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2012 Topps Museum Collection Checklist

There hasn’t been a release of a brand new Topps product that has been more anticipated than the release of Topps Museum Collection. Why? Well, for one, it is loaded! These are the most strikingly beautiful cards of the year and they are a must for autograph and relic collectors. Every pack will contain a hit and every box contains one on-card autograph, one autographed relic card, one jumbo relic card, and one quad relic card. Each case contains one autographed jumbo relic card and one framed Museum Collection on-card autograph card. From Sandy Koufax, to Willie Mays, and Nolan Ryan, this Topps offering is sure to please.

Can you guess which 2012 Topps Museum card sold for the most on ebay? This Topps Museum card sold for $3,800!

Base Cards

2012 Topps Museum Nolan Ryan
2012 Topps Museum Collection Nolan Ryan
The base set of Topps Museum consists of 100 players on premium card stock featuring some of the best photography ever seen. These cards are a must for all fans of baseball. The base set is paralleled as follows: blue parallel (one per pack unless you get another parallel version), copper parallel sequentially numbered to 199, gold parallel numbered to 99, and red parallel numbered one of one.

On-Card Autographs
There are several on-card autographs to be found and finding them all would be a set collector’s dream. Each box will contain one on-card autograph and can be found in the following autograph insert sets:

Archival On-Card Autographs – 75 stars sign directly on the card on these visually stunning inserts. All cards are sequentially numbered with none higher than 399. There is also a gold parallel in which all subjects are numbered to only 5 copies each.
Museum Collection Framed On-Card Autographs – 55 superstars sign directly on the card in metallic ink on these beautifully framed inserts. These autographed cards are found in three different versions: gold frame sequentially numbered to 15, silver frame sequentially numbered to 10, and a black frame sequentially numbered to 5.
Dual On-Card Autographs – Sequentially numbered to just 15 copies each, these special autographed inserts feature the signatures of two greats on one card such as Hank Aaron and Willie Mays. There are 25 cards in this set.
Cut Signatures – 15 of the greatest names in the history of the game can be found inside packs of Topps Museum. These are rare finds as each card is a one of one.

Original Painting Cards

With a name like Topps Museum, one would expect to see some real pieces of art and Topps does not disappoint. Canvas Collection Originals feature 50 of the most collectible players of all time on exquisite original paintings. These original pieces of art are limited to only 10 copies each. These same 50 players are also featured on reproductions that can be found one per box.

Autographed Relic Cards

These are some of the nicest autographed relic cards ever made and can be found one per box. There are 75 subjects in the Signature Swatches Single Player Dual Relic Autograph set. These cards are sequentially numbered and the relics are all game used. These 75 cards can be found in the following parallels: red numbered to 25 and patch numbered to only 5. The Signature Swatches Single Player Triple Relic Autograph set consists of 35 subjects with an autograph and three game-used memorabilia pieces. These cards are sequentially numbered and can be found in the following parallels: red numbered to 25 and patch numbered to only 5. There is a nice case hit with these autographed relic cards and that is called Momentous Material Jumbo Relic Autograph. There are over 100 players with a jumbo sized piece of a game-used memorabilia along with an autograph. These are very tough to find as there are only 10 copies of each card. Also included in this lineup are Primary Pieces Single Player Quad Relic Autographs. These 25 subjects are featured on book cards with four game used memorabilia pieces and an autograph. These too are limited to just 10 copies each.

Jumbo Relic Cards

These larger than life cards really jump out and would be a centerpiece to anyone’s collection. There are over 100 cards in the Momentous Material Jumbo Relic set. These cards consist of oversized game-worn memorabilia pieces from some of the top talents in baseball. These cards are serially numbered to 50 copies each. These cards can also be found in the following parallels: blue numbered to 35, red numbered to 10, and gold numbered one of one. Also in the jumbo relic category are Jumbo Lumber Relics. These 75 subjects feature a jumbo game-used bat piece sequentially numbered to 30 copies each. These oversized bat pieces can be found in the following parallels: blue numbered to 20, red numbered to 5, and gold numbered one of one. Another rare find for jumbo relic cards are Dual Momentous Material Jumbo Relics. These consist of 30 book cards featuring oversized swatches of game-worn memorabilia from two players and are sequentially numbered to just 5 copies each. Dual Jumbo Lumber Relics consist of 30 book cards featuring oversized slices of game-used bats from two players and are sequentially numbered to just five copies each. Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics feature 50 cards with an oversized patch piece from a game-worn item that is sequentially numbered to just 5 copies each. A truly rare and unique item, Museum Memorabilia, feature 15 players with a unique piece of memorabilia. Each one of these cards is a one of one.

Quad Relic Cards

Four pieces of game-used memorabilia on a card? That is what you get with the Primary Pieces insert series. There are over 75 players featured with four pieces of game-used memorabilia in the insert set called Primary Pieces Single-Player Quad Relics. These inserts are sequentially numbered to 99 copies and can be found in the following parallels: red numbered to 75 and gold numbered to 25. There is also an interesting insert called Primary Pieces Single-Player Quad Patch Relics featuring 50 subjects with patch pieces. These stunning cards are sequentially numbered to just 5 copies each. There is also a Legends series of these relics that feature 30 of the all-time greats with four pieces of memorabilia that are sequentially numbered to 25. These can also be found in a gold parallel version sequentially numbered to just 5 copies each. How about four players on one card? Topps does that too with this insert series with Primary Pieces Four-Player Quad Relics. This insert set features 17 cards with four players and a piece of game used memorabilia from each. These inserts are sequentially numbered to 99 and can found in the following parallels: red numbered to 75 and gold numbered to 25. There is also a patch version featuring ten cards of four players and four memorabilia pieces sequentially numbered to just 5 copies each.

This product is now live everywhere and people cannot stop talking about how great of a product Topps Museum is. There are lots of high end hits that have been found and yet to be found. There is one hit in every pack so you are sure not to walk away disappointed. Not only that but every box guarantees one on-card autograph, one autographed relic card, one jumbo relic card, and one quad relic card. And every case includes two guaranteed monster hits – one autographed jumbo relic card and one framed museum collection on-card autograph card. The Topps Museum collection truly lives up to their name as these cards are just like pieces of art to be treasured forever.

Topps Museum Base Set Checklist

1 Jeremy Hellickson
2 Albert Pujols
3 Carlos Santana
4 Jay Bruce
5 Don Mattingly
6 Justin Upton
7 Buster Posey
8 Stan Musial
9 Cole Hamels
10 Dan Haren
11 Carl Crawford
12 Cal Ripken
13 Nolan Ryan
14 Adrian Gonzalez
15 Derek Jeter
16 Prince Fielder
17 Clayton Kershaw
18 Joe Mauer
19 Ryne Sandberg
20 Matt Holliday
21 Joey Votto
22 Lou Gehrig
23 Tony Gwynn
24 Matt Moore
25 Matt Kemp
26 Curtis Granderson
27 Roberto Clemente
28 Carlos Gonzalez
29 Craig Kimbrel
30 Jim Palmer
31 Evan Longoria
32 Babe Ruth
33 David Wright
34 Robinson Cano
35 Jesus Montero
36 Jose Reyes
37 Stephen Strasburg
38 Edgar Martinez
39 Eric Hosmer
40 Frank Robinson
41 Mark Teixeira
42 Mickey Mantle
43 Mark Trumbo
44 Eddie Murray
45 Dustin Ackley
46 Mike Stanton
47 C.C. Sabathia
48 Rollie Fingers
49 Elvis Andrus
50 Aramis Ramirez
51 Dustin Pedroia
52 Drew Stubbs
53 Lou Brock
54 Justin Verlander
55 David Price
56 Jered Weaver
57 Neftali Feliz
58 Cliff Lee
59 Josh Hamilton
60 Carlton Fisk
61 Ian Kinsler
62 Roberto Alomar
63 Ryan Braun
64 Roy Halladay
65 Adrian Beltre
66 Andrew McCutchen
67 Victor Martinez
68 Julio Teheran
69 Felix Hernandez
70 Ty Cobb
71 Willie Mays
72 Hanley Ramirez
73 Paul Molitor
74 Troy Tulowitzki
75 Paul Konerko
76 Michael Pineda
77 Pablo Sandoval
78 Sandy Koufax
79 Ryan Zimmerman
80 Phil Niekro
81 Joe DiMaggio
82 Jackie Robinson
83 Mike Trout
84 Dan Uggla
85 Reggie Jackson
86 Starlin Castro
87 Jamie Garcia
88 Bob Gibson
89 Ichiro
90 Alex Rodriguez
91 Paul O’ Neill
92 Johnny Bench
93 Carl Yazstremski
94 Brooks Robinson
95 Hunter Pence
96 Jacoby Ellsbury
97 Jose Bautista
98 Steve Carlton
99 Tim Lincecum
100 Miguel Cabrera

Canvas Collection Checklist

CC-1 Babe Ruth
CC-2 Lou Gehrig
CC-3 Ty Cobb
CC-4 Stan Musial
CC-5 Adrian Gonzalez
CC-6 Willie Mays
CC-7 Mickey Mantle
CC-8 Warren Spahn
CC-9 Bob Gibson
CC-10 Johnny Bench
CC-11 Miguel Cabrera
CC-12 Frank Robinson
CC-13 Tom Seaver
CC-14 Roberto Clemente
CC-15 Steve Carlton
CC-16 Yogi Berra
CC-17 Jim Thome
CC-18 Jackie Robinson
CC-19 Ken Griffey
CC-20 Rickey Henderson
CC-21 Nolan Ryan
CC-22 Eddie Mathews
CC-23 Cal Ripken
CC-24 Tony Gwynn
CC-25 Ichiro Seattle
CC-26 Carl Yastrzemski
CC-27 Joe Mauer
CC-28 Josh Hamilton
CC-29 Ozzie Smith
CC-30 Ryan Braun
CC-31 Willie McCovey
CC-32 Jim Palmer
CC-33 Rod Carew
CC-34 Derek Jeter
CC-35 Duke Snider
CC-36 Al Kaline
CC-37 Alex Rodriguez
CC-38 Harmon Killebrew
CC-39 Reggie Jackson
CC-40 Vladimir Guerrero
CC-42 Robin Yount
CC-43 Roy Halladay
CC-44 Wade Boggs
CC-45 Eddie Murray
CC-46 Johan Santana
CC-47 Mariano Rivera
CC-41 Robinson Cano
CC-48 Carlton Fisk

Archival Autograph Checklist

AA-AC Aroldis Chapman
AA-AC2 Aroldis Chapman
AA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
AA-AK Al Kaline
AA-AM Andrew McCutchen
AA-AO Alexi Ogando
AA-AO2 Alexi Ogando
AA-AP Andy Pettitte
AA-APU Albert Pujols
AA-AR Anthony Rizzo
AA-ARA Aramis Ramirez
AA-BB Brandon Belt
AA-BP Buster Posey
AA-CC Carl Crawford
AA-CF Carlton Fisk
AA-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
AA-CK Clayton Kershaw
AA-CK2 Clayton Kershaw
AA-CS CC Sabathia
AA-CY Carl Yastrzemski
AA-DM Don Mattingly
AA-DP Drew Pomeranz
AA-DP2 Drew Pomeranz
AA-DPE Dustin Pedroia
AA-DW David Wright
AA-EA Elvis Andrus
AA-EH Eric Hosmer
AA-EH2 Eric Hosmer
AA-EH3 Eric Hosmer
AA-EL Evan Longoria
AA-EM Edgar Martinez
AA-FF Freddie Freeman
AA-FH Felix Hernandez
AA-IK Ian Kennedy
AA-JB Jay Bruce
AA-JBE Johnny Bench
AA-JG Jaime Garcia
AA-JH Jeremy Hellickson
AA-JH2 Jeremy Hellickson
AA-JHA Josh Hamilton
AA-JM Jesus Montero
AA-JMA Joe Mauer
AA-JR Jim Rice
AA-JT Julio Teheran
AA-JW Jered Weaver
AA-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
AA-MC Miguel Cabrera
AA-MM Matt Moore
AA-MK Matt Kemp
AA-MK2 Matt Kemp
AA-MMO Mike Moustakas
AA-MP Michael Pineda
AA-MP2 Michael Pineda
AA-MS Mike Stanton
AA-MT Mark Trumbo
AA-MT2 Mark Trumbo
AA-MT3 Mark Trumbo
AA-MTR Mike Trout
AA-NF Neftali Feliz
AA-NR Nolan Ryan
AA-PF Prince Fielder
AA-PO Paul O’Neill
AA-RC Robinson Cano
AA-RH Roy Halladay
AA-RJ Reggie Jackson
AA-RR Ricky Romero
AA-RR2 Ricky Romero
AA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
AA-SC Starlin Castro
AA-SK Sandy Koufax
AA-SP Salvador Perez
AA-WM Willie Mays
AA-YU Yu Darvish

Framed Autograph Checklist

MCA-AM Andrew McCutchen
MCA-ARA Aramis Ramirez
MCA-AC Aroldis Chapman
MCA-BG Bob Gibson
MCA-BB Brandon Belt
MCA-CR Cal Ripken
MCA-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
MCA-CK Clayton Kershaw
MCA-DM Don Mattingly
MCA-DPE Dustin Pedroia
MCA-EA Elvis Andrus
MCA-EH Eric Hosmer
MCA-FH Felix Hernandez
MCA-FR Frank Robinson
MCA-HA Hank Aaron
MCA-JG Jaime Garcia
MCA-JM Jesus Montero
MCA-JT Julio Teheran
MCA-KG Ken Griffey
MCA-MM Matt Moore
MCA-MK Matt Kemp
MCA-MP Michael Pineda
MCA-MT Mike Trout
MCA-MS Mike Stanton
MCA-MMO Mike Moustakas
MCA-NF Neftali Feliz
MCA-PM Paul Molitor
MCA-RC Robinson Cano
MCA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
MCA-RS Ryne Sandberg
MCA-SM Stan Musial
MCA-SCA Starlin Castro
MCA-SC Steve Carlton
MCA-TG Tony Gwynn
MCA-WM Willie Mays

Signature Swatches Dual Relic Checklist

SSADR-AC Allen Craig
SSADR-AE Andre Ethier
SSADR-AM Andrew McCutchen
SSADR-AR Aramis Ramirez
SSADR-ACH Aroldis Chapman
SSADR-BBU Billy Butler
SSADR-BB Brandon Belt
SSADR-BP Brandon Phillips
SSADR-BG Brett Gardner
SSADR-BM Brian McCann
SSADR-BPO Buster Posey
SSADR-CC Carl Crawford
SSADR-CF Carlton Fisk
SSADR-CH Chris Heisey
SSADR-CH2 Chris Heisey
SSADR-CB Clay Buchholz
SSADR-CKE Clayton Kershaw
SSADR-CHA Cole Hamels
SSADR-CK Craig Kimbrel
SSADR-CK2 Craig Kimbrel
SSADR-DU Dan Uggla
SSADR-DE Danny Espinosa
SSADR-DO David Ortiz
SSADR-DW David Wright
SSADR-DGE Dillon Gee
SSADR-DS Drew Storen
SSADR-DSN Duke Snider
SSADR-DP Dustin Pedroia
SSADR-DA Dustin Ackley
SSADR-EL Evan Longoria
SSADR-GC Gary Carter
SSADR-GS Gary Sheffield
SSADR-GB Gordon Beckham
SSADR-HP Hunter Pence
SSADR-JG Jaime Garcia
SSADR-JB Jay Bruce
SSADR-JW Jemile Weeks
SSADR-JH Jeremy Hellickson
SSADR-JM Joe Mauer
SSADR-JC Johnny Cueto
SSADR-JC2 Johnny Cueto
SSADR-JWA Jordan Walden
SSADR-JBA Jose Bautista
SSADR-JVE Justin Verlander
SSADR-MB Madison Bumgarner
SSADR-MT Mark Trumbo
SSADR-MMO Matt Moore
SSADR-MC Miguel Cabrera
SSADR-MS Mike Stanton
SSADR-NF Neftali Feliz
SSADR-NC Nelson Cruz
SSADR-PS Pablo Sandoval
SSADR-PF Prince Fielder
SSADR-RP Rick Porcello
SSADR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
SSADR-SV Shane Victorino
SSADR-SC Starlin Castro
SSADR-VW Vernon Wells

Signature Swatches Triple Relic Checklist

SSATR-AP Albert Pujols
SSATR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
SSATR-AC Allen Craig
SSATR-AR Anthony Rizzo
SSATR-BBU Billy Butler
SSATR-BB Brandon Belt
SSATR-BP Buster Posey
SSATR-CR Cal Ripken
SSATR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
SSATR-CF Carlton Fisk
SSATR-CH Chris Heisey
SSATR-CK Craig Kimbrel
SSATR-DB Daniel Bard
SSATR-DW David Wright
SSATR-DH Derek Holland
SSATR-DS Duke Snider
SSATR-GC Gary Carter
SSATR-HN Hector Noesi
SSATR-HP Hunter Pence
SSATR-JH Jeremy Hellickson
SSATR-JM Jesus Montero
SSATR-JB Jose Bautista
SSATR-KG Ken Griffey
SSATR-MT Mark Trumbo
SSATR-MH Matt Holliday
SSATR-MS Mike Stanton
SSATR-NW Neil Walker
SSATR-SV Shane Victorino
SSATR-SC Starlin Castro

Primary Pieces Quad Auto Relic Book Checklist

PPAR-AC Allen Craig
PPAR-AP Albert Pujols
PPAR-BB Billy Butler
PPAR-BB Brandon Belt
PPAR-BP Buster Posey
PPAR-CF Carlton Fisk
PPAR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
PPAR-CK Craig Kimbrel
PPAR-DG Dwight Gooden
PPAR-DO David Ortiz
PPAR-DS Duke Snider
PPAR-DW David Wright
PPAR-GC Gary Carter
PPAR-HN Hector Noesi
PPAR-HP Hunter Pence
PPAR-IK Ian Kennedy
PPAR-JB Jose Bautista
PPAR-JM Jesus Montero
PPAR-MH Matt Holliday
PPAR-MP Michael Pineda
PPAR-NW Neil Walker
PPAR-RB Ryan Braun
PPAR-SC Starlin Castro
PPAR-SK Sandy Koufax
PPAR-TG Tony Gwynn

Dual Autograph Checklist

DAA-BM Johnny Bench/Joe Mauer
DAA-BP Brandon Belt/Buster Posey
DAA-CA Starlin Castro/Elvis Andrus
DAA-FB Freddie Freeman/Brandon Belt
DAA-GK Carlos Gonzalez/Matt Kemp
DAA-GM Robinson Cano/Michael Pineda
DAA-GS Carlos Gonzalez/Mike Stanton
DAA-HL Jeremy Hellickson/Evan Longoria
DAA-HP Felix Hernandez/Michael Pineda
DAA-HR Jeremy Hellickson/Ricky Romero
DAA-HT Jeremy Hellickson/Mike Trout
DAA-KA Ian Kinsler/Elvis Andrus
DAA-KH Clayton Kershaw/Jeremy Hellickson
DAA-MAA Willie Mays/Hank Aaron
DAA-MB Andrew McCutchen/Jay Bruce
DAA-MH Mike Moustakas/Eric Hosmer
DAA-MO Don Mattingly/Paul O’Neill
DAA-MOG Matt Moore/Alexi Ogando
DAA-MP Jesus Montero/Salvador Perez
DAA-OF Alexi Ogando/Neftali Feliz
DAA-OP Alexi Ogando/Drew Pomeranz
DAA-PC Dustin Pedroia/Carl Crawford
DAA-PP Salvador Perez/Buster Posey
DAA-RG Jim Rice/Adrian Gonzalez
DAA-SK Ryne Sandberg/Ian Kinsler

Momentous Material Jumbo Relic Checklist

MMJR-AB Albert Belle
MMJR-ABE Adrian Beltre
MMJR-ABU A.J. Burnett
MMJR-AC Allen Craig
MMJR-ACH Aroldis Chapman
MMJR-AET Andre Ethier
MMJR-AJ Adam Jones
MMJR-AK Al Kaline
MMJR-AM Andrew McCutchen
MMJR-AP Andy Pettitte
MMJR-APU Albert Pujols
MMJR-AR Aramis Ramirez
MMJR-AS Alfonso Soriano
MMJR-BBU Billy Butler
MMJR-BG Brett Gardner
MMJR-BM Brian McCann
MMJR-BP Buster Posey
MMJR-BS Bruce Sutter
MMJR-BU B.J. Upton
MMJR-BW Brian Wilson
MMJR-CB Clay Buchholz
MMJR-CBE Carlos Beltran
MMJR-CC Carl Crawford
MMJR-CCA Chris Carpenter
MMJR-CF Carlton Fisk
MMJR-CG Curtis Granderson
MMJR-CH Cole Hamels
MMJR-CHA Corey Hart
MMJR-CK Craig Kimbrel
MMJR-CLE Cliff Lee
MMJR-CS CC Sabathia
MMJR-CU Chase Utley
MMJR-CW C.J. Wilson
MMJR-DG Dwight Gooden
MMJR-DHA Dan Haren
MMJR-DJ Derek Jeter
MMJR-DM Don Mattingly
MMJR-DO David Ortiz
MMJR-DP Dustin Pedroia
MMJR-DSN Duke Snider
MMJR-DU Dan Uggla
MMJR-DW David Wright
MMJR-EA Elvis Andrus
MMJR-EL Evan Longoria
MMJR-EL2 Evan Longoria
MMJR-FF Freddie Freeman
MMJR-FH Felix Hernandez
MMJR-GB Gordon Beckham
MMJR-HP Hunter Pence
MMJR-HR Hanley Ramirez
MMJR-I Ichiro Seattle
MMJR-IK Ian Kennedy
MMJR-IKI Ian Kinsler
MMJR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
MMJR-JB Jose Bautista
MMJR-JBR Jay Bruce
MMJR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
MMJR-JH Joel Hanrahan
MMJR-JH Josh Hamilton
MMJR-JHE Jeremy Hellickson
MMJR-JMO Jesus Montero
MMJR-JP Jorge Posada
MMJR-JR Jose Reyes
MMJR-JRO Jimmy Rollins
MMJR-JU Justin Upton
MMJR-LB Lance Berkman
MMJR-LBR Lou Brock
MMJR-LM Logan Morrison
MMJR-MAC Matt Cain
MMJR-MC Miguel Cabrera
MMJR-MH Matt Holliday
MMJR-MK Matt Kemp
MMJR-MMO Matt Moore
MMJR-MR Mariano Rivera
MMJR-MS Mike Stanton
MMJR-NF Neftali Feliz
MMJR-NS Nick Swisher
MMJR-NW Neil Walker
MMJR-PF Prince Fielder
MMJR-PF2 Prince Fielder
MMJR-PN Phil Niekro
MMJR-PO Paul O’Neill
MMJR-RB Ryan Braun
MMJR-RC Robinson Cano
MMJR-RCA Rod Carew
MMJR-RH Roy Halladay
MMJR-RHO Ryan Howard
MMJR-RM Russell Martin
MMJR-RO Roy Oswalt
MMJR-SC Starlin Castro
MMJR-TG Tony Gwynn
MMJR-THE Todd Helton
MMJR-THU Torii Hunter
MMJR-TL Tim Lincecum
MMJR-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez
MMJR-WS Willie Stargell
MMJR-YG Yovani Gallardo
MMJR-YM Yadier Molina
MMJR-ZG Zack Greinke

Momentous Jumbo Patch Relic Checklist

MMJPR-AB Adrian Beltre
MMJPR-AM Andrew McCutchen
MMJPR-BM Brian McCann
MMJPR-BS Bruce Sutter
MMJPR-BW Brian Wilson
MMJPR-CBU Clay Buchholz
MMJPR-CC Chris Carpenter
MMJPR-CCA Carl Crawford
MMJPR-CH Cole Hamels
MMJPR-CL Cliff Lee
MMJPR-CU Chase Utley
MMJPR-DO David Ortiz
MMJPR-DP Dustin Pedroia
MMJPR-DU Dan Uggla
MMJPR-DW David Wright
MMJPR-DJ Derek Jeter
MMJPR-EL Evan Longoria
MMJPR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
MMJPR-JB Jay Bruce
MMJPR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
MMJPR-JH Jeremy Hellickson
MMJPR-JM Jesus Montero
MMJPR-JR Jose Reyes
MMJPR-JRO Jimmy Rollins
MMJPR-MC Miguel Cabrera
MMJPR-MH Matt Holliday
MMJPR-NS Nick Swisher
MMJPR-PF Prince Fielder
MMJPR-PN Phil Niekro
MMJPR-RO Roy Oswalt
MMJPR-SC Starlin Castro
MMJPR-SV Shane Victorino
MMJPR-TH Todd Helton
MMJPR-TL Tim Lincecum
MMJPR-WS Willie Stargell

Momentous Material Jumbo Dual Relic Checklist

MMDJR-BB Daniel Bard/Clay Buchholz
MMDJR-BJ Brennan Boesch/Austin Jackson
MMDJR-BM Brandon Belt/Mitch Moreland
MMDJR-CD Carl Crawford/Johnny Damon
MMDJR-CE Shin-Soo Choo/Jacoby Ellsbury
MMDJR-CH Allen Craig/Matt Holliday
MMDJR-CM Chris Carpenter/Yadier Molina
MMDJR-CM Rod Carew/Joe Mauer
MMDJR-CP Matt Cain/Buster Posey
MMDJR-EB Dennis Eckersley/Jim Bunning
MMDJR-FB Prince Fielder/Ryan Braun
MMDJR-FH Prince Fielder/Todd Helton
MMDJR-GS Brett Gardner/Nick Swisher
MMDJR-GS2 Curtis Granderson/Nick Swisher
MMDJR-HC Matt Holliday/Miguel Cabrera
MMDJR-HL Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee
MMDJR-HM Jeremy Hellickson/Matt Moore
MMDJR-HP Ryan Howard/Albert Pujols
MMDJR-KS Matt Kemp/Duke Snider
MMDJR-LW Tim Lincecum/Brian Wilson
MMDJR-MJ Don Mattingly/Derek Jeter
MMDJR-MM Victor Martinez/Brian McCann
MMDJR-NS Phil Niekro/Bruce Sutter
MMDJR-OP Paul O’Neill/Andy Pettitte
MMDJR-PV Hunter Pence/Shane Victorino
MMDJR-RP Mariano Rivera/Jorge Posada
MMDJR-RR Jose Reyes/Jimmy Rollins
MMDJR-UU B.J. Upton/Justin Upton
MMDJR-UU2 Dan Uggla/Chase Utley
MMDJR-WL David Wright/Evan Longoria

Momentous Material Jumbo Auto Checklist

MMJAR-AB Albert Belle
MMJAR-AC Aroldis Chapman
MMJAR-ACR Allen Craig
MMJAR-AET Andre Ethier
MMJAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
MMJAR-AJ Austin Jackson
MMJAR-AJO Adam Jones
MMJAR-AK Al Kaline
MMJAR-AL Adam Lind
MMJAR-AM Andrew McCutchen
MMJAR-AO Alexi Ogando
MMJAR-AP Andy Pettitte
MMJAR-AR Aramis Ramirez
MMJAR-ARI Anthony Rizzo
MMJAR-BBE Brandon Belt
MMJAR-BBU Billy Butler
MMJAR-BG Brett Gardner
MMJAR-BM Brian McCann
MMJAR-BP Brandon Phillips
MMJAR-BPO Buster Posey
MMJAR-CB Clay Buchholz
MMJAR-CC Carl Crawford
MMJAR-CF Carlton Fisk
MMJAR-CG Curtis Granderson
MMJAR-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
MMJAR-CH Cole Hamels
MMJAR-CHE Chris Heisey
MMJAR-CK Clayton Kershaw
MMJAR-CKI Craig Kimbrel
MMJAR-CS CC Sabathia
MMJAR-CSA Chris Sale
MMJAR-CY Chris Young
MMJAR-DA Dustin Ackley
MMJAR-DE Danny Espinosa
MMJAR-DG Dwight Gooden
MMJAR-DGE Dillon Gee
MMJAR-DGO Dee Gordon
MMJAR-DHU Daniel Hudson
MMJAR-DM Don Mattingly
MMJAR-DO David Ortiz
MMJAR-DO2 David Ortiz
MMJAR-DP Dustin Pedroia
MMJAR-DS Drew Storen
MMJAR-DSN Duke Snider
MMJAR-DU Dan Uggla
MMJAR-DW David Wright
MMJAR-EA Elvis Andrus
MMJAR-EH Eric Hosmer
MMJAR-EL Evan Longoria
MMJAR-FF Freddie Freeman
MMJAR-FH Felix Hernandez
MMJAR-GB Gordon Beckham
MMJAR-GB2 Gordon Beckham
MMJAR-GC Gary Carter
MMJAR-GS Gary Sheffield
MMJAR-HN Hector Noesi
MMJAR-HP Hunter Pence
MMJAR-HR Hanley Ramirez
MMJAR-IK Ian Kinsler
MMJAR-IKE Ian Kennedy
MMJAR-JB Jose Bautista
MMJAR-JC Johnny Cueto
MMJAR-JG Jaime Garcia
MMJAR-JH Jeremy Hellickson
MMJAR-JH2 Jeremy Hellickson
MMJAR-JHA Josh Hamilton
MMJAR-JM Joe Mauer
MMJAR-JMO Jesus Montero
MMJAR-JP Jhonny Peralta
MMJAR-JU Justin Upton
MMJAR-JW Jemile Weeks
MMJAR-JWA Jordan Walden
MMJAR-JWE Jered Weaver
MMJAR-MAM Matt Moore
MMJAR-MB Madison Bumgarner
MMJAR-MC Miguel Cabrera
MMJAR-MK Matt Kemp
MMJAR-MM Mike Moustakas
MMJAR-MMI Mike Minor
MMJAR-MMO Mike Morse
MMJAR-MP Michael Pineda
MMJAR-MT Mike Trout
MMJAR-MTR Mark Trumbo
MMJAR-MTR2 Mark Trumbo
MMJAR-NC Nelson Cruz
MMJAR-NF Neftali Feliz
MMJAR-NR Nolan Ryan
MMJAR-NW Neil Walker
MMJAR-PF Prince Fielder
MMJAR-PO Paul O’Neill
MMJAR-RC Robinson Cano
MMJAR-RH Roy Halladay
MMJAR-RJ Reggie Jackson
MMJAR-RP Rick Porcello
MMJAR-RS Red Schoendienst
MMJAR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
MMJAR-SC Starlin Castro
MMJAR-SV Shane Victorino
MMJAR-TG Tony Gwynn
MMJAR-TH Torii Hunter
MMJAR-UJ Ubaldo Jimenez

Primary Pieces Quad Relic Checklist

PPQR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
PPQR-AM Andrew McCutchen
PPQR-AP Albert Pujols
PPQR-BW Brian Wilson
PPQR-CC Carl Crawford
PPQR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
PPQR-CKI Craig Kimbrel
PPQR-CL Cliff Lee
PPQR-CU Chase Utley
PPQR-DO David Ortiz
PPQR-DP Dustin Pedroia
PPQR-DU Dan Uggla
PPQR-DW David Wright
PPQR-EA Elvis Andrus
PPQR-EL Evan Longoria
PPQR-FH Felix Hernandez
PPQR-IK Ian Kennedy
PPQR-IKI Ian Kinsler
PPQR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
PPQR-JB Jose Bautista
PPQR-JBE Josh Beckett
PPQR-JBR Jay Bruce
PPQR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
PPQR-JHE Jeremy Hellickson
PPQR-JMO Jesus Montero
PPQR-JR Jose Reyes
PPQR-JRO Jimmy Rollins
PPQR-JVO Joey Votto
PPQR-JW Jered Weaver
PPQR-MC Miguel Cabrera
PPQR-MH Matt Holliday
PPQR-MK Matt Kemp
PPQR-MR Mariano Rivera
PPQR-MS Mike Stanton
PPQR-MT Mark Teixeira
PPQR-PF Prince Fielder
PPQR-RB Ryan Braun
PPQR-RC Robinson Cano
PPQR-RH Roy Halladay
PPQR-RHO Ryan Howard
PPQR-SC Starlin Castro
PPQR-SV Shane Victorino
PPQR-TH Todd Helton
PPQR-TL Tim Lincecum
PPQR-TT Troy Tulowitzki

Primary Pieces Legends Quad Relic Checklist

PPQRL-CR Cal Ripken
PPQRL-CY Carl Yastrzemski
PPQRL-DW Dave Winfield
PPQRL-GB George Brett
PPQRL-GC Gary Carter
PPQRL-HW Hoyt Wilhelm
PPQRL-JB Johnny Bench
PPQRL-JD Joe DiMaggio
PPQRL-LA Luis Aparicio
PPQRL-MM Mickey Mantle
PPQRL-RC Roberto Clemente
PPQRL-SA Sparky Anderson
PPQRL-SK Sandy Koufax
PPQRL-WM Willie Mays

Primary Pieces Four Player Quad Relic Checklist

PPFQR-BWKR Heath Bell/Brian Wilson/Craig Kimbrel/Mariano Rivera
PPFQR-CGOF Miguel Cabrera/Adrian Gonzalez/David Ortiz/Prince Fielder
PPFQR-CHKA Allen Craig/Matt Holliday/Ian Kinsler/Elvis Andrus
PPFQR-CPUU Robinson Cano/Dustin Pedroia/Dan Uggla/Chase Utley
PPFQR-GHPT Adrian Gonzalez/Ryan Howard/Albert Pujols/Mark Teixeira
PPFQR-GLGB Curtis Granderson/Evan Longoria/Adrian Gonzalez/Jose Bautista
PPFQR-LRUV Cliff Lee/Jimmy Rollins/Chase Utley/Shane Victorino
PPFQR-MPRO Don Mattingly/Andy Pettitte/Mariano Rivera/Paul O’Neill
PPFQR-PCEO Dustin Pedroia/Carl Crawford/Jacoby Ellsbury/David Ortiz
PPFQR-RHSS Nolan Ryan/Roy Halladay/CC Sabathia/Tom Seaver
PPFQR-RMKF Aramis Ramirez/Brian McCann/Matt Kemp/Prince Fielder
PPFQR-RRTC Jimmy Rollins/Hanley Ramirez/Troy Tulowitzki /Starlin Castro
PPFQR-TRAR Troy Tulowitzki/Hanley Ramirez/Elvis Andrus/Jose Reyes
PPFQR-VLHK Justin Verlander/Cliff Lee/Jeremy Hellickson/Craig Kimbrel
PPFQR-WRJR David Wright/Jose Reyes/Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez

Jumbo Leather Relic Checklist

MMJLR-AE Andre Ethier
MMJLR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
MMJLR-AJ Adam Jones
MMJLR-AK Al Kaline
MMJLR-AR Alexei Ramirez
MMJLR-ARO Alex Rodriguez
MMJLR-CC Carl Crawford
MMJLR-CF Carlton Fisk
MMJLR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
MMJLR-CP Carlos Pena
MMJLR-DU Dan Uggla
MMJLR-DW David Wright
MMJLR-EL Evan Longoria
MMJLR-EM Eddie Murray
MMJLR-FR Frank Robinson
MMJLR-GB George Brett
MMJLR-GS Gary Sheffield
MMJLR-HR Hanley Ramirez
MMJLR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
MMJLR-JB Jose Bautista
MMJLR-JD Joe DiMaggio
MMJLR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
MMJLR-JH Jason Heyward
MMJLR-JV Joey Votto
MMJLR-MCA Miguel Cabrera
MMJLR-MD Matt Dominguez
MMJLR-MK Matt Kemp
MMJLR-MS Mike Stanton
MMJLR-MT Mark Teixeira
MMJLR-NMO Nyjer Morgan
MMJLR-OC Orlando Cepeda
MMJLR-OS Ozzie Smith
MMJLR-PF Prince Fielder
MMJLR-RB Ryan Braun
MMJLR-RC Rod Carew
MMJLR-RI Raul Ibanez
MMJLR-RJ Reggie Jackson
MMJLR-SC Starlin Castro
MMJLR-TG Tony Gwynn
MMJLR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
MMJLR-VG Vladimir Guerrero
MMJLR-WB Wade Boggs
MMJLR-YG Yovani Gallardo

Jumbo Leather Dual Relic Checklist

MMDJL-AM Hank Aaron/Paul Molitor
MMDJL-AS Luis Aparicio/Ozzie Smith
MMDJL-BB Wade Boggs/George Brett
MMDJL-BBJ Jose Bautista/Jay Bruce
MMDJL-BC Jay Bruce/Melky Cabrera
MMDJL-BF Ryan Braun/Prince Fielder
MMDJL-BR Johnny Bench/Frank Robinson
MMDJL-BS Jay Bruce/Drew Stubbs
MMDJL-CC Rod Carew/Orlando Cepeda
MMDJL-CE Carl Crawford/Jacoby Ellsbury
MMDJL-CR Starlin Castro/Aramis Ramirez
MMDJL-CS Shin-Soo Choo/Grady Sizemore
MMDJL-DW Ike Davis/David Wright
MMDJL-EK Andre Ethier/Matt Kemp
MMDJL-FR Carlton Fisk/Ivan Rodriguez
MMDJL-GC Adrian Gonzalez/Miguel Cabrera
MMDJL-GG Carlos Gonzalez/Vladimir Guerrero
MMDJL-GH Yovani Gallardo/Daniel Hudson
MMDJL-GK Dee Gordon/Matt Kemp
MMDJL-GM Vladimir Guerrero/Nick Markakis
MMDJL-GT Carlos Gonzalez/Troy Tulowitzki
MMDJL-HK Josh Hamilton/Ian Kinsler
MMDJL-JD Reggie Jackson/Joe DiMaggio
MMDJL-KM Harmon Killebrew/Eddie Murray
MMDJL-LU Evan Longoria/B.J. Upton
MMDJL-MR Mike Morse/Ivan Rodriguez
MMDJL-TC Troy Tulowitzki/Starlin Castro
MMDJL-UU B.J. Upton/Justin Upton
MMDJL-VP Shane Victorino/Hunter Pence
MMDJL-WR David Wright/Alex Rodriguez

Museum Memorabilia Checklist

MM-BW Brian Wilson
MM-DO David Ortiz
MM-DP Dustin Pedroia
MM-EL Evan Longoria
MM-JB Jose Bautista
MM-JH Josh Hamilton
MM-JM Joe Mauer
MM-JR Jimmy Rollins
MM-JV Justin Verlander
MM-MC Miguel Cabrera
MM-MK Matt Kemp
MM-PF Prince Fielder
MM-RH Roy Halladay
MM-SC Starlin Castro
MM-TL Tim Lincecum

Cut Signature Checklist

CS-BH Billy Herman
CS-BM Bobby Murcer
CS-CG Charlie Gehringer
CS-DC Doc Cramer
CS-EA Earl Averill
CS-HB Hank Bauer
CS-HS Hank Sauer
CS-JD Joe DiMaggio
CS-JV Johnny Vander
CS-LA Luke Appling
CS-LB Lou Boudreau
CS-MO Mel Ott
CS-RC Roberto Clemente
CS-RF Rick Ferrell
CS-WS Warren Spahn