treanor.

Also found inside packs of 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls are Commemorative Patch Cards. There are 100 different patch cards showcasing 100 of the greatest Olympians of all time on a card with a patch that is manufactured by Topps exclusively for this insert. Olympic greats in this set include Michael Phelps and plenty others. This is a set that would display well if a collector was brave enough to piece it together. Another insert set that would display nicely are U.S. Flag Team Patch cards. This too is a 100 card set and features manufactured flag team patches on a card. This set showcases the same 100 subjects that are found in the Commemorative Patch card lineup.

There are plenty of other surprises in 2012 U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls including pin cards and other bonuses. This is a value packed product that is now available in hobby stores as well as retail outlets. If you want to feel closer to the Olympics and further capture the spirit of the Games, go out and buy you some of this product. No one brings you closer to the Games than Topps!

2012 Topps Olympics Base Set Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic base,3,,[/phpbay]
1 Shawn Johnson
2 Rau’Shee Warren
3 Juan Agudelo
4 Walter Dix
5 Nick Symmonds
6 Diana Lopez
7 Mary Whipple
8 Timothy Wang
9 Natalie Coughlin
10 Tyson Gay
11 Alicia Sacramone
12 Brenda Villa
13 Kayla Harrison
14 Dana Vollmer
15 Aly Raisman
16 Jessica Parratto
17 Ryan Lochte
18 Tatyana McFadden
19 Bryan Clay
20 Sue Bird
21 David Oliver
22 Lashawn Merritt
23 Katie O’Donnell
24 Todd Rogers
25 Brady Ellison
26 Rebecca Soni
27 Margaux Isaksen
28 Conor Dwyer
29 Ricky Berens
30 Sanya Richards
31 Jason Lezak
32 Mariel Zagunis
33 Henry Cejudo
34 Wallace Spearmon
35 Kim Glass
36 Tucker Dupree
37 Kim Rhode
38 Brittany Viola
39 Britney Reese
40 Misty May-Treanor
41 Dotsie Bausch
42 Funmi Jimoh
43 Nastia Liukin
44 Trey Hardee
45 Phil Dalhausser
46 Candace Parker
47 Chris Colwill
48 Jerome Singleton
49 Troy Dumais
50 Hope Solo
51 David Boudia
52 Tyler Clary
53 Paige Railey
54 Kari LaRaine Miller
55 Terrence Jennings
56 Danell Leyva
57 Susan Francia
58 Anna Tunnicliffe
59 Missy Franklin
60 Maya Moore
61 Kelley O’Hara
62 Carmelita Jeter
63 Mike Morrison
64 Matt Emmons
65 Jessica Long
66 Allyson Felix
67 Arielle Martin Verhaaren
68 Gwen Jorgensen
69 Zach Railey
70 Lolo Jones
71 Taylor Phinney
72 Sarah Groff
73 Kellie Wells
74 Carrie Johnson
75 Ariel Hsing
76 Tony Azavedo
77 Garrett Weber-Gale
78 Jordyn Wieber
79 Donny Robinson
80 Jonathan Horton
81 Hunter Kemper
82 Merrill Moses
83 Carli Lloyd
84 Brendan Hansen
85 Jordan Burroughs
86 Steven Lopez
87 Nathan Adrian
88 Katie Hoff
89 Sarah Robles
90 Alex Morgan
91 Seimone Augustus
92 Jillian Camarena-Williams
93 Abby Wambach
94 Yvette Lewis
95 Erica McLain
96 Evelyn Stevens
97 Brandon Roulhac
98 Paige McPherson
99 Alex Meyer
100 Michael Phelps

2012 Topps Olympics Relic Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic relic,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OR-AF Allyson Felix
OR-AMO Alex Morgan
OR-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
OR-AR Aly Raisman
OR-AS Alicia Sacramone
OR-AW Abby Wambach
OR-BV Brenda Villa
OR-CJ Carmelita Jeter
OR-DB Dotsie Bausch
OR-DL Danell Leyva
OR-DO David Oliver
OR-HS Hope Solo
OR-JH Jonathan Horton
OR-JS Jerome Singleton
OR-JW Jordyn Wieber
OR-KR Kim Rhode
OR-LJ Lolo Jones
OR-LM Lashawn Merritt
OR-MF Missy Franklin
OR-MM Maya Moore
OR-MMT Misty May-Treanor
OR-MP Michael Phelps
OR-MW Mary Whipple
OR-MZ Mariel Zagunis
OR-NA Nathan Adrian
OR-NC Natalie Coughlin
OR-NL Nastia Liukin
OR-PD Phil Dalhausser
OR-RB Ricky Berens
OR-RL Ryan Lochte
OR-RS Rebecca Soni
OR-RW Rau’Shee Warren
OR-SB Sue Bird
OR-SJ Shawn Johnson
OR-SR Sanya Richards-Ross
OR-TA Tony Azavedo
OR-TD Troy Dumais
OR-TG Tyson Gay
OR-TM Tatyana McFadden
OR-TR Todd Rogers
OR-WD Walter Dix

2012 Topps Olympics US Olympic Team Patch Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic team patch,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
ULP-AF Allyson Felix
ULP-AH Ariel Hsing
ULP-AM Alex Meyer
ULP-AMO Alex Morgan
ULP-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
ULP-AR Aly Raisman
ULP-AS Alicia Sacramone
ULP-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
ULP-AW Abby Wambach
ULP-BC Bryan Clay
ULP-BE Brady Ellison
ULP-BH Brendan Hansen
ULP-BR Brandon Roulhac
ULP-BRE Britney Reese
ULP-BV Brenda Villa
ULP-BVI Brittany Viola
ULP-CC Chris Colwill
ULP-CD Conor Dwyer
ULP-CJ Carmelita Jeter
ULP-CJO Carrie Johnson
ULP-CL Carli Lloyd
ULP-CP Candace Parker
ULP-DB Dotsie Bausch
ULP-DBO David Boudia
ULP-DL Danell Leyva
ULP-DLO Diana Lopez
ULP-DO David Oliver
ULP-DR Donny Robinson
ULP-DV Dana Vollmer
ULP-EM Erica McLain
ULP-ES Evelyn Stevens
ULP-FJ Funmi Jimoh
ULP-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
ULP-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
ULP-HC Henry Cejudo
ULP-HK Hunter Kemper
ULP-HS Hope Solo
ULP-JA Juan Agudelo
ULP-JB Jordan Burroughs
ULP-JC Jillian Camarena
ULP-JH Jonathan Horton
ULP-JL Jessica Long
ULP-JLE Jason Lezak
ULP-JP Jessica Parratto
ULP-JS Jerome Singleton
ULP-JW Jordyn Wieber
ULP-KG Kim Glass
ULP-KH Katie Hoff
ULP-KHA Kayla Harrison
ULP-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
ULP-KO Kelley O’Hara
ULP-KOD Katie O’Donnell
ULP-KR Kim Rhode
ULP-KW Kellie Wells
ULP-LJ Lolo Jones
ULP-LM Lashawn Merritt
ULP-ME Matt Emmons
ULP-MEM Merrill Moses
ULP-MF Missy Franklin
ULP-MI Margaux Isaksen
ULP-MM Maya Moore
ULP-MMO Mike Morrison
ULP-MMT Misty May-Treanor
ULP-MP Michael Phelps
ULP-MW Mary Whipple
ULP-MZ Mariel Zagunis
ULP-NA Nathan Adrian
ULP-NC Natalie Coughlin
ULP-NL Nastia Liukin
ULP-NS Nick Symmonds
ULP-PD Phil Dalhausser
ULP-PM Paige McPherson
ULP-PR Paige Railey
ULP-RB Ricky Berens
ULP-RL Ryan Lochte
ULP-RS Rebecca Soni
ULP-RW Rau’Shee Warren
ULP-SA Seimone Augustus
ULP-SB Sue Bird
ULP-SF Susan Francia
ULP-SG Sarah Groff
ULP-SJ Shawn Johnson
ULP-SL Steven Lopez
ULP-SR Sanya Richards
ULP-SRO Sarah Robles
ULP-TA Tony Azavedo
ULP-TC Tyler Clary
ULP-TD Troy Dumais
ULP-TDU Tucker Dupree
ULP-TG Tyson Gay
ULP-TH Trey Hardee
ULP-TJ Terrence Jennings
ULP-TM Tatyana McFadden
ULP-TP Taylor Phinney
ULP-TR Todd Rogers
ULP-TW Timothy Wang
ULP-WD Walter Dix
ULP-WS Wallace Spearmon
ULP-YL Yvette Lewis
ULP-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics US Olympic Flag Team Patch Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic flag patch,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
FLP-AF Allyson Felix
FLP-AH Ariel Hsing
FLP-AM Alex Meyer
FLP-AMO Alex Morgan
FLP-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
FLP-AR Aly Raisman
FLP-AS Alicia Sacramone
FLP-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
FLP-AW Abby Wambach
FLP-BC Bryan Clay
FLP-BE Brady Ellison
FLP-BH Brendan Hansen
FLP-BR Brandon Roulhac
FLP-BRE Britney Reese
FLP-BV Brenda Villa
FLP-BVI Brittany Viola
FLP-CC Chris Colwill
FLP-CD Conor Dwyer
FLP-CJ Carmelita Jeter
FLP-CJO Carrie Johnson
FLP-CL Carli Lloyd
FLP-CP Candace Parker
FLP-DB Dotsie Bausch
FLP-DBO David Boudia
FLP-DL Danell Leyva
FLP-DLO Diana Lopez
FLP-DO David Oliver
FLP-DR Donny Robinson
FLP-DV Dana Vollmer
FLP-EM Erica McLain
FLP-ES Evelyn Stevens
FLP-FJ Funmi Jimoh
FLP-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
FLP-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
FLP-HC Henry Cejudo
FLP-HK Hunter Kemper
FLP-HS Hope Solo
FLP-JA Juan Agudelo
FLP-JB Jordan Burroughs
FLP-JC Jillian Camarena
FLP-JH Jonathan Horton
FLP-JL Jessica Long
FLP-JLE Jason Lezak
FLP-JP Jessica Parratto
FLP-JS Jerome Singleton
FLP-JW Jordyn Wieber
FLP-KG Kim Glass
FLP-KH Katie Hoff
FLP-KHA Kayla Harrison
FLP-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
FLP-KO Kelley O’Hara
FLP-KOD Katie O’Donnell
FLP-KR Kim Rhode
FLP-KW Kellie Wells
FLP-LJ Lolo Jones
FLP-LM Lashawn Merritt
FLP-ME Matt Emmons
FLP-MEM Merrill Moses
FLP-MF Missy Franklin
FLP-MI Margaux Isaksen
FLP-MM Maya Moore
FLP-MMO Mike Morrison
FLP-MMT Misty May-Treanor
FLP-MP Michael Phelps
FLP-MW Mary Whipple
FLP-MZ Mariel Zagunis
FLP-NA Nathan Adrian
FLP-NC Natalie Coughlin
FLP-NL Nastia Liukin
FLP-NS Nick Symmonds
FLP-PD Phil Dalhausser
FLP-PM Paige McPherson
FLP-PR Paige Railey
FLP-RB Ricky Berens
FLP-RL Ryan Lochte
FLP-RS Rebecca Soni
FLP-RW Rau’Shee Warren
FLP-SA Seimone Augustus
FLP-SB Sue Bird
FLP-SF Susan Francia
FLP-SG Sarah Groff
FLP-SJ Shawn Johnson
FLP-SL Steven Lopez
FLP-SR Sanya Richards-Ross
FLP-SRO Sarah Robles
FLP-TA Tony Azavedo
FLP-TC Tyler Clary
FLP-TD Troy Dumais
FLP-TDU Tucker Dupree
FLP-TG Tyson Gay
FLP-TH Trey Hardee
FLP-TJ Terrence Jennings
FLP-TM Tatyana McFadden
FLP-TP Taylor Phinney
FLP-TR Todd Rogers
FLP-TW Timothy Wang
FLP-WD Walter Dix
FLP-WS Wallace Spearmon
FLP-YL Yvette Lewis
FLP-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics Olympic Game Pin Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic pin,3,,usoc pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
ELP-AF Allyson Felix
ELP-AH Ariel Hsing
ELP-AM Alex Meyer
ELP-AMO Alex Morgan
ELP-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
ELP-AR Aly Raisman
ELP-AS Alicia Sacramone
ELP-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
ELP-AW Abby Wambach
ELP-BC Bryan Clay
ELP-BE Brady Ellison
ELP-BH Brendan Hansen
ELP-BR Brandon Roulhac
ELP-BRE Britney Reese
ELP-BV Brenda Villa
ELP-BVI Brittany Viola
ELP-CC Chris Colwill
ELP-CD Conor Dwyer
ELP-CJ Carmelita Jeter
ELP-CJO Carrie Johnson
ELP-CL Carli Lloyd
ELP-CP Candace Parker
ELP-DB Dotsie Bausch
ELP-DBO David Boudia
ELP-DL Danell Leyva
ELP-DLO Diana Lopez
ELP-DO David Oliver
ELP-DR Donny Robinson
ELP-DV Dana Vollmer
ELP-EM Erica McLain
ELP-ES Evelyn Stevens
ELP-FJ Funmi Jimoh
ELP-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
ELP-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
ELP-HC Henry Cejudo
ELP-HK Hunter Kemper
ELP-HS Hope Solo
ELP-JA Juan Agudelo
ELP-JB Jordan Burroughs
ELP-JC Jillian Camarena
ELP-JH Jonathan Horton
ELP-JL Jessica Long
ELP-JLE Jason Lezak
ELP-JP Jessica Parratto
ELP-JS Jerome Singleton
ELP-JW Jordyn Wieber
ELP-KG Kim Glass
ELP-KH Katie Hoff
ELP-KHA Kayla Harrison
ELP-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
ELP-KO Kelley O’Hara
ELP-KOD Katie O’Donnell
ELP-KR Kim Rhode
ELP-KW Kellie Wells
ELP-LJ Lolo Jones
ELP-LM Lashawn Merritt
ELP-ME Matt Emmons
ELP-MEM Merrill Moses
ELP-MF Missy Franklin
ELP-MI Margaux Isaksen
ELP-MM Maya Moore
ELP-MMO Mike Morrison
ELP-MMT Misty May-Treanor
ELP-MP Michael Phelps
ELP-MW Mary Whipple
ELP-MZ Mariel Zagunis
ELP-NA Nathan Adrian
ELP-NC Natalie Coughlin
ELP-NL Nastia Liukin
ELP-NS Nick Symmonds
ELP-PD Phil Dalhausser
ELP-PM Paige McPherson
ELP-PR Paige Railey
ELP-RB Ricky Berens
ELP-RL Ryan Lochte
ELP-RS Rebecca Soni
ELP-RW Rau’Shee Warren
ELP-SA Seimone Augustus
ELP-SB Sue Bird
ELP-SF Susan Francia
ELP-SG Sarah Groff
ELP-SJ Shawn Johnson
ELP-SL Steven Lopez
ELP-SR Sanya Richards-Ross
ELP-SRO Sarah Robles
ELP-TA Tony Azavedo
ELP-TC Tyler Clary
ELP-TD Troy Dumais
ELP-TDU Tucker Dupree
ELP-TG Tyson Gay
ELP-TH Trey Hardee
ELP-TJ Terrence Jennings
ELP-TM Tatyana McFadden
ELP-TP Taylor Phinney
ELP-TR Todd Rogers
ELP-TW Timothy Wang
ELP-WD Walter Dix
ELP-WS Wallace Spearmon
ELP-YL Yvette Lewis
ELP-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics U.S.O.C Olympics Pin Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic usoc,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
PIN-AF Allyson Felix
PIN-AH Ariel Hsing
PIN-AM Alex Meyer
PIN-AMO Alex Morgan
PIN-AMV Arielle Martin Verhaaren
PIN-AR Aly Raisman
PIN-AS Alicia Sacramone
PIN-AT Anna Tunnicliffe
PIN-AW Abby Wambach
PIN-BC Bryan Clay
PIN-BE Brady Ellison
PIN-BH Brendan Hansen
PIN-BR Brandon Roulhac
PIN-BRE Britney Reese
PIN-BV Brenda Villa
PIN-BVI Brittany Viola
PIN-CC Chris Colwill
PIN-CD Conor Dwyer
PIN-CJ Carmelita Jeter
PIN-CJO Carrie Johnson
PIN-CL Carli Lloyd
PIN-CP Candace Parker
PIN-DB Dotsie Bausch
PIN-DBO David Boudia
PIN-DL Danell Leyva
PIN-DLO Diana Lopez
PIN-DO David Oliver
PIN-DR Donny Robinson
PIN-DV Dana Vollmer
PIN-EM Erica McLain
PIN-ES Evelyn Stevens
PIN-FJ Funmi Jimoh
PIN-GJ Gwen Jorgensen
PIN-GWG Garrett Weber-Gale
PIN-HC Henry Cejudo
PIN-HK Hunter Kemper
PIN-HS Hope Solo
PIN-JA Juan Agudelo
PIN-JB Jordan Burroughs
PIN-JC Jillian Camarena
PIN-JH Jonathan Horton
PIN-JL Jessica Long
PIN-JLE Jason Lezak
PIN-JP Jessica Parratto
PIN-JS Jerome Singleton
PIN-JW Jordyn Wieber
PIN-KG Kim Glass
PIN-KH Katie Hoff
PIN-KHA Kayla Harrison
PIN-KLM Kari LaRaine Miller
PIN-KO Kelley O’Hara
PIN-KOD Katie O’Donnell
PIN-KR Kim Rhode
PIN-KW Kellie Wells
PIN-LJ Lolo Jones
PIN-LM Lashawn Merritt
PIN-ME Matt Emmons
PIN-MEM Merrill Moses
PIN-MF Missy Franklin
PIN-MI Margaux Isaksen
PIN-MM Maya Moore
PIN-MMO Mike Morrison
PIN-MMT Misty May-Treanor
PIN-MP Michael Phelps
PIN-MW Mary Whipple
PIN-MZ Mariel Zagunis
PIN-NA Nathan Adrian
PIN-NC Natalie Coughlin
PIN-NL Nastia Liukin
PIN-NS Nick Symmonds
PIN-PD Phil Dalhausser
PIN-PM Paige McPherson
PIN-PR Paige Railey
PIN-RB Ricky Berens
PIN-RL Ryan Lochte
PIN-RS Rebecca Soni
PIN-RW Rau’Shee Warren
PIN-SA Seimone Augustus
PIN-SB Sue Bird
PIN-SF Susan Francia
PIN-SG Sarah Groff
PIN-SJ Shawn Johnson
PIN-SL Steven Lopez
PIN-SR Sanya Richards
PIN-SRO Sarah Robles
PIN-TA Tony Azavedo
PIN-TC Tyler Clary
PIN-TD Troy Dumais
PIN-TDU Tucker Dupree
PIN-TG Tyson Gay
PIN-TH Trey Hardee
PIN-TJ Terrence Jennings
PIN-TM Tatyana McFadden
PIN-TP Taylor Phinney
PIN-TR Todd Rogers
PIN-TW Timothy Wang
PIN-WD Walter Dix
PIN-WS Wallace Spearmon
PIN-YL Yvette Lewis
PIN-ZR Zach Railey

2012 Topps Olympics Olympic Stamp Card Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic stamp,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
CS-1 Canoe Slalom
CS-2 Paralympic Games: Archery
CS-3 Athletics: Track
CS-4 Aquatics
CS-5 Paralympic Games: Boccia
CS-6 Judo
CS-7 Paralympic Games: Equestrian
CS-8 Badminton
CS-9 Weightlifting
CS-10 Basketball
CS-11 Paralympic Games: Rowing
CS-12 Shooting
CS-13 Modern Pentathlon
CS-14 Taekwondo
CS-15 Cycling
CS-16 Paralympic Games: Table Tennis
CS-17 Hockey
CS-18 Football
CS-19 Paralympic Games: Goalball
CS-20 Boxing
CS-21 Paralympic Games: Sailing
CS-22 Athletics: Field
CS-23 Volleyball
CS-24 Wheelchair Rugby
CS-25 Wrestling
CS-26 Wheelchair Tennis
CS-27 Fencing
CS-28 Gymnastics
CS-29 Triathlon
CS-30 Handball

2012 Topps Olympics Opening Ceremony Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic ceremony,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OC-1 Athens 1896 Olympic Games
OC-2 Paris 1900 Olympic Games
OC-3 St. Louis 1904 Olympic Games
OC-4 London 1908 Olympic Games
OC-5 Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games
OC-6 Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games
OC-7 Paris 1924 Olympic Games
OC-8 Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Games
OC-9 Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games
OC-10 Berlin 1936 Olympic Games
OC-11 London 1948 Olympic Games
OC-12 Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games
OC-13 Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games
OC-14 Rome 1960 Olympic Games
OC-15 Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games
OC-16 Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games
OC-17 Munich 1972 Olympic Games
OC-18 Montreal 1976 Olympic Games
OC-19 Moscow 1980 Olympic Games
OC-20 Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games
OC-21 Seoul 1988 Olympic Games
OC-22 Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games
OC-23 Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games
OC-24 Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
OC-25 Athens 2004 Olympic Games
OC-26 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

2012 Topps Olympics Commerative Medals Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic commemorative medal,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OM-G Gold
OM-S Silver
OM-B Bronze

2012 Topps Olympics Games of the XXX Olympiad Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic olympiad,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OLY-1 Brady Ellison
OLY-2 Jerome Singleton
OLY-3 Maya Moore
OLY-4 Misty May-Treanor
OLY-5 Rau’Shee Warren
OLY-6 Carrie Johnson
OLY-7 Taylor Phinney
OLY-8 Brittany Viola
OLY-9 Mariel Zagunis
OLY-10 Hope Solo
OLY-11 Nastia Liukin
OLY-12 Katie O’Donnell
OLY-13 Kayla Harrison
OLY-14 Margaux Isaksen
OLY-15 Mary Whipple
OLY-16 Anna Tunnicliffe
OLY-17 Matt Emmons
OLY-18 Michael Phelps
OLY-19 Timothy Wang
OLY-20 Terrence Jennings
OLY-21 Gwen Jorgensen
OLY-22 Kim Glass
OLY-23 Merrill Moses
OLY-24 Sarah Robles
OLY-25 Henry Cejudo

2012 Topps Olympics London 2012 Olympic Venues Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic venues,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
SOV-1 London Aquatics Centre
SOV-2 Basketball Arena
SOV-3 BMX Track
SOV-4 Eton Manor
SOV-5 Handball Arena – The Copper Box
SOV-6 London 2012 Olympic Stadium
SOV-7 London Velodrome
SOV-8 Water Polo Arena
SOV-9 Earls Court
SOV-10 ExCeL London
SOV-11 Greenwich Park
SOV-12 Hampton Court Palace
SOV-13 Horse Guards Parade
SOV-14 Hyde Park
SOV-15 Lord’s Cricket Ground
SOV-16 North Greenwich Arena
SOV-17 The Mall
SOV-18 The Royal Artillery Barracks
SOV-19 Wembley Arena
SOV-20 Wembley Stadium
SOV-21 All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club – Wimbledon
SOV-22 City of Coventry Stadium
SOV-23 Eton Dorney
SOV-24 Hadleigh Farm
SOV-25 Hampden Park
SOV-26 Lee Valley White Water Centre
SOV-27 Millennium Stadium
SOV-28 Old Trafford
SOV-29 St. James’ Park
SOV-30 Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour

2012 Topps Olympics Heritage of the Olympic Games Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic heritage,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OH-I 1896 Athens, Greece
OH-II 1900 Paris, France
OH-III 1904 St. Louis, United States
OH-IV 1908 London, England
OH-V 1912 Stockholm, Sweden
OH-VII 1920 Antwerp, Belgium
OH-VIII 1924 Paris, France
OH-IX 1928 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
OH-X 1932 Los Angeles, United States
OH-XI 1936 Berlin, Germany
OH-XIV 1948 London, England
OH-XV 1952 Helsinki, Finland
OH-XVI 1956 Melbourne, Australia
OH-XVII 1960 Rome, Italy
OH-XVIII 1964 Tokyo, Japan
OH-XIX 1968 Mexico City, Mexico
OH-XX 1972 Munich, West Germany
OH-XXI 1976 Montreal, Canada
OH-XXII 1980 Moscow, Soviet Union
OH-XXIII 1984 Los Angeles, United States
OH-XXIV 1988 Seoul, South Korea
OH-XXV 1992 Barcelona, Spain
OH-XXVI 1996 Atlanta, United States
OH-XXVII 2000 Sydney, Australia
OH-XXVIII 2004 Athens, Greece
OH-XXIX 2008 Beijing, China
OH-XXX 2012 London, England

2012 Topps Olympics Auto Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic auto,3,,champion pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
1 Shawn Johnson
2 Rau’Shee Warren
3 Juan Agudelo
4 Walter Dix
7 Mary Whipple
9 Natalie Coughlin
10 Tyson Gay
11 Alicia Sacramone
12 Brenda Villa
15 Aly Raisman
17 Ryan Lochte
18 Tatyana McFadden
19 Bryan Clay
20 Sue Bird
21 David Oliver
22 Lashawn Merritt
24 Todd Rogers
25 Brady Ellison
26 Rebecca Soni
28 Conor Dwyer
29 Ricky Berens
30 Sanya Richards-Ross
32 Mariel Zagunis
33 Henry Cejudo
37 Kim Rhode
40 Misty May-Treanor
41 Dotsie Bausch
43 Nastia Liukin
45 Phil Dalhausser
48 Jerome Singleton
49 Troy Dumais
50 Hope Solo
56 Danell Leyva
59 Missy Franklin
60 Maya Moore
62 Carmelita Jeter
63 Mike Morrison
65 Jessica Long
66 Allyson Felix
67 Arielle Martin Verhaaren
70 Lolo Jones
76 Tony Azavedo
78 Jordyn Wieber
80 Jonathan Horton
84 Brendan Hansen
87 Nathan Adrian
90 Alex Morgan
93 Abby Wambach
99 Alex Meyer
100 Michael Phelps

2012 Topps Olympics US Champions Auto Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic champions auto,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OCA-AB Amanda Beard
OCA-BJ Bruce Jenner
OCA-BK Béla Károlyi
OCA-CL Carl Lewis
OCA-JJK Jackie Joyner-Kersee
OCA-JL Jason Lezak
OCA-KK Karch Kiraly
OCA-KS Kerri Strug
OCA-MB Matt Biondi
OCA-MP Michael Phelps
OCA-MS Mark Spitz
OCA-RG Rulon Gardner

2012 Topps Olympics Cut Signatures Checklist
[phpbay]2012 topps olympic cut,3,,pack,,,,,,,,,4[/phpbay]
OCS-AO Al Oerter
OCS-BB Bob Beamon
OCS-BJM Bobby Joe Morrow
OCS-BM Billy Mills
OCS-BMA Bob Mathias
OCS-BR Bob Richards
OCS-DW Doreen Wilber
OCS-EC Edward Crook Jr.
OCS-FP Floyd Patterson
OCS-GD Glenn Davis
OCS-HD Harrison Dillard
OCS-JF Joe Frazier
OCS-KW Karl Warner
OCS-LL Lance Larson
OCS-MC Milt Campbell
OCS-MM Millie McDaniel
OCS-PG Pete George
OCS-PM Pat McCormick
OCS-PO Parry O’Brien
OCS-PR Pete Rademacher
OCS-RB Ralph Boston
OCS-SI Sim Iness
OCS-SL Sammy Lee
OCS-SW Shelby Wilson
OCS-TK Tommy Kono

Mike Trout Rookie Card Checklist

Mike Trout rookie cards are hot, and who can blame collectors. The Angels found great success with Tim Salmon who won the Angles only Rookie of the Year award in 1993 and went on to a very nice career. Now, a new fish has appeared in Anaheim and is the runaway favorite to win the 2012 AL Rookie of the Year award. Mike Trout was already ranked the #1 prospect in baseball in the minor leagues, and he has not slowed down since being called up to the majors.

Trout has only played in 78 games in 2012, a little less than half a season. He already has 16 home runs, 49 RBI and and astounding 75 runs scored. He is batting a blistering .354 and has swiped 31 bases which leads the American League…the next closest is Rajai Davis with 25. If the Angels can talk Tim Salmon out of retirement and can somehow acquire Mike Carp from divisional rival Seattle, they will have a sport fisherman’s dream outfield. Even without fellow Angelfish outfielders though, Trout looks like he will soon become the Angels second Rookie of the Year.

[phpbay]mike trout rookie,15,,[/phpbay]

Mike Trout Rookie Card Checklist

2011 Bowman Chrome #175 Mike Trout (Rookie)
2011 Bowman Draft #101 Mike Trout (Rookie)
2011 Finest #94 Mike Trout (Rookie)
2011 Playoff Contenders #17 Mike Trout (Rookie)
2011 Topps Update #US175 Mike Trout (Rookie)

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